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Oct 7, 2018 11:37PM EDT

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UPDATE...episode two was not up to par...the son is just not believable as a person...too sweet.

I am guessing most of you don't remember the original nine years of Murphy Brown that happened before Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton, but please give the show a chance...the finale of the original series had Murphy Brown do an unprecedented thing back in the 80's...as a financially secure single woman she had a child "out of wedlock" THIS series starts when that now 26 year old is a much more Conservative person than his Mother, but actually has a desire to UNIFY the people of the country by checking out "flyover country"

Faux Noise put FOOTBALL opposite the series, so it is going to be hard to develop an audience, but only one of the original characters (the amazing painter, who committed suicide IIRC) is returning and for me, it is interesting to see CORKY as a well-preserved woman instead of the ingenue (could be some very interesting stories on women in the workplace too.

I hope they don't JUST lambaste trump. There are other issues in the country that could benefit from the TRUTH IN THE NEWS.


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