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CBS to Finish "Angel from Hell," "Rush Hour" Runs on Saturday Nights

Look for the former to return on Saturday, July 2 while the latter will resume on Saturday, July 23.   Read More... //

Rush Hour Canceled After One Season on CBS

CBS has canceled Rush Hour after one season, TheWrap has learned. The TV adaptation of the film series starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan will not return to the networks schedule next season. Developed by Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick , the series starred Justin Hires and Jon Foo, as well as Aimee Garcia, Page Kennedy and Wendie Malick .   Read More... //

Exclusive Rush Hour Sneak Peek: Lee Is Assimilating to American Culture Circa 1992

  On CBS' Rush Hour , unlike in the movies, it's acceptable and even encouraged to touch a black man's radio . In this exclusive sneak peek of Thursday's new episode, Det. Lee ( Jon Foo ) is showing Det. Carter ( Justin Hires ) and Gerald ( Page Kennedy ) a mix CD his boss Capt. Cole ( Wendie Malick ) made of .... Read More... //

Rush Hour Star Justin Hires Does His Best Rihanna Impression (Video)

Justin Hires fills the Chris Tucker role in the CBS adaptation of Rush Hour when it premieres on Thursday but first, the actor stopped by TheWrap Studios to play a round of Wrapid Fire. In his interview with TheWraps Stuart Brazell, Hires revealed his backup profession, did his best Rihanna impression and explained how Alicia Vikander replaced Ariana Grande as his celebrity crush. Thats my new bae, Hires said of the Ex Machina star. I got a lady, but still, though. Im just saying: hello.  Read More... //

Rush Hour Star Justin Hires Talks Yin and Yang Relationship With Co-Star Jon Foo (Video)

Justin Hires, one of the stars of the CBS adaptation of Rush Hour, admits that he and co-star Jon Foo cant be exact copies of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan , but their chemistry is undeniable. Jon is a natural introvert and Im a natural extrovert, Hires told TheWraps Stuart Brazell.That was the same way the movie was with Chris and Jackie. And I think it really shows onscreen. Were that perfect yin and yang. And while the pilot episode pays homage to the original 1998 movie, once the series gets rolling it will morph into its own animal entirely. The first episode is actually a reboot of the original film, Hires said.After that, episodes 2-13 its brand new storylines, brand new jokes, brand new action.   Read More... //

Rush Hour: Meet the New Carter and Lee

  On CBS' new series Rush Hour , Justin Hires and Jon Foo are taking on the roles of Det. Carter and Det. Lee, which were originated by Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in the film trilogy. They're big shoes to fill, but Hires and Foo aren't letting expectation get to them, choosing instead to focus on the ...   Read More...   //

Rush Hour Reboot: Justin Hires Hopes He's 'Half as Funny' As Chris Tucker

Justin Hires would like you to understandthese words coming outta his mouth:No one wants to seeme do a Chris Tucker impersonation. The star of CBSRush Hour (premiering Thursday, March 31 at 10/9c) from executive producers Brett Ratner (who directed the original 1998 action-comedy), Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick (Cougar Town) is not interested [] //

Rush Hour Breathes New Life Into the Classic Action-Comedy You Love

  The cast and producers of CBS' Rush Hour , premiering in March, know you have seen - and loved - the movies, which have grossed close to $1 billion worldwide and helped make Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan global megastars. But if you're expecting a by-the-book re-creation of the films squeezed on to ...   Read More...   //

Rush Hour Producer Bill Lawrence Clashes With Reporter Over Racial Stereotypes

Things got testy during the Rush Hour panel at CBSs Television Critics Association press junket on Tuesday. When NPR reporter Eric Deggans, a high-profile member of the National Association of Black Journalists, criticized the TV adaptations pilot for what he saw as perpetuating racial stereotypes, executive producer Bill Lawrence blasted the very negative question. Deggans notedthe criticism the Rush Hour movies received for their stereotypical lead characters the wise-cracking black guy and the Asian guy with kung-fu skills and said, Watching the pilot, I see that you havent done much to change those archetypes. And at a time when we have shows that are really trying to have a nuanced discussion about race, these characters still feel very stereotypical to me.  Read More... //

'Rush Hour' Team Talks Stereotypes, Moving Beyond Movie

"We can't do the movie over and over for five years," EP Bill Lawrence told reporters about how the series will set itself apart from the popular trilogy.   Read More... //