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LIE TO ME “Killer App” Review

LIE TO ME "Killer App" Season 3 Episode 13 – This season of Lie To Me has been sort of up and down for me. I went between being disappointed that they were getting rid of Agent Reynolds, to happy that they wouldn’t have to be tied down to just cases from the FBI, then to being happy that Reynolds leaving would mean that Eli would get a chance to do more on the show, only to be confused when he and Cal mysteriously fought for the first few episodes and then reconciled just as mysteriously. For all the episodes that I really enjoyed, there were at least a couple that I didn’t like much at all. So I went into this season finale not sure how I felt. Did I want to see another season? Frankly if it was anything like this one, probably not. By the end of this episode though, I found myself really looking forward to a new season. First off, the strange Eli/Cal fighting thing (whatever the heck that was) is finally done and I think we’re left with a much better relationship between them now. Plus we’ve got some new blood in the group with the addition of Key, who looks like he’s going to challenge Cal just as much as Cal will challenge him. Read More... //

Lie to Me Review: "Killer App"

Wow. Where to start reviewing the Lie to Me season finale? Overall, " Killer App " had so much in it that I want to talk about. I will start with my nod to Paul James, who played Kyle. I have really enjoyed him in Greek and it was great to see him in something else. With that small item is out of the way, let’s move on to the main aspects of the installment. Lightman’s new hire : Ria pulled the kid off the streets a few episodes ago and now it looks like she may have someone to take under her wing when the show returns, as there was a clear connection between Lightman and the young recruit.  While I am sure our interview had nothing to do with the new character, it would be fun if it did. Personal case for Gillian : Ria and Eli called her out on "doing that thing Lightman does" when they pointed out the case was a personal case on company time. However, unlike a lot of Lightman’s cases this one got very personal when Claire was murdered. Kelli Williams did such a great job with the tears in each scene. I really felt her pain. I really hope the Emmy voters watch this episode. Read More... //

'Lie To Me' 3.13 'Killer App' Review

Man, Ashton Holmes must be really bitter about being killed off Nikita , because now he's turned the tables and knocking people off himself on the third-season (series?) finale of  Lie To Me . Okay, I'm kidding about that first part, but he certainly plays bad so very well. In fact, he's made Gillian cry. You do not make Gillian Foster cry. Two days earlier, Cal is busy annoying the daylights out of Zach Morstein (Holmes), who's one of the young  wunderkinds  behind a social networking program called SeekOut. He's there to tell Zach that he knows all about his evil plan, thanks to Zach's friend Claire (Alexandra Lydon, who'll always be Jane Saunders on  24  to me), who's asked for her former therapist Gillian's help to find out if he's trying to steal the company out from under her. Cal believes that Claire is hiding something herself, but he's also busy messing with the head of a potential new hire named Key (Michael B. Jordan), by sending him to follow (you had to know this was coming) Emily's boyfriend Liam. Yet before he can probe what's up with Claire, Gillian finds her dying in her apartment, which is why she's crying. This makes Cal go into a completely other gear. When things are personal for Gillian, they're personal for him. He sets out on a mission to hold Zach responsible for everything he's done. Read More... //

Lie to Me Review: "Gone"

While there was nothing fresh or different about this episode of Lie to Me , when you have a show this well-written, you don’t need major changes each week to make for an entertaining hour. On "Gone," we got to watch Cal Lightman do what he does best: Shake people up until they lose control and forget to hide their emotions.  I think the writers sometimes forget that this is why we watch the show. The result is that we occasionally get episodes where Cal helps a war vet remember repressed memories using virtual reality, or helps Alzheimer patients remember a murder. Read More... //

LIE TO ME “Gone Baby Gone” Review

LIE TO ME "Gone Baby Gone" Season 3 Episode 12 – After having a conversation with his dead mother in a previous episode, this time Cal gets the chance to meet his younger self…..well, sort of. A baby is kidnapped and after suspecting everyone from the mother herself, to the man she had an affair with to the fertility doctor who was trying to help them conceive the baby in the first place, they figure out it was the big brother. Cal figures it out after seeing that he and the boy share a kinship and have a lot in common. When Cal told the boy that he understood him and knew exactly what it was like to hate his father but love his mother, it just killed me. The more we learn about Cal, the more I understand why he can be such an insufferable bastard sometimes. Read More... //

Lie to Me Review: "Saved"

While this week’s episode of Lie to Me was very well done and enjoyable, I have one request: Can Tim Roth not talk with his mouthful again? Based on "Saved," I am starting a new game: counting the number of times in each episode that Cal Lightman is eating or looking for something to eat (or drink). Kathy J commented last week about how often this occurs, so I made a point of watching for it this week and I completely agree with her that the man must be hypoglycemic. Read more.. //

'Lie To Me' 3.11 'Saved' Review - Starpulse

I have a sneaking suspicion that the impetus of tonight's  Lie To Me  was the tragic death of Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart; at least, it's the first thing I think of when the District Attorney brings Cal footage of a car accident in which a successful rookie pitcher is killed and three guys are joyriding in the car that hit him. However, that's just the start of his investigation, which leads him to a paramedic named Ilene (Annabeth Gish, Brotherhood ), whom he quickly pegs as an adrenaline junkie. By the end of the first act, he finds himself in an eerily similar car accident, and Ilene just so happens to be there within moments. Is she saving people, or doing more harm than good? "Saved" weaves an interesting web consisting of Ilene's tragic past and the psychological impact it has on her present. The plot moves at a fairly steady pace, showing us how one incident in her past affects how she thinks now, and what it did to the life of her brother. There's even a little caveat before the final act which turns the brother into more than just a victim. It's not the most complex of episodes, but for people like me who enjoy character studies, it's an entertaining hour that really digs in.  All the pieces fall together, one by one, and it all makes sense in the end. Read More... //

LIE TO ME “Saved” Review

LIE TO ME "Saved" Season 3 Episode 11 – This episode featured on of my favorite actresses, guest star Annabeth Gish, who I have loved ever since I saw her in a little movie called Shag (which is about the dance, not the other thing, watch those dirty minds). She did a brilliant job playing an EMT named Ilene who always mysteriously seems to arrive at accidents (even when off duty) just in the nick of time. It turns out then when she was a child, Ilene caused the accident that killed her mother and left her brother with neurological problems. At first it looks like she’s trying to fix her mistake by creating new accidents every year around the time of her mother’s death, but as a trained EMT she’s also able to save the people involved. Except when one accident is more serious than she expected, killing a young man on impact. Read More... //

LIE TO ME “Rebound” Review

LIE TO ME "Rebound" Season 3 Episode 10 – You know, you watch enough of these kinds of shows and you feel like you’ve seen it all. But the Lightman Group going after a sneaky lawyer who sends his hot friend to woo and marry rich divorcees to help the ex-husbands get out of needing to pay any more alimony? Gotta say, that was a new one. I really enjoyed the acting by the kid who played Noah in this episode. It was a great character and I enjoyed seeing Cal interacting with someone who could read people pretty well himself, without any training. I also liked how Cal made a lot of effort to make sure that Noah was okay during the whole process of the case.  Read More... //

LIE TO ME “Funhouse” Review

LIE TO ME "Funhouse" Season 3 Episode 9 – Cal has done some crazy stuff in the past in order to help people, but this was literally the craziest thing he’s ever done. I mean the man purposely got himself thrown into a mental institution by eating a drugged muffin. If that’s not batty I don’t know what is. But it turns out that by doing that, he also found a way to work through some of his own demons. Under the influence of said muffin, Cal does all kinds of fun things, like having a heart to heart with his mother. It may not really have been her; it was just his projection of her. But he still got the benefit of speaking to the woman who has caused him so much stress in his life. He gets to tell her about Emily as well as ask why she killed herself and hear her tell him to stop blaming himself.  Read More... //