Review of Revolution

60 minutes

Lost creator JJ Abrams and Iron Man director Jon Favreau are behind this post-apocalyptic drama about a changed world. After an unknown force disables all the technology on the planet, people struggle to adapt to life without everything from computers to car engines and electronics to batteries. Order proves hard to maintain in a world gone array, with the average family now facing rising militias and warlords. And one family may have to the key to exposing just what happened to the world fifteen years ago…
Default avatar cat
Apr 27, 2017 5:25PM EDT

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well you just can't fight this adversary without electricity... maybe they can harness solar power to help in the great war... regardless as much as I liked the cast, as much as I enjoyed this series at first... it just kept ratcheting up with not really any where to go... so for me I can understand why this series concluded after 2 seasons.. it did have loads of potential but...


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