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Ouran High School Host Club Complete Set Review

Based on the manga series that's still ongoing by Bisco Hatori, Ouran Host Club is the latest comedy to hit Western shores with a definite Japanese sense of humor. Comedies can be really hit or miss with people and I've had my fair share of both over the years on both sides of the equation. Having read only some of the manga in Shojo Beat a few years ago, it wasn't a title that I was crazy over nor was it a title that really stuck with me beyond that it was a cute idea of dealing with a Host Club. Ouran Host Club takes place in the very elite private Ouran Academy, a place where the wealthy kids go to while away their hours and days for school. It's not a lazy school by any stretch, and academics are certainly considered important, but they play practically no role within the show itself outside of a few nods here and there. With the kids being so rich and the academy being as elite as it is, there's little surprise that there are some unusual clubs within it. The Host Club is made up of several of the very best of the best young men in the academy as they utilize their obvious gifts to become something more. They're doing it because it's fun, they enjoy the women and they enjoy the grandeur of it all but also likely because they enjoy the attention. There's also some financial gain out of it as well which doesn't hurt in the slightest. Read More Click Me!

A 'Refreshing' Anime!

This romantic, screw-ball comedy is most definitely on my top 5 all-time greatest anime list. The story follows the life of six gorgeous, rich, male high school students, and one girl who gets caught in the middle. It's funny, charming, sweet, and satiric. REALLY satiric. HILARIOUSLY satiric. You won't do wrong in trying it out. ps-those who've watched and finished the show should get the title. ;)