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The Top Five “Life Below Zero” Seasons Ranked

There have been many TV series that show us different aspects of remote living. However, none of those shows are like Life Below Zero, the documentary that follows the people who subsist in one of the harshest conditions on Earth. When the show started in 2013, we were given a glimpse into the impossible lives of these people, and we immediately wondered why they did it. Why did they live life out there in such difficult conditions? We’ve gotten our answers in the 9 seasons the show has been around, and they’re all mostly the same: it’s because of the beauty of the land and all it has to offer. Here are the five best seasons from this show that show just what kind of beauty these survivors talk about. READ MORE...

Exclusive Clip: Let's watch children kill ducks for food on 'Life Below Zero'

Our latest exclusive clip from Nat Geo's "Life Below Zero" is here, and in this edition residents of remote Alaska hunt for ducks in order to survive the coming winter. Such fun!  Read More... //www.hitfix.com/news/exclusive-clip-lets-watch-children-kill-ducks-for-food-on-life-below-zero

Exclusive Clip: 'Life Below Zero's' Kate and Andy have a bear of a problem

In this HitFix exclusive clip, "Life Below Zero" stars Kate and Andy are confronted with the sight of a bear in their yard.   Read Morel... //www.hitfix.com/news/exclusive-clip-life-below-zeros-kate-and-andy-have-a-bear-of-a-problem