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Powers: "Caracas 1967" Review

PlayStation's Powers is back for its second season, featuring the "Who Killed Retro Girl?" storyline that kicked off the Brian Michael Bendis/Michael Oeming comic series over fifteen years ago. Season 1 may have had a handful of flaws, but I did like the idea of not starting things off with Retro Girl dead. Getting to know her (as played excellently by Michelle Forbes) was a good thing as we now enter a world that's mourning her shocking, unceremonious death. READ MORE...

‘Powers’ Season 2 Review: Sony’s Superhero Series Has Improved, But Not Enough

"Sometimes I forget that I’m surrounded by assholes." Truer words were never spoken when it comes to the latest season of Sony Entertainment’s online television series, Powers. Powers, for those who didn’t watch the awful first season, revolves around officers Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Pilgrim (Susan Heyward) as they solve cases involving superheroes, villains, and any poor schmuck who happens to have some powers under their belt. I was extremely critical of the first season, as it was the very definition of a hot mess with terrible acting, some of the worst special effects you could find on modern television, and story points that darted past faster than any speedster you’d find on this side of the CW. Creators and producers of the series have mentioned that Season 2 would work on improving itself, taking a different path than the one traveled in its initial offering. Is this the case? Most certainly, but that still doesn’t make it good. READ MORE...

'Powers' - The Season One Review

So the last episode of Season 1 aired last night, and 'Powers' has (temporarily?) come to an end. So how was it? For those just coming in, 'Powers' is based on a comic book series and features a world where supertypes ("Powers") are relatively commonplace. Christian Walker (Shalto Copley) is a former Power, Diamond, who lost his powers after a battle with his mentor Wolfe. Now Christian works in the Powers Division of the LAPD, dealing with super-powered crime. He has a partner, Deena Pilgrim, and a love-hate relationship with teleporter Johnny Royalle (Noah Taylor), a former friend. READ MORE...

Powers Recap: F@#ck The Big Chiller

"Powers" Season 1 Episode 10 "F@#ck The Big Chiller" aired on Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2015 on the Play Station Network. In the season finale, Detective Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley and Johnny Royalle (Noah Taylor) raced against time to kill Wolfe (Eddie Izzard) before he went on another feeding spree. During this time, Wolfe showed Calista Secor (Olesya Rulin) her true power, and just when everything seemed to be back to normal, Walker discovered an unpleasant surprise. Read on to learn more about this episode. READ MORE...

Powers: Season 1 Review

PlayStation Network's first original series was an adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis' Powers. So did it sink or soar?   Read More... //

Powers: Season 1 Finale Review

In the season finale, Powers Division mobilizes to track down Wolfe while Zora makes another attempt at heroics.  Read More... //

Powers: "Level 13" Review

In Powers' penultimate Season 1 episode, Walker and Royalle hatch a plan to break into The Shaft.   Read More... //

Powers: "Aha Shake Heartbreak" Review

In Powers' eighth episode, Royalle reveals the secrets of sway while Zora's PR team preps her for a big public appearance.   Read More... //

Powers: "You Are Not It" Review

In Powers' seventh episode, tensions build as both Walker and Royalle seek a private audience with Wolfe.   Read More... //

Powers: "The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit" Review

In Powers' sixth episode, Walker and Pilgrim mourn their fallen comrades while Wolfe makes a big decision while trapped inside the "Drainer."   Read More... //