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Critic's Notebook: Luther Returns, With Idris Elba Reprising His Role as Tortured Detective

John Luther goes on the trail of a cannibalistic serial killer in this fourth season, which consists of two back-to-back episodes on Thursday night. //

Luther Season 4 Review: Idris Elba & BritGrit Dramas Strong Return Proves No School Like The Old School

It's been 2-years since we last saw damaged but driven DCI John Luther throwing his coat into London's Thames and heading off into a new life with sociopathic Alice Morgan. Well, a lot can happen in 2-years and a lot can go wrong. However, the December 17 debuting 2-hour fourth season of Luther is not wrong at all. In fact, as my video review above says, the return of the Idris Elba starring cop show is one of the strongest offerings yet of the Neil Cross created... //

Idris Elba kicks butt in new Luther special

Idris Elba is so charismatic in the title role of Luther that he almost makes up for how nutty and stomach-turningly violent this BBC America cop show is. The third season ended with our antihero detective possibly leaving the force and eloping with his BFF-slash-nemesis, the sexy serial killer Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson). It looked... //

Book Review: 'Luther: Outlaw': EW review

Idris Elba's edgy cop drama returns with some old tricks...   Read More... //

'Luther' Review 3.4: Go Ask Alice

A thoroughly satisfying conclusion of these four nights of Luther with episode 3.4, and the hope that we'll be seeing Idris Elba again in the title role along with all the supporting characters who... //

'Luther' Review 3.3: The Perils Of Being An Enemy

A stunningly powerful Luther 3.3 that connected on all sorts of levels, like a kick in the solar plexus. The new villain is Tom, a classic vigilante killer who gets the drop on Luther, but lets hi... //

'Luther' Recap 3.2: Success

Luther 3.2 was even better than 3.1 - because Luther was against all odds successful, on at least three fronts. And yet somehow we know he hasn't faced the worst of what he will be facing.  In part... //

'Luther' Review 3.1: Into The Blender

Idris Elba is back in his second best role on television as Luther - his best was Stringer Bell on The Wire, so you can see how highly I regard Luther.  Its first season was scalding, pull-no-punch... //

Review: Idris Elba continues to rise above BBC America's 'Luther'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Luther," the BBC America import crime drama starring Idris Elba from "The Wire" as damaged British cop John Luther. Read More.... //

Luther Season 3: TV Review

Idris Elba returns as John Luther in the latest season of BBC America's British drama.            //