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Parks and Recreation 6.18 Review: “Prom”

Alright so this week I’m covering  Parks and Recreation  for Chris while he’s off getting into shenanigans somewhere questionable.  Last night’s episode of the show focused on the future and Leslie’s attempt to mold the foundation so Pawnee can survive without her if need be.  Parks and Rec has just had such an awesome run for the past 6 seasons but it is clear that the show is beginning to slow down and tie up its characters stories for the inevitable end of the show. Yet, there is plenty of P&R left before thinking about that and it’s interesting to watch Leslie groom the eclectic town youth here like in last night’s episode. All of the show’s characters have been so busy over the past couple of seasons which is just a result of them all growing up; however, “Prom,” did a great job of reminding each character that they are great at something. Read More... //www.tvovermind.com/parks-and-recreation/parks-recreation-6-18-review-prom-232111


Welcome to "Galentine's Day"...again. The 2014 edition. Not the Season 2, 2010 edition. Side note: Has a TV show ever used the same episode title twice? No, 24 (or any other series that just uses counters) doesn't count. Anyhow,  this  "Galentine's Day" was a very nice break from the constant shellacking Leslie's been taking from her petulant Pawneeans - offering up a three sweet, funny stories (mostly) revolving around the preparations for the upcoming Unity Concert. Rob Huebel guest starred as an aggressively shady Tent Store magnate (The Tent Offensive? Wow) and star Rashida Jones returned for a scene at the end featuring Ann and her newborn baby, Oliver Perkins Traeger. Read More... //www.ign.com/articles/2014/03/21/parks-and-recreation-galentines-day-review-2

Parks and Recreation Recap: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

Maybe I am crazy, too, but Leslie’s crazy wall makes perfect sense to me. Am I alone here? It’s the just-right amount of Carrie Mathison, with a little “Who is the Yellow King?” thrown in, plus a dash of A’s lair from Pretty Little Liars . And it’s all tied together with those multicolor index cards I used in college to study for exams!    I cannot overstate how much I relate to Leslie’s phone call dilemma. I too often must go far too long between phone calls with my long-distance ladyfriends, and it is SO hard to keep track of all the things I am going to want to talk to them about. “What should be a higher priority: infinity scarves, or whether or not I should get Showtime?” Ben, I can see, is one of those people who responds to something like “I Gchat with my best friend every day” by saying, “Every day? What could you possibly have to talk about?” Ughhh, Ben, don’t even try to weigh in on Sandra Bullock skirt length, you’ll just embarrass yourself. In the meantime, though, Leslie wants to jump your bones.   Read More... //www.vulture.com/2014/03/parks-and-recreation-recap-season-6-ann-chris-baby-oliver.html

Review: 'Parks and Recreation' - 'Galentine's Day 2014'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Galentine's Day 2014," the March 20 episode of NBC's "Parks and Recreation," in which Leslie tries to replace Ann, Ron takes Andy to the dentist and Ben learns to appreciate a colleague.  Read More... //www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/review-parks-and-recreation-galentines-day-2014-oh-larry-my-larry

Parks and Recreation 6.17 “Galentine’s Day” Review: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Last night’s excellent episode of  Parks and Recreation , “Galentine’s Day,” takes three storylines that have been playing out in the background during this season and pushes them to the forefront in spectacular fashion. Leslie’s attempts to find a new best friend in Pawnee after Ann’s departure, Ben’s growing respect for and friendship with Larry, and Ron’s new life as a father all get their deserved time and focus in “Galentine’s Day” and are incredibly heartfelt, honest, and, most important, hilarious storylines. The A-plot of the episode is Leslie’s search for the new Ann culminates in the titular Galentine’s Day brunch, where she attempts to rank all of the women there to see who will be her replacement best friend, not realizing the error of her ways until she visits Ann (Rashida Jones, billed as a special guest star), who has just given birth to her son.  Parks and Recreation  was always great at showing that the most important reason why Leslie and Ann were friends was not what they had in common (as we see that Ann’s a Riggins girl while Leslie’s all about Saracen in their awesome  Friday Night Lights  debate) but how much they cared for one another. As Ann tells Leslie, she can’t simply jot down people’s favorite TV shows or whether or not they have a Jacuzzi and hope that she will find someone compatible. She needs to find that inner compassion and understanding that she saw within Ann, and Donna and April are two people who possess that. They care just as much for Leslie as Ann does, but they just have different ways of showing it. Read More... //www.tvovermind.com/parks-and-recreation/parks-recreation-6-17-galentines-day-review-youve-got-friend-231440

Parks and Recreation Recap: When You’re Here, Then You’re Home

  Let’s begin with a tip of the hat to Ben, who built a fantastic new website for the Parks De — oh my God, is that a panda? Peebo! If you click on the bamboo he puts on a top hat! Okay, good talk, gang. That’s all the recapping I’ll be doing for now; I have to go play ping-pong with this panda tail.   [several hours later] Where were we? Oh. At ease, everyone (including me) who feared Leslie would not seriously follow up with Grant about his National Park Service job offer! We see Leslie meet with Grant over waffles so he can return her binder of questions about the job in exchange for … a second binder, with more questions about the job. A few important things about this encounter: First of all, I am forever going to order food in time increments now. (“Martha, I’m going to need two hours' worth of waffles.”) Leslie also makes my favorite analogy of the night: “This is like the Parks equivalent of Bruce Springsteen pulling Courteney Cox onstage!” And, thank goodness, we get a legitimate, compelling, and actually challenging roadblock between Leslie and this otherwise flawless-seeming opportunity: She would be “a big picture person,” far from the paperwork and drudgery she loves and knows so well, delegating from a position of power. What does this mean for Leslie’s dream of planting spotted jewelweed along the Red River bank in Arkansas? For a woman who spends many a Saturday night doing paperwork in bed listening to old Spice Girls CDs? Has she really pulled her last bloated raccoon carcass from a public fountain? To paraphrase the aforementioned Greatest Band of Our Generation or Any Generation for That Matter: What does Leslie want, what does she really, really want? ( Zig a zig ahh .)   Read More... //www.vulture.com/2014/03/parks-and-recreation-recap-season-6-new-slogan-poll.html

Review: 'Parks and Recreation' - 'New Slogan'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "New Slogan," the March 13 episode of NBC's "Parks and Recreation," in which Leslie considers her job offer, Andy meets Duke Silver and Tom looks for a restaurant.   Read More... //www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/review-parks-and-recreation-new-slogan-rest-in-jazz

Parks and Recreation Review: Saracen vs. Riggins

So, who's the Parks and Recreation department's player of the week? I believe that goes to Ben! On  Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 17 , Ben was the first character to really fall on his sword in defense of poor, poor Larry, AKA "The Fartist Formerly Known as Jerry." I know that making fun of Jerry/Larry is the series running joke, but it is sometimes hard to watch for such a light-hearted feel-good sitcom. It's possible I'm being oversensitive, but this show just has such a massive, throbbing heart. Everyone's attitude toward Larry/Jerry can be hard to take, which brings me right back to awarding Ben this week's most valuable Parks Department player award. Read more:  //www.tvfanatic.com/2014/03/parks-and-recreation-review-straightforward-deal-fedora/#ixzz2wcoC6QbV


There were a ton of (funny, welcome) series callbacks in "New Slogan," which ultimately paired up nicely with the fact that the crux of the episode dealt with Leslie having to decide whether or not move onwards and upwards with her career - leaving Pawnee behind for a national Parks position based in Chicago. So while this installment was defiantly forward-looking, we got to see Crazy Ira and The Douche, Perd, Joan, Duke Silver  and  Jurassic Fork. Read More... //www.ign.com/articles/2014/03/14/parks-and-recreation-new-slogan-review

Parks and Recreation 6.16 “New Slogan” Review: Re-branding Pawnee

In my review of last week’s episode of  Parks and Recreation , I discussed how there was a bevy of new changes for our favorite characters. Leslie was offered a new position in Chicago, Ron became a father, and Tom was looking to open a new restaurant in Pawnee. Last night’s episode, “New Slogan,” had more movement on the Leslie and Tom storylines, while sticking Ron in a hilarious subplot with Andy, who discovers that Ron’s secret identity: jazz musician and wooing of women, Duke Silver. Parks and Recreation  handled Leslie’s possible career change in “New Slogan” incredibly well and really gave an even more valid reason as to why Leslie would question the new position in Chicago: with this promotion would come more delegation and observation rather than the on-the-ground, nitty-gritty work that Leslie enjoys so much. For someone like Leslie Knope, a person who needs to be involved in every little aspect of a project (a person who also makes two binders full of questions about her new possible job), it makes sense that this switch would be jarring to her. Read More... //www.tvovermind.com/parks-and-recreation/parks-recreation-6-16-new-slogan-review-re-branding-pawnee-231123