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Inspired by a real-life behavioral scientist, this FOX drama tells the tale of a deception expert who helps uncover the truth for the FBI, local police, law firms, corporations, and individuals. Dr. Cal Lightman and his team are effectively human polygraph machines, and no truth can be concealed from them. The Lightman Group is headed by Dr. Cal Lightman and his partner Dr. Gillian Foster.

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These are shows that I have watched from start to finish (sometimes repeatedly) and just absolutely love! While there are many shows I've rated 4+ and loved, these are the few that hold a special place in my heart! Please note that these are MY personal favorites, not necessarily ones that I would recommend to anyone and would argue are the best shows ever made. There were many shows that I loved that didn't quite make it into this list because they are just too new (need to see where it goes), would not rewatch (or hasn't been long enough to miss it), or just didn't have that OMG reminiscent feel. A perfect example of a borderline show is Avatar: Legend of Korra. I love Avatar and am a huge supporter of that entire line, but I just couldn't include this followup series because I personally felt like it wasn't as good as Avatar: The Last Airbender.
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These are shows that I either gave a four episode chance or long running shows that I lost interest in watching.
Crime shows that I have finished or are currently watching
Oh no these aren't crime shows, just shows where two people steal the scene from all the others - be it friends, enemies, frenemies or even lovers.
The best TV shows I have watched or am watching currently. They have a well-written story, interesting characters and great acting. These are the ones I would always enjoy re-watching and I would recommend to anyone who is an avid fan of TV shows as I am.