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‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Review: No More Half-Measures in Netflix’s Superb Marvel Adaptation

There’s a small, almost ignorable shot in the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil that sums up the acute, surpassingly attentive visual and auditory style of the Marvel adaptation. When we first see the home that once housed the family of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), who goes by the name of The Punisher in the press, the shot opens with a sprinkler, the kind that percussively sets out a stream of water. If one were to close one’s eyes, the sound would not be unlike automatic gunfire, something that Mr. Castle knows an awful lot about. The image is one that you might equate with domestic tranquility but it hides a history of unspeakable brutality, crime, and something like evil. It’s not Kyle MacLachlan finding the ear in the field, but the show’s use of sound and image to infer or suggest as much as any line of dialogue says continues to set this series apart from its half-measured kin. READ MORE...

Review: More isn't more as Punisher and Elektra join 'Daredevil' season 2

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the second season of "Daredevil," Netflix's drama series based on the blind Marvel Comics superhero, starring Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Jon Bernthal, and Elodie Yung. ...  Read More... //www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/review-more-isnt-more-as-punisher-and-elektra-join-daredevil-season-2

'Daredevil': Let's talk about the first season

Everyones done with Daredevil , right? You should be if youre reading this, because were going to dig into some spoilers from throughout the first season. Looking back on the thirteen episodes of Daredevil that Marvel produced for Netflix, its nearly impossible to declare the...    Read More... //feeds.ew.com/~r/entertainmentweekly/tv/coverage/~3/0CNlZpAMrKY/daredevil-season-1-look-back

Daredevil Season One Finale Recap: No Cities to Love

  Daredevil s finale is like the rest of the show: smart touches with flashes of brilliance and fun alongside an overuse of tropes and some ham-handed writing.   Set to the somber Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff is the funeral that Ben Urich actually deserves (albeit with a startling lack of black people, which, come on ), with Matts priest presiding. So he was Catholic, too? Thats very narratively convenient. Also narratively convenient? The fact that Bens widow, Doris, tells Karen that Ben spoke so much about Karen and really admired her, and Karen is totally what their daughter wouldve been like if they had a daughter. Okay. No. No, no, no. That is just lazy writing to throw the blame off Karen for Urichs death. Yes, while Fisk is ultimately at fault, she didnt help matters by taking Ben somewhere without his knowledge of why, and glossing over that isnt going to change anything. Although, lets be real, if Ben had deigned to start blogging sooner, this wouldve changed the game. Then Doris leaves probably the whole show, because shes Too Good to commiserate with Karen and to try to exact revenge. (Not enough women want to exact revenge on this show. Feels very unrealistic, in my opinion.)   Read More... //www.vulture.com/2015/04/daredevil-recap-season-1-episode-13.html

Daredevil Recap: Bury Our Friends

  Can we talk about Daredevil s women problem? Yeah, yeah, there arent enough women, but the problem I find most egregious is how the narrative itself downplays not only the women in the story, but their actions and agency. Take Karen. Her storyline reaches a weird peak this episode after she tries to deal with the fact that she shot Wesley. (Im going to miss him dearly; Toby Leonard Moores American accent always sounded like he was very slowly savoring a piece of chocolate.) She drinks herself to sleep and sobs in the shower, but she doesnt tell anyone. Even when Foggy asks her about her night, she murmurs something, and when Matt asks, she simply says, The world fell apart. When Foggy says, You cant just run around killing people and call yourself a human being! she gets the same look someone might get if their friend were ranting about how much they hate how their roommate pees in the shower while realizing that she totally did just that last night, except instead of peeing in the shower she shot a man eight times and hid the murder weapon. And while we can understand why shed want to keep her murder under wraps, the way this is eventually swept under the rug this episode is telling in terms of how disinterested this show really is in the lives of its female characters. She shot someone before, right? So why dont we get a flashback?   Read More... //www.vulture.com/2015/04/daredevil-recap-season-1-episode-12.html

'Daredevil' season finale recap

Yes, this is the one with the red suit.   Read More... //feeds.ew.com/~r/entertainmentweekly/tv/coverage/~3/AYHc4W6sFl0/daredevil-season-1-finale

'Daredevil' recap: 'The Ones We Leave Behind'

Ben decides to run with his big story, and Madame Gao unleashes the super punch.   Read More... //feeds.ew.com/~r/entertainmentweekly/tv/coverage/~3/bdLwjmoT4-w/daredevil-season-1-episode-12

Daredevil Recap: Saints and Martyrs

  A lot happening in this episode, but first: This show needs (needed?) more Claire. She comes back near the beginning of this episode to re-stitch up Matt, and its the one light, calm moment in an increasingly dark show. Its not that the darkness isnt interesting or fun, its just that Claire and Matt have a chemistry that is so hard to find in Marvel TV shows. Agent Carter teased a romance that felt dead on arrival and largely irrelevant while Captain America: The First Avenger could suggest a romance in sorrowful glances. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. prefers angst and lies to actual chemistry, which only shows up in amicable divorces. Meanwhile, the romance of the Iron Man movies only culminated after some serious character growth and contained a kind of open, constant communication you dont even see in most romantic comedies. Its clear from the way that Foggy talked last episode that Matts really good at bringing the ladies in and who wouldnt be into a guy whos really into listening to your voice? His floppy hair and dorky smile are just icing on the cake compared to that! but it seems like Matt is very good at hiding his fighting side from everyone he loves.   Read More... //www.vulture.com/2015/04/daredevil-recap-season-1-episode-11.html

Daredevil Recap: Lies and Friendship

  In the aftermath of the last episode, Daredevil dwells on the idea of relationships. Is it good to let people in, to form lasting connections and make ourselves vulnerable to being known? We flicker between Matt and Wilson in trying to answer this essential question. The show, to its credit, gives a bit of a nuanced answer: Its good for good people to let people in, but maybe not so much for bad people who sell drugs and people.   Read More... //www.vulture.com/2015/04/daredevil-recap-season-1-episode-10.html

81 thoughts from watching Daredevil's explosive episodes four, five, and six

Have you caught up on Marvel's "Daredevil" all the way through the midway point? Then come on in and catch a quick recap of episodes "In the Blood," World on Fire," and "Condemned."   Read More... //www.hitfix.com/harpy/81-random-thoughts-from-watching-daredevil-episodes-four-five-and-six