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'Little Women: NY' finale: Kristin Zettlemoyer's boyfriend better have proposed

All that can be said after Wednesday's (May 27) episode of "Little Women: NY" is that there better be a ring in that box. During the season finale of the "Little Women: LA" spinoff, Josh maybe-proposes to Kristin. And the reason there's a "maybe" in that proposal is because the episode cuts to black as soon as Josh opens his tiny, adorable box. The things is, while one would assume that there's an engagement ring waiting for Kristin, when Josh opens the box, her face looks more shocked and/or confused. RELATED: The stars of 'Little Women: NY' are people you'll want to know There are two options here: Either Josh really did propose to Kristin or, sadly, there's some sort of fake ring or promise ring in there. Although a different relationship might be able to handle a promise ring, Kristin is looking for something stable and permanent in her life. She's 38 years... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/Zap2it/~3/rXVEEAGixrw/little_women_ny_finale_kristin_zettlemoyers_boyfriend_josh_proposal-2015-05