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Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “Ann Arbor; Surrender”

And so ends the first season of  Low Winter Sun . In the two part finale “Ann Arbor; Surrender,” the investigation into McCann’s murder finally came to a close, as did Damon’s battle with Skelos. Unfortunately, while there were few plot threads left dangling, there was also very little in the way of satisfying plot development as well. Though they were aired in a two-hour block, these were definitely two separate episodes, with the first hour dedicated entirely to the crumbling mental health of Agnew. Early in the episode, I was wondering if Agnew’s behavior was too over-the-top, particularly when he blew up in the bank scene. However, as things went forward, it became clear that Agnew might just be certifiably insane. In fact, when he visited his ex-wife’s house, there was a moment where I thought she could instead be his former therapist. Read More... //

Low Winter Sun 1.09 and 1.10 Review: “Ann Arbor” and “Surrender”

Anyone who has a television knows that  Breaking Bad  ended its five season run last week.  Just because  Breaking Bad  ended, that does not mean the sun has set for  Low Winter Sun  just yet.  With two more episodes to air, AMC decided to broadcast both last night for a special two hour season finale. The first episode entitled, “Ann Arbor” completely focused on Frank’s spiral into craziness. After last week’s rampage on the bordello that employed Katia, he has been on the run.  He refuses to report to work.  Knowing the cops are watching his house, he asks Sean to bring him a “care package” in order to skip town. Read More... //

Low Winter Sun Season Finale Review: House of Lies

The real life failings of Detroit have been fodder for the news recently, from its initial bankruptcy filing in July (about a month before the  Low Winter Sun pilot  aired) and, more recently, the former mayor preparing for his sentencing for 24 corruption convictions that cost taxpayers at least $20 million. Quite the relevant and perfect setting then for  Low Winter Sun. Read more  tv spoilers  at:  //


Low Winter Sun’s final two episodes aired as two-hour finale event, so we’re reviewing it as such. As suspected, there was a great deal of payoff for things that had been seeded earlier on in the series. Some of it was worth the wait and some of it was still pointless, but like or not, I respect the show’s decision to play the long game. Read More... //


This episode of Low Winter Sun is a strange beast. At first glance, it’s completely irrelevant to the ongoing story of the death of McCann and Agnew and Geddes’ cover-up, as it follows Agnew’s testimony on a case that he and Geddes closed some time ago. As the episode progresses, however, there are clever thematic connections made between this off-screen case and the current woes of Detroit’s finest. Read More... //

'Low Winter Sun': Penultimate Review

Low Winter Sun has been struggling.  AMC's positioning of the series right after Breaking Bad hasn't worked so well, because, well, after Breaking Bad, no one's much in the mood for a noir cop dram... //

Low Winter Sun Review: All Fall Down

While a good portion of this Low Winter Sun episode involved court room drama about a past case, " Revelations " placed Katia at the forefront of the story while propelling Frank Agnew and Joe Geddes onto opposite sides. It's not like these two have ever been real pals, although we did gain some insight that they used to be partners. And the shady past for most of the characters on Low Winter Sun continued to plague their present selves and actions.  Read More... //

Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “Revelations”

There was a feeling that  Low Winter Sun  was spinning its wheels this week. For an episode called “Revelations,” there really wasn’t a whole lot of new information this week. Add on top of that several courtroom scenes that added little to the story and more of the strange imagery the show seems fascinated with, and this was a rather uneven episode helped a bit by an above average ending. Upfront, I’ll get the Damon stuff out of the way. In a move that surprised no one, he made another terrible call. When the big crime boss showed up and threatened to kill Maya’s children if he ever ratted him out, Damon decided it was time to take on an actual kingpin. It’s such a great plan coming from the failed criminal that lost a firefight with another small gang. Maya’s plan to just take the kids and run was the far smarter one, though given Damon’s history I doubt he’ll go along. Read More... //

Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “There Was a Girl”

After several hours spent slowly building the tension, “There Was a Girl” pushed  Low Winter Sun  into the final leg of the season. With the first major crossover between the cop and criminal characters, as well as an answer to the question that is Joe Geddes, the narrative kicked into full swing this week, despite some clunky dialogue and weak scenes. After a season-long investigation, worlds finally collided in a big way as Agnew brought Damon in for questioning regarding Khalil’s case and the murder of McCann. There was certainly tension in seeing whether or not Agnew and Geddes could get a confession out of Damon, but these scenes were a bit flat because, well, the focus was on Damon. I know, I mention it on a weekly basis, but Damon has just come across as a dull character all season. When he was talking about running away to Florida and leaving the criminal life behind, I found myself hoping he might just do it. Read More.... //

Low Winter Sun Review: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Someone is going to go down for the murders of Billy Dobson and Brendan McCann. Now, whether that's Damon Callis, his wife, Joe Geddes, Frank Agnew (although most likely not him) or some other fall guy, the noose is about to be pulled tight. There will probably be some collateral damage, and I've got a strong sense that someone else will wind up dead before all is said and done. After all, Low Winter Sun has proven that in the city of Detroit, dark, dirty and dangerous is all the rage. And a little pee can spice up any interrogation.  Read More... //