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Rush Hour: Did CBS Reboot Make an Arresting First Impression?

Rush Hourisnt a total cop out. Though the pilot for CBS adaptation of the Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan comedy is little more than a regurgitation of the film that spawned two sequels, there are indicationsthat The Powers That Be (which includeCougar Townvets Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick) are well aware of what does and does not [] //

Rush Hour Series Premiere Review: Just a Rush Job

If you liked the movie but thought it was too much fun and not plain enough, this show is for you! ...  Read More... //

Rush Hour Review: CBS Adaptation Stuck In Traffic Jam Of Banality

Debuting on March 31 in the spot formerly occupied by Elementary , Rush Hour is the second big-screen adaptation that CBS has attempted this season. However, unlike Limitless theTV series, the small-screen version of Rush Hour based onthe trio of films starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker goes nowhere fast. Stuck in a traffic jam of banality and tired tricks, Rush Hour the TV series takes everything from the movies and, as I say in my video review above, ends up with   Read More... //