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Playing House follows Maggie (Parham), a mom-to-be going through a divorce, and her childhood best friend, Emma (St. Clair), who abandons her blossoming business career in China to come home and help Maggie raise the baby. The Office's Zach Woods and Key & Peele's Keegan Michael Key also star.

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Shows that have concluded and I've watched every episode (in order).
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This is a tough category. These shows all lasted more than one season, and are better than a lot of shows around, but not as good as the best of the best in their category. Some of them were gone too soon, and some overstayed their welcome a bit. Some of these I will re-watch, and for some once was enough for me. Best in this List: American Crime, Psych, The Following, Gravity Falls, and Scream Queens Worst in this List: Leverage Shout-Outs: American Crime for making a genuinely dramatic and gripping crime anthology with a very solid cast Nostalgia for making Boy Meets World, Charmed, and Full House better than they should be today Burn Notice for continuing USA's trend of long-running solid dramas, with a nice spy twist on the formula The Following for bringing Kevin Bacon back to TV and for making some fun and dangerously human serial killers Glee for wearing its heart on its sleeve and becoming a phenomenon of sorts, even spawning a sub-genre of high-school music club dramedies Hot in Cleveland for bringing together some sitcom legends for a fun start to TV Land's original programming with many cameos to boot In Plain Sight for knowing the sweet-spot for having fun and then bringing the drama Leverage for being extremely repetitive but bringing me a cast that I grew to love Melissa and Joey for bringing together childhood friends and Disney survivors Perception for being another in the long line of "Professional X helps detective because of their genius but it haunted by their past" but making it pretty fun Pretty Little Liars for starting off strong, becoming too roundabout and inane, and then reigning it in for a solid finale Psych for being one of the best shows around with a fun crime procedural and more laughs than should be allowed Raising Hope for a surprisingly good dysfunctional yet wholesome family comedy Revolution for having an incredibly amazing premise that kind of went to shit and a laughably absurd body count Sirens for being better than it should have Suburgatory for that title and pretty much being a live-action Daria Torchwood for being so British and for not being afraid to kill people off Warehouse 13 for having a super fun premise, cast, plot, and villain selection. Way better than it should have been on SyFy Wayward Pines for taking a very suspenseful and exciting first season to a close with a fairly mediocre second season Zoo for embracing the insanity needed to make an absolutely bonkers and entertaining summer show
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This list is for all the shows that ended too soon. Shows that had a sign of greatness, but were shut down by their networks because the networks are stupid. Best of this List: Better Off Ted, Don't Trust the B-- in Apartment 23, Happy Endings Worst of this List: Persons Unknown Shout-Outs: First of all, a big shout-out to all of these shows for grabbing my attention in their limited runs, especially to the shows that made it into their Best of the Best categories. Don't Trust the B-- in Apartment 23 for hilarious debauchery episode after episode and for James Van Der Beek for no reason! Happy Endings for being a modern Friends for the new generation The Neighbors for having the best naming convention around and for plenty of unforgettable moments Playing House for bringing the iconic duo of Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair back to me Scream Queens for an unmatched cast, a hilarious premise, and expert execution Whitney for being one of the only sitcoms given to a stand-up comedian that worked