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Luke Cage Season 1 Episodes 12 & 13 Review

I do not likeLuke Cage. I want to say that upfront, before I review the last two episodes, so that you know what youre in for. If youre looking for something positive, this is not the place to look. Aside from the respectability politics (a thread that is hammered hard early on, and then disappears for long stretches before being hammered again), I find that this show doesnt work on a number of levels. After the first trailer, I had high hopes. I had come around on Mike Colter as Luke Cage, after being skeptical of his performance inJessica Jones. ...Read More... //www.tvovermind.com/tv-news/luke-cage-season-1-episodes-12-13-review?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=luke-cage-season-1-episodes-12-13-review