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I'll never understand

I'll never understand why the channel have and will continue to shot down tv-series like dark angel dead like me Roswell the 4400 and i pass... They cut the good thing for almost always the worst. At lest we have we have Rowswell who have got the chance to put a ending part and dark angel who the writer have wrote the ending in a book, but when we stay on our hungry it's really bitch.

Roswell Season 4

Do You Think They Would Every Make A Season 4 Of Roswell That Would Be Wicked !!!!

Absolutely The Best ~ Wish There Could Be More

I truly wish that someone out there would consider continuing the saga of Roswell. There is so much more that it could be a movie possibly or even another series or a short series. I love this show so much that I purchased the boxed set of all three series. If you have never seen Roswell, you must check it out believe me it will suck you in.

A SciFi Classic...

Roswell is a great show, and anyone who likes scifi will enjoy watching it. Each episode is unique and none of them feel redundant or like you've seen the same story done a thousand times over. The actors are fantastic, and the music is even better. Season three gives the story a definite ending, unlike many shows that were cancelled and leave the viewers hanging. There is are some flaws, though. For example, Roswell has very obvious style changes in each season, which sometimes makes the storyline feel a bit disjointed. This shouldn't stop you from watching it, though. Roswell is creative enough to keep you interested, even when a few of it's flaws surface. Give the show a shot, and you won't be dissapointed.