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Oasis: "Pilot" Review

The solemn and haunting Oasis, based on the novel The Book of Strange New Things, stars Game of Thrones' Richard Madden as an earnest priest in a crumbling not-too-distant future Earth. A world not too far ahead of us time-wise, though apparently leaps and bounds beyond us on the space travel front as the series, only set in 2032, involves rocketing people to the farthest corner of our galaxy for colonization on a desert world. It's hard to buy into, initially, but it's there so that the world of Oasis doesn't feel too out-of-reach for the viewer. It can all still be relatable and the colony out in space can have clunky, lived-in vibe - not Transporter Room futuristic. The Last King of Scotland's Kevin Macdonald directs this tale of a ravaged and starving Earth and the controversial one-percenter life-raft in space, Oasis, that appears to be being built at the cost of the sanity and lives of those chosen to construct a galactic haven for the super-rich. READ MORE...