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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Review “A New Day”

On the latest episode of  “Rizzoli & Isles,”  it was “A New Day” and a new case, and it was a pretty ugly one. When a night jogger is found murdered, it’s discovered that her baby is missing as well. Was it her ex-husband, who’d she’d been battling for the child’s custody after a nasty divorce? Was it a creepy pedophile that was working as a videographer for kids? Might it have been the ex-husband’s new girlfriend? Well, two out of three ain’t bad, as they say. This was a solid- if somewhat predictable- episode that passed muster with me based solely on the tone, which was right on point. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to maintain a breezy tone in a show like this, least of all an episode involving a woman’s brutal stabbing, a child molester; a lost, potentially-dead baby and the reveal of Detective Frost’s demise (the late Lee Thompson Young). Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Review: High Expectations

"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" was filled with highs and lows and dropped us off in a place I never expected.  When Cavanaugh mentioned that Det. Frost was on vacation, it was a much sadder moment in reality than on screen. For those who may not know, actor  Lee Thompson Young  - who played Barry - died late last summer. The previous episodes he appeared in had already been filmed and as costar  Sasha Alexander told TV Fanatic  a few weeks ago, the show will deal with the loss of the character later this summer.  Read more:  //

Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Finale 2014 “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone”

Rizzoli & Isles  Season 4 Episode 16 “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone” airs Tuesday March 18 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. Season Finale. Episode Synopsis:  Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 16 “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone”- Homeland Security steps in when a senator’s daughter is found murdered. The squad rushes to solve the case, which could put national security at risk. Meanwhile, Tommy (guest star Colin Egglesfield) and Frankie get into a fight after Tommy starts slipping back into bad old habits. And Jane reveals some shocking news that could change her life forever. Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Review: Secret's In the Sauce

It was a whole different type of food truck war on  Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 15 , as the head chef ended up face down on the  pavement with blood oozing from his nose. All of that over some secret sauce.  What was scarier was Maura coming down with the same nose bleed just from sniffing the dead body.  Dr. Isles went through a lot in this episode. First, she was nearly poisoned by a neuro-toxin; then, she believed she was holding a bomb. Frankie really stepped up when Maura needed him. How many people would offer to help someone hold a bomb until help arrived? He also made sure that Frost got his mom out of the building. And the stubble scratching moment was absolutely adorable.  Read More... //  

Rizzoli & Isles Review: Nutballs

All families have their share of nutballs. Some more than others and the Rizzoli family is no exception.  Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 14  combined a tragic murder with an awkward homecoming. Natasha's murder was a sad, tragic case. She couldn't have looked more innocent wearing that white lace dress. The girl had a gift. A serious talent for music and her life was ended due to jealousy and greed.  I kept wondering what the murder weapon was and enjoyed the search for the "sharp, pointy thing" used in the stabbing. My guess was an ice pick since the killing took place in a bar, I was wrong. Yet that must have been one heck of a nail file. I may never look at one the same way again.  One of the greatest insights was that Korsak is a musician. I love finding out these little tidbits about these characters. It reminds us that there's still so much of their back stories to be enjoyed. Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Review: No One Has It All

If  Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 13  solidified any thought in my mind, it was that clowns are  seriously  creepy. The idea of clowns abducting children off the street is something sure to haunt my dreams for several nights to come.  But it was a thrilling case and a great opening for the final four episodes of the season.   Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Review 4.12 "Partners in Crime"

The mid-season finale has come and gone, and I have to say as much of a proponent of this show as I have been, I have been left disappointed. Ups and downs, but it ended  exactly  as I said it would- with a proposal. I guess I didn't   specify that I guessed there would be a cliff hanger- but I totally was guessing that part too. I swear. Let’s break down some of the stories, shall we?There is the murder, or murders in this case. I knew this was weird because there are  never  two murders on this show. I wasn’t wrong, but I will save the  Strangers on a Train  reference for the show (they totally called themselves out). A man and a woman, with no connections but the dog park, kill the person the other needs killed. The motives are never 100% clear but Korsak makes a comment that the lack of dog barking must have meant that the dog knew the killer. But if there was  no  connection, how is that possible? Also, for a professor who is going for tenure to have office hours at her own HOME, I’m calling it. I get it, she’s a sociology professor and sociologists are a special breed but no professor would ever be allowed to hold their office hours there. It’s inappropriate.   Read more at  //  

Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Review “Partners in Crime”

On the summer finale of  “Rizzoli & Isles,”  the gang finished strong with a clever spin on the old Hitchcock classic  “Strangers on a Train.”  In  “Partners in Crime,”  we got two murders for the price of one that were, at first, seemingly unrelated. But, as the evidence began to pile up, suddenly they didn’t seem so distant after all…if only the gang could prove it. I was a bit nervous about the show having to come to a slightly premature ending, what with the sad and untimely death of actor Lee Thompson Young, aka Detective Barry Frost. Not so much that they had to end sooner than expected, but that Young would at least go out on a series of strong episodes that did his legacy proud. Thankfully, that was indeed the case, as this has arguably been the strongest season of the show overall so far. Between the heavy drama with Maura and her extended family and the various ups and downs of Jane’s inner circle, the show has been knocking it out of the park all season. Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Review: 'Partners In Crime'

As this season of Rizzoli & Isles draws to a close, we wish it a fond farewell until this winter when it returns to our TV screens. This season has brought a lot of heart ache, a pile of snarky quo... //

Rizzoli & Isles Review: Strangers In a Dog Park

I've begun to feel that every crime procedural on TV must eventually do an homage to the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Strangers On a Train . For Rizzoli & Isles  " Partners in Crime " was that episode. As a Hitchcock fan, I'm not complaining but I just wish it hadn't been so obvious. I actually called it when the victims' family members passed one another getting off the elevator. That fact that the detectives were trying to solve two separate murders seemed like a giveaway. That almost never happens on this show.   Read More... //