Relic Hunter Episode Guide

Professor Sydney Fox is head of the archeology department at Chicago University. She can inspire her students very well, but is often absent on short notice, unable to resist the call of the field, which is however tolerated because it can pay off big for the university's museum as she's a world-class relic hunter. Her scholarly brilliant English academic assistant, Nigel Bailey, has his reservations about being dragged along all over the world on most of her treasure hunts, but puts up with the risks and inconveniences of the guests out of a sense of duty and because of the appeal the athletic lady adventurer seems to have on most men in the series. The third permanent cast member is their office secretary, during most seasons vain airhead Claudia whose rich father is frightfully well-connected, notably with the chancellor, later the far more competent Karen Petrusky; both usually stay in college, minding things there and doing some research, booking etcetera, but on occasion also get to play a more active part, and in both cases tend to make use of their female charms too. While each episode is a treasure hunt on its own, some other characters recur twice or more, mainly rival relic hunters and/or personal acquaintances, such as Sydney's many former lovers, a secret agent and Nigel's brother.

Episode Guide

66 episodes

  • 22 episodes
    22 episodes
    • s3e22So Shall it Be
      May 20, 2002
    • s3e21Fountain of Youth
      May 13, 2002
    • s3e20The Warlord
      May 6, 2002
    • s3e19Pandora's Box
      April 29, 2002
    • s3e18Faux Fox
      April 22, 2002
    • s3e17Arthur's Cross
      April 15, 2002
    • s3e16Under the Ice
      February 18, 2002
    • s3e15Antianeiral
      February 11, 2002
    • s3e14Hunting with the Enemy
      February 4, 2002
    • s3e13Fire in the Sky
      January 28, 2002
    • s3e12Women Want to Know
      January 21, 2002
    • s3e11Warlock of Nu Theta Phi
      January 14, 2002
    • s3e10All Choked Up
      November 19, 2001
    • s3e9Incognito
      November 12, 2001
    • s3e8Devil Doll
      November 5, 2001
    • s3e7Vampire's Kiss
      October 29, 2001
    • s3e6Star of Nadir
      October 22, 2001
    • s3e5Treasure Island
      October 15, 2001
    • s3e4The Light of Truth
      October 8, 2001
    • s3e3Sydney at Ten
      October 1, 2001
    • s3e2Mr. Right
      September 24, 2001
    • s3e1Wages of Sydney
      September 17, 2001
  • 22 episodes
    22 episodes
  • 22 episodes
    22 episodes