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Scorpion: Shantel VanSanten Brings a Certain Ex Appeal 2018 FIRST LOOK

Playing Tobys ex, Shantel VanSanten marks the spot in this exclusive photo from the first 2018 episode of CBS Scorpion. As reported by TVLine, the Shooter star/One Tree Hill alum will recur during the back half of Season 4 as Tobys onetime fiance, Amy, who is now married to his nemesis, pop-psychologist Quincy Berkstead (Jeff []

Scorpion Sneak Peek: Is This Goodbye for Cabe? What'd He Leave the Team?

This Monday on Scorpion (CBS, 10/9c), Cabes trial gets underway, and he apparently has a plan in place in the event of the worst-case scenario, as revealed in this exclusive sneak peek. In the above clip from the episode Who Let the Dog Out (Cause Now Its Stuck in a Cistern), we find Cabe (played []

Is This a Real Episode of Scorpion, or Am I High on Mushrooms? [QUIZ]

  One of my favorite parts of my job here at TV Guide -- and this is, I swear to you, not a joke -- is reading through episode descriptions for CBS' Scorpion . As part of our daily "Five Things To Watch Today" video series, I sift through dozens of shows to pick those scant few we're going to feature   ...Read More... ...

Scorpion: Sylvester Preps Cabe for Trial. Team Helps Dad and Daughter.

The feeling of emotional pain is the price we have to pay for love. If we are not ready to pay that price, then we should not love. In this week’s episode of Scorpion, Sylvester helps Agent Gallo prepare for his upcoming trial. The rest of the team then helps a father and daughter after the latter’s plane crashed. When the girl, Jessie, got a bit confused about the mention of her brother, I knew something’s wrong. She didn’t sound panicked or worried. It turns out that the nagging feeling in the back of my mind was right. There is no missing brother. The father, Frank, is transporting six million dollars in drug money to the people that are expecting them with his daughter. Wind shears blew the faulty plane they were in off-kilter and crashed the aircraft. I was angry with myself for a brief second that I believed the two were innocent people that got themselves into a sticky situation. Team Scorpion felt the same after realizing the truth. That’s what good writing does. It makes you believe that the characters are genuine and good before it makes you realize that they’re not who they appear to be. READ MORE...

Shantel VanSanten Joins Scorpion as [Spoiler]'s Genius Ex-Fiance

As she awaits word on Shooters future, Shantel VanSanten has her sights set on Scorpion, playing a character whose arrival might make a certain someone unhappy. TVLine has learned exclusively that VanSanten is set to recur during Season 4 of the CBS drama as Tobys onetime fiance, Amy Berkstead, who is now married to his []

16 Wackiest Moments from Scorpion

One of the reasons we love Scorpion so much is that it is compromised of some interesting individuals, to say the least. Team Scorpion always manages to make us laugh, whether it's with the interesting methods they use to solve a case or what they do in their spare time. There's never a shortage of laughs, that's for sure. In honor of our favorite team, we've compromised a list of some of their wackiest moments, and you can watch Scorpion online to see them yourself!  ...Read More...

Scorpion Season 4: Veronica Mars Vet Tina Majorino Set to Stir Things Up

Tina Majorino is going to make some waves on CBS Scorpion this season. TVLine has learned that the Veronica Mars alum will be a major recurring guest star during Season 4 (premiering Monday, Sept. 25), playing Florence, a chemist who moves in next door to the team. Florence does not initially ingratiate herself to Walter [] //

Scorpion EPs Break Down That 'Waige' Moment, Tease 'Realistic' Future

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from this weeks episode of Scorpion. That faint song you hear in the distance is the sound of Scorpion fans everywhere breaking into the Hallelujah Chorus. After three long seasons of will-they-wont-they, Walter and Paige finally finally! confessed their love for each other (and then some) during [] //

'Scorpion' Creators Explain the Balancing Act of 'Will They or Won't They' (Guest Column)

Showrunners Nick Santora and Nicholas Wootton explain why it took four seasons to bring Paige and Walter together.  ...Read More... //

Scorpion Wedding Sneak Peek: Walter Has Something to Tell Paige

Scorpions imminent wedding for Toby and Happy seems to have put Walter in a mood, based on this first look at a promo for the CBS series Monday, May 1 episode. As teased in TVLines May Sweeps Preview extravaganza, given Paiges dramatic exit from the team, her appearance at the Quintas wedding will be cause [] //