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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Love in Return

Going into Resurrection Season 2 Episode 13 we all knew it was likely to be the series finale. You don't lose almost two thirds of your audience in a matter of months and sit in a pretty position to continue. Throughout Resurrection Season 2 , the show has been very rocky, but the final three hours really brought it home. If the show had only been this good from the beginning, I'm sure we would be sitting here singing a different tune about its fate.   Read More... //

Resurrection Season 2 Review Loved in Return

On the season- and possible series- finale of Resurrection, it all came down to an us-vs.-them scenario, with the Langstons and company in one corner, and- well, pretty much the whole of the Arcadia returned in the other, as led by Preacher James, in Loved in Return. There were a lot of ways this could [] //

'Resurrection' finale: Should there be a Season 3?

The below contains serious spoilers for the "Resurrection" Season 2 finale. If you have not seen the episode, do not read further."Resurrection" began with an intriguing premise of what happens when our loved ones come back from the dead. Over two seasons the show has followed "the returned" -- as the formerly dead are called -- as they came back, became targets of the normal folks in town and now in Season 2 started to try and figure out the secret to their existence.However, the show has struggled with ratings in its sophomore season and since ABC hasn't announced official plans for a Season 3 its classified as "on the bubble" -- a show that could potentially be canceled before coming back for a third season.In the Season 2 finale, Agent Bellamy (Omar Epps), Henry (Kurtwood Smith) and co. must protect Rachael (Kathleen Munroe) and her baby from Preacher James (Jim Parrack) and Margaret... //

Resurrection Season 2 Review Steal Away

On the penultimate episode of Resurrection, we finally got a sense of where all this is headed, in Steal Away, and it was nothing good, sad to say. It all began with a seemingly-hypnotized gathering of the returned, who all converged in front of the bar- or more specifically, the place where Rachael was currently [] //

Resurrection Season 2 Review True Believer

On the latest episode of Resurrection, Bellamy, amongst others, had to decide whether or not he was a True Believer, with some pretty high stakes at hand, to say the least. Of course, if it wasnt for ABC themselves spoiling it in the commercials for this episode, it might have actually been a surprise, but [] //

Resurrection Season 2 Review Prophecy

On the latest episode of Resurrection, the storyline with Margaret began to wind down, in Prophecy, if not the overall plotline of the show, which it remains to be seen whether or not they will wrap up in a satisfactory way. Though the show has yet to be officially cancelled, neither has it been renewed, [] //

We Finally Get Some Answers on Resurrection

At least where Grandma Margaret and the Langstons are concerned. Of course, the show can't let us learn anything without immediately throwing it into question.   Read More... //

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Prophecy

Resurrection finally returned with a new episode tonight, and it left a lot to be desired. On Resurrection Season 2 Episode 10 the residents of Arcadia searched for Jacob after a storm plunged the town into darkness. The hour started with so much promise with everyone looking for Jacob in the storm, but the fast pace lasted until the second ad break. The whole thing would have worked better if the storm took up the bulk of it. Margaret is gone for now. The woman has a sharp tongue and isn't as smart as we've been led to believe. She can bring anyone down a few pegs with her words. It was refreshing to see a vulnerable side of the character for a change. It wouldn't have been a shock if she went crazy to keep Jacob with her, but it was surprising how quickly she accepted defeat. No matter what she does, her sons will always forgive her. The two of them try to look for the good in her and tonight, it actually seemed like there could be good.   Read More... //

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Aftermath

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 9  was a rare, strong outing for the show. It felt more like season finale than a winter finale.  So... Tom Hale is dead. This seemed pretty damn obvious given the way  Resurrection Season 2 Episode 8  concluded. He hasn't  returned.  Yet. It'd be quite a shock if he was really gone.  The opening moments were really well done. We got to see poor Tom, happy with his child. Rachel was also present. It seemed like the perfect way to end it if he really is dead. He longed for the day he became a father.     Read More... //

Resurrection Season 2 Review Aftermath

Well, theres good news and bad news about the winter finale of Resurrection, especially for long-time fans. The good news is that this was not the ending of the series as a whole, as it was announced during the credits that the show would be back in January, with at least five new episodes. The []   Read More... //