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Pretty Little Liars Recap 6/20/17: Season 7 Episode 19 “Farewell, My Lovely”

Aria is on the side of the road. An officer is trying to help her get the keys she supposedly locked in the trunk. He presses on the trunk, but gets a call when it opens. He turns away. Aria slides her arm in and grabs her keys on top of a body. All the girls, Ezra and Caleb are talking. They are trying to make Hanna realize that Mona is AD. Ezra tries to call Aria but she isn’t answering. He gets upset and tells them they can’t just cut Aria off, she made a mistake. Aria is driving, talking out loud and to the trunk. She can fix this. Meanwhile, Mona arrives home. She finds a note left for her. Caleb and Hanna are outside Mona’s and see her leave. They follow her. Spencer goes to visit her bio mom. Her mom has a gift for her, her motel. She has put her name on the deed. She knows about the girls, the police and what is happening. She wants to help. She tells her goodbye. READ MORE...

Best 'Pretty Little Liars' Quotes from 'Farewell My Lovely'

The game came to an end in Pretty Little Liars ' "Farewell My Lovely" as the truth about what happened to Charlotte was finally revealed. But that doesn't mean it's over for the girls, at least not just yet. Here are the best quotes from "Farewell My Lovely."???   ...Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/pretty-little-liars/best-pretty-little-liars-quote-65124.aspx

'Pretty Little Liars' S7E19: Farewell My Lovely

★ ★ ★ ★ "Jump or I'll push you." That's what Charlotte's killer said, pushing PLL 's biggest villain to the edge of the church's bell tower. Who killed her? Well... This episode begins with Mona looking a lot like AD and Aria talking to the dead body in her trunk. It wasn't even a short conversation either; she had a full-on chat with him. After driving around town acting totes casual with a body in the back, Aria enlists Ezra's help ditching Dunhill's corpse. But before Rosewood's creepiest couple gets the chance, the body's taken again. Meanwhile, Haleb follow Mona to the Two Crows Diner hoping to dig up some information. After being given the slip, courtesy of Mona running through a hidden pathway in a dirty woman's bathroom, Team Liars discovers a note. AD told Mona to leave the diner, she's not the big bad! In disappointing news that should surprise no one, this episode had the flash-forward from S6E10 showing a mysterious attacker coming after Ali. It was a dream sequence! :( In less disappointing news, Spencer took Haleb's marriage pretty well. It seems like just yesterday Cancer/Spaleb was a real ship. Now let's get to the mystery! Raining flower petals catch Hanna's eye, leading her up to the bell tower where Charlotte died. There, waiting in nerdy glasses all her glory, is the original A, Mona. In a flashback of the two As arguing the night of her release, Charlotte's shown to be the same angry bully. "None of you are sure when you look in the mirror. None of you are really certain who you are. I did that. I took that away from you." Proud of the ways she hurt the Liars, Charlotte makes it clear that was a picnic compared to what she's going to do now. Then Mona finally gets aggressive. Picking up a weapon, she forces Charlotte to the edge of the tower. "Jump or I'll push you." After insisting that Mona doesn't have the guts, the flashback ends. Mona thinks Hanna is Charlotte and has fully reverted back to Mona 1.0. The Liars know she killed Charlotte. Only later on in the episode is it revealed that Mona didn't push her off the tower. She let Charlotte go, the two of them fought, and ultimately Mona slammed her into a piece of metal jutting out of the wall. So Mona broke Charlotte's neck, accidentally murdering her (putting her at 1 and a half kills, counting her Bethany bashing). Is it better to half-kill someone on purpose than to accidentally totally kill someone? Does it matter that Bethany died because Melissa buried her or that Charlotte kidnapped Mona/tortured her for months? Oh, PLL logic! With the game over, AD finally showed off the mystery location on the Liar's Lament board. It's Alison's Aunt Carol's house from Season 6! The empty grave of Charles DiLaurentis is no longer empty. AD buried the body, essentially giving it back to the Liars. Huddled around the grave, and after seven seasons of bad decisions, the Liars finally make the right choice. Instead of digging up his body and thrice desecrating a corpse, they put the shovels down. Just in time for the police to show up and arrest them anyway. At the police station, the Liars consign themselves to finally telling the truth and being sent to jail for it. But of course Mary Drake takes the rap for that. Confessing to the murders of Archer Dunhill and her sister Jessica DiLaurentis, Spencer's bio mom saved her daughter. A happy ending for everyone except for the murderess Mary Drake. Liar's Lament has ended. AD has nothing to hold over the Liars anymore. Charlotte's killer has been revealed. It's all over. At least it would be if AD were done. The ending of this episode makes it crystal clear AD can't live without them. This series finale is going to be one last epic flex of power by the show's final anonymous tormentor. If you're excited for this series finale make sure to check out the promo below. Who do you think is AD? Are you surprised Mona killed again? Are you ready for the finale? Leave your comments in the space below. div.post p { text-align: justify; }

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19 Review: Farewell, My Lovely

Might Pretty Little Liars end with some credibility after all? I tuned into Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19 expecting it to be the setup for the two-hour extravaganza that is Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 20, but it actually gave me much to think about as we head into that final installment. Let's talk about Vanessa Ray's big encore as the deranged Charlotte DiLaurentis. I was not looking forward to the return because it feels like it's been too long since Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 11 to care. I was one of the few who liked Charlotte as A.   ...Read More...   https://www.tvfanatic.com/2017/06/pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-19-review-farewell-my-lovel/

'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Charlotte's Killer is Revealed

Who killed Charlotte? The answer is finally revealed in the penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars , which also features Aria talking to the dead body in her trunk, Spencer and Caleb entering an underground tunnel via a pie restaurant and a literal gas leak to explain stray plot points. If the best and worst of seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars could be distilled down into one episode, that episode would probably look a lot like "Farewell My Lovely."   This episode is the series' bow for writer and director Joseph Dougherty, and it manages to include some great bits of dialogue that really speak to the snappy lines usually found in his episodes. Unfortunately, the episode also has a whole lot of work to do, and at times it feels like it's buckling under the strain of all that exposition.   ...Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/pretty-little-liars/pretty-little-liars-recap-char-65121.aspx

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Charlotte's Killer Is (Finally) Revealed

With only two hours left in its run, Pretty Little Liars used its penultimate episode to answer one of its longest-standing mysteries: Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis? The Freeform drama has served up countless red herrings since Charlottes demise back in Season 6; practically every Rosewood resident from Melissa to Byron has been suspected at one [] //tvline.com/2017/06/20/pretty-little-liars-recap-season-7-episode-19-mona-killed-charlotte/

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Stop the Crazy

The Liars finally thwart one of their longtime nemeses.   ...Read More... //www.vulture.com/2017/06/pretty-little-liars-recap-season-7-episode-19.html?utm_source=nym&utm_medium=f1&utm_campaign=feed-full