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Low Winter Sun Review: Lost and Found

What is up with AMC wanting to show chicks using the bathroom? There was Lori Grimes from The Walking Dead in " Cherokee Rose ," and now Katia in this episode of Low Winter Sun . Let's hope that's the last time. That said, " The Way Things Are " was a rather entertaining hour, giving the characters something to do and connecting a lot of dots along the way.   Read More... //

Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “The Way Things Are”

If not for the painfully dull fallout being dealt with in the Damon scenes, I’d almost think this week’s episode of  Low Winter Sun , “The Way Things Are,” was supposed to air before last week’s episode. As a result, while things happened this week, it was hard to feel the full impact of the moments because they were an episode removed from the threads they connect to. The biggest such moment this week was Agnew finally finding Katia. This should’ve been a powerful moment, seeing Katia push Agnew away, but it’s been two weeks since we saw Agnew trying to find her. Last week, he was all about the case and covering up McCann’s murder. While saving himself is important, it lessens the sense that he’s as desperate to find Katia as it seemed he was a few episodes back. Even worse, it makes it seem almost ridiculously easy how fast he finds her this week. He stumbles into the chat room, gets the help of one lone hacker, and then shows up on her sidewalk. Read More... //


This week on Everything is Terrible in Detroit: Agnew and Geddes struggle to come up with a story for the press regarding McCann’s murder that won’t indict them while Damon struggles to keep control of his makeshift drug running business. Meanwhile, the cops attend a boxing match, Khalil crushes on Agnew, and Sean the homeless drug addicted ex-cop steals the show. Read More... //

Low Winter Sun Review: Against the Ropes

Low Winter Sun continued to trudge along in the darkness, deception and murder that have been key ingredients in the freshman AMC series. And while it is interesting to see a pair of cops investigate the murder they committed while trying to put spin on it and outwit the prying and persistent internal affairs, I keep hoping that some spark of life or breath of fresh air might find its way in. There's just a feeling that something is missing, that aspect of the show that has you craving for more and dying to come back. Sometimes it can be the suspenseful story, the intriguing mystery or the compelling characters, but the episodes haven't quite achieved the level of griping drama that even the series wants it to be.  Read More... //

Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “Cake on the Way”

In this week’s episode of  Low Winter Sun , “Cake on the Way,” Agnew and Geddes returned their focus to covering up the McCann murder. With the ties to Khalil’s investigation now clear, they did everything they could to pin McCann and Bobek’s murder on whoever killed Billy. Oh, and everyone was excited about a boxing match. First, I’ll go ahead and say that I have nothing against boxing, and it’s certainly been established as a part of Agnew’s life. I don’t know, maybe Detroit is a big boxing town, but the fact that every single character was excited for this one match seemed like a stretch. If nothing else, it was an unnecessary addition to certain storylines. That said, it did provide a good chance for the homicide detectives to spend some quality time together. Up until now, we’ve mainly seen the detectives tense and on the job, so it was nice to see that they can be friendly off-the-clock. Read More... //

Low Winter Sun 1.04 Review "Catacombs"

Already four episodes in, I am still not won over by  Low Winter Sun.   I find the concept of the show to be exhilarating, but the show’s slow pace is turning me off.  The latest episode, “Catacombs,” contained five separate storylines.  The continuous jumping around from plot-line to plot-line but never moving any of them forward made it seem like I wasted 45 minutes of my own life. The “A Storyline” centered on Frank’s search for Katia.  While in Windsor, he finds a man that has a brochure filled with women men can buy for the night. Frank finds Katia’s picture and asks for her to be brought to his hotel room.  When the girl arrives, it is not Katia.  Frank tries to find some information regarding her whereabouts, but instead he scares the young prostitute and gets clocked in the head by the pimp in the process. Read more at  //  

Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “Catacombs”

The investigation took a bit of a backseat on this week’s episode of  Low Winter Sun . Instead of watching Agnew and Geddes continue to cover their tracks, “Catacombs” saw the characters mostly on their own. In theory, this kind of an episode would give the audience a chance to get to know the characters a bit better. While this was true to an extent, the overall slower pace did more harm than good. Read More... //

Low Winter Sun Review: Risky Business

Frank Agnew is clearly an emotional wreck. This character is trapped in a world where he's no longer with his wife, the one he loves is missing and he's hunting leads on the murder of McCann (who he actually killed)... all while trying to avoid internal affairs sniffing him out, keeping Geddes from killing anyone else - and, oh yeah, doing some regular police work every now and again. That is some stressful stuff. Unfortunately for Agnew, " Catacombs " sent him deeper into the tangled mess of problems.  Read More... //

Low Winter Sun "Catacombs" Review: The Four-Episode Test

The gloomy cop drama has a month under its belt; is it worth watching more of?  Read More... //

Low Winter Sun 1.3: Katia and the Bridge

Katia is shaping up as a pivotal character in Low Winter Sun, even though as of episode 1.3 she hasn't had much screen time.   Read More... //