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Having not done an episode review of FX's Married  since the pilot , there's a chance I might write a little bit about some of the episodes I never got a chance to cover in this season finale review for "Family Day" - which was enjoyable, as all episodes of Married are, while also proving that the show is pretty much a zero-sum game. Judy Greer, Nat Faxon, Jenny Slate, and Brett Gelman were all in top form here. And Paul Reiser, who wasn't around in the first couple of episodes has proven to be a constant, exasperated delight. I love that, being one half of a beloved former TV couple, he's now a part of this spotlight on grim malaise, featuring a bunch of grownups who,  perhaps  because they live in Los Angeles, feel like they should have a different life than they do. I'm not saying that people who live elsewhere can't grow discontent and frustrated, but specifically in LA does one get to see, up close, other people living the life one might want to lead. Plus, the cost of living being higher does make it harder for large families to get by. Read More... //

Married (FX) Review “The Shower”

I cannot help but think FX missed an opportunity to make a much funnier show about Jess (Jenny Slate) and her marriage to her father’s elderly rich friend. Whatever Slate touches turns into delicious, sharp comedy. In “The Shower,” she takes Lina out for a night of drinking and debauchery at a bar, and under her tutelage Lina finally shows signs of life. Suddenly, the question became is Lina disinterested in intimacy or is she just bored with her life? If she is, no one could blame her. Russ continued his pursuit of wife sex in an awkward shower scene that ended up with their puppy falling down the stairs and breaking his leg. The dog’s incident was just a plot device to get Russ and Lina to the engagement party of Russ’ rich friend A.J.’s ex-wife. A.J. has the five grand to pay for the dog’s surgery, but before A.J. will hand over the money, Russ has to sit through his friend’s depressing tour of his old home with prostitutes along for the ride. Watching A.J.’s pathetic spiral was far more uncomfortable than anything that was ever on  The Office , the reigning champ of discomfort humor. A.J. is so awkwardly miserable his sadness infects everyone in the room. Read More... //

'Married' and 'You're the Worst': TV Review

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 Sure, there's nothing terribly fresh or new about Married's take on the doldrums of advanced married life. In fact, nothing is ever going to skewer the institution, lampoon the idealized sitcom family, or address the topic of sexual ruts better than FOX's Married...With Children did back in the day. But that doesn't stop Married, from Andrew Gurland (The Last Exorcism, The Virginity Hit), from being funny.  Read More... //

Review: USA's 'Satisfaction' & 'Rush' & FX's 'Married' & 'Youre the Worst'

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