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HBO's Olive Kitteridge: What the Critics Are Saying

Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins, Bill Murray and Zoe Kazan star in the four-part miniseries adapted from Elizabeth Strout's Pulitzer Prize-winning work.   Read More... //

Frances McDormand is Perfect in HBO's Olive Kitteridge

  It might seem inconceivable that one could describe a four-hour miniseries about emotionally constipated small-town Maine citizens as thrilling, but that what Olive Kitteridge is. Its excitement is due mainly to Frances McDormands performance as the title character, a woman whose sharp tongue wounds everyone, and who takes her kindhearted pharmacist husband, Henry (Richard Jenkins, of course, and thank goodness), and their son Chris (John Gallagher, Jr.), for granted. Once you know what Olive is capable of saying and doing, and that she is nearly incapable of censoring herself, you look forward to each scene with a mix of dread and glee. Cast as the sort of wife who chucks her husbands Valentines Day card in the trash right after reading it because she knows what it says, and the sort of mother who tells her son, Sit up straight, you look like a thug in a pool hall, and the sort of teacher who tells her class, Ill be out in the hall, and Ill know if youre talking, McDormand is, to no ones surprise, perfect. Her skill at playing irascible characters adds an element of impending chaos to every scene: Who will Olive cut down next, and for what reasonand how appallingly funny will it be? There should be an Olive Siren that warns people shes coming, so they can gather their possessions and flee.   Read More... //

Review: HBO's Olive Kitteridge, Revisiting The Affair

  To know Olive Kitteridge is not easy. Many would likely argue it's not worth the risk of being exposed to her harsh, judgmental New Englander's scorn. Suffer fools gladly? Not this curmudgeonly math teacher who, when her husband insists she's not depressed, snaps back, "Yes, I am. Happy to have it. Comes with being smart." Prompting her long-suffering son to wonder, "Is that why you're so mean all the time?" And yet, in HBO's oddly moving and melancholy-shrouded two-night adaptation of Elizabeth Strout's Pulitzer-winning novel Olive Kitteridge (Sunday-Monday, 9/8c), a remarkable Frances McDormand makes Olive a fascinating, tragicomic study in human stubbornness, contrariness and contradiction.... //

Television Review: Frances McDormand Stars in Olive Kitteridge on HBO

Frances McDormand is the crabby, caustic title character in the HBO mini-series adaptation of Elizabeth Strouts novel Olive Kitteridge.  Read More... //