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Mob City, the flashy new period drama from Walking Dead TV show creator Frank Darabont, packed its fair share of punches, but due to its smaller-sized first season and scheduling, it was over in a flash. Like so many rifle shots through a window. There's nothing inherently wrong with a six-episode freshman season, as Darabont did the same thing with The Walking Dead, but TNT scheduled Mob City to run quickly over three weeks - giving the series an "event/miniseries" feel. For better or worse. Read More... //

'Mob City' S1 Finale Recap: History in the Making

In these last two episodes of Mob City's first season, "Oxpecker" and "Stay Down", such a multitude and variety of crappy things happen to people that it's hard to find a place to begin. The first thing chronologically takes place in 1944. Teague has a massive case of PTSD from the war and attacks Jasmine, whom he is still married to at this point, in his sleep. They're both horrified, and it's safe to assume that this is a big part of why they broke up.    Read More... //


It's says something about Mob City (although I haven't settled on  what  exactly) that when I saw the title of the second episode of the night, "His Banana Majesty," I honestly thought "Well, someone's getting a banana up the ass." Maybe it has to do with the showy, violent, and exploitive nature of what we've come to expect from gangland movies and shows. Who knows? But, to little surprise, it happened. Although I think I originally pictured a murder, with the dead body being found with a banana inserted - like post-death ornament of shame. Read More... //

Mob City Season 1 “Oxpecker/Stay Down” Review

When the first two episodes of  Mob City  premiered, we found Joe Teague contemplating the times when it was appropriate to murder someone. By the end of the second episode of the series, we learned that Joe would murder for love without hesitation. Poor Hecky. When the last two installments of the series aired, we saw that Joe had kicked up a massive hornet’s nest in the form of Sid Rothman. I was excited to see the final showdown between the men as Sid managed to stay off the radar thanks to an assist from a mole within the police department. One thing was clear as we headed into last night’s season finale, a showdown between Sid and Joe was imminent. Read More... //

Mob City Season 1 Review “Red Light and His Banana Majesty”

In this week’s episodes of  Mob City  we got more insight into Bugsy Siegel’s criminal enterprise. We also got a little more time with Simon Pegg, as the we learned how Hecky Nash got his hands on the incriminating photos that lead to his fateful decision to blackmail Siegel. The images that Jasmine took and Nash sought to sell to Siegel for a steep price captured the murder of Abraham Greenberg. Although the show is beginning to center more on Siegel’s upcoming murder trial, the time spent on screen with Robert Knepper’s Sid Rothman and Jon Bernthal’s Joe Teague are becoming the standout moments of the show. Read More... //  

'Mob City' Recap: Being Nosy Never Pays Off

If ever you find yourself in possession of a time machine and want to know where you should go, the correct answer is anywhere but 1940s Los Angeles. Not only is this place just plain stressful, the life expectancy is also obscenely low. Just ask Abe Greenberg, who is murdered in the opening sequence of "Red Light", the first of tonight's two Mob City episodes. The sequence is a flashback taking place three weeks before the events of last week's episodes. Siegel kills Greenberg for mob reasons (there are so many to choose from) while Jasmine and Nash sit in a nearby car, taking pictures. Nash knew the murder was going to go down and used Jasmine's photography skills to get his blackmail material, even though Jasmine didn't really want anything to do with it. Should have listened to those instincts, girl.  Read More... //

Mob City Series Premiere “A Guy Walks Into A Bar/A Reason To Kill A Man” Review

When I first heard the details about TNT’s new series  Mob City , my inner fan girl squealed with delight at the prospect of so many amazing world’s colliding. Frank Darabont, Jon Bernthal and Jeffrey DeMunn of The Walking Dead in a series with Milo Ventimiglia and Robert Knepper of Heroes  and Simon Pegg  and  Neal McDonough? Can you hear that? It’s the sound of a mind blown. For the sake of those who have not watched Heroes or The Walking Dead, I will do my absolute best not to refer to Bernthal as Shane, DeMunn as Dale and Ventimiglia as Peter. I will  try . Read More... //

'Mob City' Premiere Recap: Fedoras, Violence and Plot Twists, Oh My!

Good evening, guys and gals, and welcome to Mob City .  Frank Darabont's miniseries is a veritable love letter to all things noir; there's jazz music, seductive bartenders, people with names like "Bugsy" and "Hecky", and so much smoking that I think I got emphysema just from watching it.  The first two installments, "A Guy Walks Into a Bar" and "Reason to Kill a Man", also provide us with a fairly simple formula for what to expect from each episode:  Read More... //

Mob City Series Premiere Review: Men Without (Colored) Hats

Frank Darabont's new TNT miniseries isn't black and white, but IS that simple.  Read More... //

Mob City: TV Review

There seems to be three kinds of film noir. The first, the kind that simply was, comprises the original old movies adapted from pulp novels or written from scratch but created without any self-awareness of a genre beyond that of "period piece" or "stylistic drama." That kind of noir, now celebrated, set out to tell a specific kind of story without looking in the mirror too much. What followed were films devoted to the church of noir, kneeling at the altar of the visual styles and reveling in the dated, purposefully purple prose. You can't miss that version because it wants so desperately to be nostalgically reverential. When it's done right, like L.A. Confidential , you can get absorbed into the execution of the genre's best elements.  Read More...   //