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Outsiders Canceled After 2 Seasons on WGN America

WGN America has canceled Outsiders after two seasons, TheWrap has learned. The decision marks a change in direction for the networks programming strategy. Tribune Media President and CEO Peter Kern said in a statement on Friday that the cable network will be reallocating our resources to a more diverse programming strategy. Outsiders was WGN Americas third original scripted series, and its cancellation leaves the network with only the slave-era drama Underground, currently airing its second season. ...Read More... //

‘Outsiders’ Kyle Gallner and Christina Jackson on Season 2 of the Farrell Family Drama

The WGN America drama series Outsiders tells the story of the Farrell Clan and their continuing fight to defend their land and way of life from the town below the mountain they live on. G’Win (Gillian Alexy) has risen as the new Bren’in (or leader), after Big Foster (David Morse) was shot and left for dead, but her ability to lead the clan is being questioned by those who are unsure about whether she’s up to handling the task. As the conflict between the clan and the town escalates, and the Farrells are becoming more isolated than ever before, everyone will be tested. READ MORE...

Outsiders': Hasil Goes Full Fight Club on Some Fool (Exclusive Video)

Hasil Farrell has got some fast hands in this weeks episode of Outsiders. In an exclusive clip obtained by TheWrap, Hasil (Kyle Gallner) decides to enter an illegal underground fight ring in order to earn money to support himself, Sally Ann (Christina Jackson) and their unborn child. Also in this weeks episode,Moregon (Louise Barnes) holds GWin (Gillian Alexy) captive and insists she murders the strongest among them in order to save the mountain. In prison, the Aryanscontinue to bait Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst), who finally has enough. ...Read More... //

Outsiders': Big Foster Clashes With Moregon (Exclusive Video)

Big Foster is inching closer and closer to a battle with the Kinnah in this weeks Outsiders. In an exclusive clip of the upcoming episode obtained by TheWrap, Big Foster (David Morse) is furious to learn that the Kinnah have taken the generator from his home. When he confronts Moregon (Louise Barnes), he learns that Gwinn (Gillian Alexy) gave the order to remove the generator, but he says it was all done to benefit the Kinnah. Also in this weeks show, Sally-Ann (Christina Jackson) and Hasil (Kyle Gallner) desperately attempt to figure out their financial plan for the baby. Wade (Thomas M. Wright) makes a discoveryand Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst) meets an Aryan gang in prison. ...Read More... //

Outsiders': Sally Ann Reveals Shes Pregnant to Hasil (Exclusive Video)

Outsiders is about to welcome a brand new Farrell. Well, half a Farrell at least. In an exclusive clip of this weeks episode obtained by TheWrap, Sally Ann (Christina Jackson) arrives at the top of Shay Mountain to tell Hasil (Kyle Gallner) she is pregnant. Hasil isless than ecstatic when he gets the news. Also in this weeks episode, GWin (Gillian Alexy) decides to let Big Foster (David Morse) stay much to the dismay of the clan. Later, the Farrell men and Kinnah embark on the winter hunt and protests heat up against the coal company. ...Read More... //

Outsiders': Big Foster Admits His Sins Before the Clan (Exclusive Video)

Outsiders Season 2 is starting to look like the redemption of Big Foster (David Morse). In an exclusive clip of this weeks episode obtained by TheWrap, Foster gets the circle he requested at the end of Episode 2. Shockingly, rather than try to cover his misdeeds, he freely admits to killing his mother along with a range of other crimes against his fellow Farrells. He throws himself at the mercy of the clan and the new brenin, Gwinn (Gillian Alexy). The question remains though, will Gwinn accept his sudden change of heart or cast him out? ...Read More... //

Outsiders Creator Breaks Down Season 2 Premiere, Shocking Major Death

(Spoiler alert: Do not keep reading if you have not seen the Season 2 premiere of Outsiders) Outsiders Season 2 wasted no time, throwing the world of the Farrells into major turmoil right off the bat with a major death. But first The episode begins with an epic battle on Shay Mountain. Wade (Thomas M. Wright) and his deputies are set upon by the whole clan, who are killing them without mercy. ...Read More... //

‘Outsiders’ EPs Paul Giamatti and Peter Tolan on Mountain Politics (and a ‘Billions’ Crossover?)

Created by Peter Mattei and executive produced by Paul Giamatti and Peter Tolan, the WGN America drama series Outsiders is back for Season 2, as the Farrell Clan continues to fight to defend their land and way of life from the town below the mountain they live on. With Big Foster (David Morse) shot and left for dead, G’Win (Gillian Alexy) has risen as the new Bren’in (or leader), but her ability to lead the clan is tested when another ancient, mysterious clan arrives from the other side of the mountain. READ MORE...

In Outsiders, Theyre Under Siege and Bracing for More

A wild and woolly drama on WGN America about a clan in Appalachia threatened by the outside world begins its second season. ...Read More... //

Outsiders Star Ryan Hurst Says Farrells Are Tarzan and Shakespeare

Outsiders star Ryan Hurst broke down the feral nature of the Farrell clan on the WGN America show during the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday. Thats sort of the nature of the show, which is this sort of primal elegance interwoven throughout the tapestry of the show, Hurst said.Theres this sort of Shakespearean if Tarzan and Shakespeare were put together youd get a bit of the Farrells. Following the explosive events of the Season 1 finale, we see GWinn (Gillian Alexy) as she struggles to come to terms with the full responsibility of being the Brenin. We also see Sally-Ann (Christina Jackson) grappling with the implications of her relationship with Hasil (Kyle Gallner). ...Read More... //