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NCIS: New Orleans: Wade Comes Face to Face with Her Past

  NCIS: New Orleans offered up a huge lesson on how personal relationships and domestic abuse can affect everybody in Tuesday's episode "End of the Line." It opened with a particularly gruesome murder: an officer, strung up in the middle of the street with her eyes gouged out like something straight ...Read More... //www.tvguide.com/news/ncis-new-orleans-end-of-the-line-recap-wade/?rss=breakingnews

NCIS: New Orleans Mega Buzz: Wade Is Forced to Revisit a Past Trauma

  On Tuesday's episode of NCIS: New Orleans , medical examiner Loretta Wade ( CCH Pounder ) is about to get a case on her desk, er, table, that's going to turn her world around. It all starts with a grisly murder, and when Wade gets the body, it reopens a trauma from her past. ...Read More...   //www.tvguide.com/news/ncis-new-orleans-spoilers-wade/?rss=breakingnews

'NCIS: New Orleans' Interview: CCH Pounder on Wade's Past, Sebastian's New Job and More

NCIS: New Orleans ' "End of the Line" is going to bring up painful memories from Wade's past when a gruesome copycat murder on a streetcar reopens a former case. BuddyTV spoke to CCH Pounder to find out what to expect from this case. "It was really nice for me to do something other than move a dead body," the actress shared when teasing the episode that sees a different side of Wade. And speaking of doing something different, while she pointed out that the nature of the crossovers doesn't allow for them to use the MEs that much since they're mostly about the action and chasing down someone, she'd love to "ruffle Mark Harmon's feathers because he's always been a very calm and steady character." ...Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/ncis-new-orleans/ncis-new-orleans-interview-cch-63344.aspx

NCIS: Abby's Deadly Set Up Sends Torres and McGee to New Orleans

  NCIS set up its crossover with NCIS: New Orleans with Abby ( Pauley Perrette ) getting way too comfortable in her role as mock terrorist, and taking the fall for a huge terrorist plot. It all started when Earl Goddard from Homeland Operations tried to rope her into a practice exercise to see how easy ...Read More... ...   //www.tvguide.com/news/ncis-ncis-new-orleans-crossover-recap/?rss=breakingnews

NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS Crossover Exclusive: Which NCIS Agent Gets Kidnapped?

  Tuesday's much anticipated NCIS: New Orleans / NCIS crossover features, as you know, NCIS characters Torres ( Wilmer Valderrama ) and Agent McGee ( Sean Murray ) down in New Orleans. We also know their expedition down South -- in which they're working to help retrieve a Homeland Security playbook that lays ...Read More...   //www.tvguide.com/news/ncis-new-orleans-crossover-spoiler/?rss=breakingnews

NCIS Crossover Sneak Peek: Torres and Gregorio Lock Horns in New Orleans

NCIS Agent Torres has a tip or two to offer NCIS: New Orleans Agent Gregorio in this sneak peek from tonights crossover event. How the latter received the advice is for you to discover. In the NCIS episode Pandoras Box, Part I (airing at 8/7c), Abbys homeland security think tank is compromised, after which she [] //tvline.com/2017/02/14/ncis-new-orleans-crossover-video-torres-gregorio/

[WATCH] 'NCIS'/'NCIS: New Orleans' Crossover Sneak Peek: McGee Offers Sebastian Advice and Torres Is Arrested

McGee and Torres are heading to New Orleans for the NCIS crossover, "Pandora's Box," which kicks off the action in D.C. -- and begins with Abby in some trouble. In the first part, Abby's think tank is compromised and she's found in possession of a real bomb. The team then learns that the leader of the group was murdered and a theoretical terror playbook was stolen. The second part sees McGee and Torres heading to New Orleans to work with Pride and his team to find that playbook. ...Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/ncis/watch-ncisncis-new-orleans-cro-63245.aspx

NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS Crossover: Maren Morris, Gregorio's Secrets and the Return of Eva

  NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS team up for another blockbuster crossover episode Tuesday, with the action taking place amid the hustle and bustle of Mardi Gras and a special visit from Grammy nominee Maren Morris , who will perform "My Church." But there's much more going on than music, of course; in the ....Read More... //www.tvguide.com/news/ncis-new-orleans-ncis-crossover/?rss=breakingnews

NCIS: New Orleans Sneak Peek: Sebastian Nearly Gets Killed on His First Day as an Agent

  (Warning: spoilers about Tuesday's episode of NCIS: New Orleans ahead!) You know how it is when you start a new job: you're so jittery and excited you're prone to making a complete fool of yourself by tripping over your own feet, or worse. As you'll see in this exclusive video, NCIS: New Orleans ' ...Read More... //www.tvguide.com/news/ncis-new-orleans-sebastian-agent/?rss=breakingnews

NCIS: New Orleans Exclusive: See Pride Fight for His Life In This Explosive Clip

NCIS: New Orleans Exclusive: See Pride Fight for His Life In This Explosive Clip   ...Read More... //www.tv.com/news/ncis-new-orleans-exclusive-see-pride-fight-for-his-life-in-this-explosive-clip-14852156020012256/