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Scorpion’s Robert Patrick AKA Cabe Gallo is a Man of Action

Robert Patrick busted onto the scene in 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day as the famed stone eyed T-1000. While Patrick had some small roles prior to T2 including spots in Die Hard and Behind Enemy Lines it was really Terminator that thrust him into the throw of Hollywood. And ever since that movie, Patrick’s made an excellent career both in movies and in television. Over the last 3 years he’s won our heart on the CBS show Scorpion playing Agent Cabe Gallo. We’re wishing Robert Patrick a belated 58th birthday (Sunday, Nov 5th) and in doing so have gotten a fabulous gallery from CBS that highlights Cabe Gallo’s best action moments. Personally I think the one of him riding a horse is far and away the best. However, over the past 3 seasons on Scorpion, Cabe’s gotten himself into plenty of thrilling (and funny) moments. READ MORE...

Did 'Scorpion' Make You Afraid That the Election Could Be Rigged?

On the eve of the real life U.S. presidential election, CBS aired a special episode of Scorpion that may have scared the crap out of you. The team was called in to help investigate the security of servers housing all of the votes in the presidential election, and it quickly turned into a conspiracy regarding an attempt to manipulate the presidential election. ...Read More... //

Scorpion Casts Switched at Birth Star Lea Thompson as Paige's Mother

Theres no time like Thanksgiving for a complicatedfamily reunion. Switched at Births Lea Thompson has landed a potentially recurring role on CBS Scorpion as Paiges con artist mother, reports. Veronica Dineen comes back into her disapproving daughters life during an upcoming Thanksgiving-themed installment after years behind bars. With some dangerous colleagues on her tail [] //

CBS Orders 'Modern-Day Robin Hoods' Pilot From Scorpion Team

CBS has given a put pilot commitment to a (loose) adaptation of A Burglars Guide to the City, author Geoff Manaughs well-researched exploration of how any building transforms when seen through the eyes of someone hoping to break into it. Penned by Scorpion co-executive producer Paul Grellong, the series will follow a team of modern-day [] //

Scorpion First Look: Walter and Paige's Out-of-This-World Rendezvous

CBS Scorpion opens Season 3 tonight at 9/8c, with a double-episode premiere. But rest assured, showhas a cool trick up its sleevefor next Monday, Oct. 10, when it settles into its new 10 pm home and TVLine has your exclusive first look. In the episode It Isnt the Fall That Kills You, Walter (played [] //

'Scorpion' Interview: EP Nicholas Wootton on Happy's Marriage, the Team Dynamic and More

Things were not great relationship-wise for the Scorpion team as season 2 ended. Happy turned down Toby's proposal and revealed she's married (?!), while Walter decided to chase after Paige after she left for a weekend trip with Tim Armstrong. BuddyTV found out from executive producer Nicholas Wootton what to expect for those storylines and more in season 3. ...Read More... //

Katherine McPhee Has No Regrets Over Cheating on Her Husband

The American Idol alum dishes on her very public affair and why she doesn't regret it. ...Read More... //

Comic-Con 2016: Scorpion Season 3 Spoilers

If Comic-Con is proof of anything, it’s that shows about the really smart, the really awkward, and the really outlandish are the biggest hits. When the CBS hit show Scorpion returns on October 3, it’s promised to be bigger, better, and more emotional than ever. Last month at Comic-Con we talked to cast members Jadyn Wong, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Executive Producer Nicholas Wootton, who promised that the action and emotion will not be dragged out when the show returns. According to Wootton, the opening will actually be a jam-packed two hour premiere where only a few hours have passed following the events of the Season 2 finale. "We have sufficiently kicked up so much dust just with that one admission at the end of last season from Happy, we have a long way to clean this up…it reverberates out so significantly with the other characters." To refresh your memory, that last minute bombshell was that Happy is married, which she forgot to tell Toby until after he was already down on one knee himself. "When we pick up with Toby he’s even deeper into that bottle of tequila he was drinking" says his portrayer Thomas. It doesn’t get any better when everyone finds out who Happy is married to. The details of this revelation are being kept tightly under wraps, only that Happy is genuinely conflicted according to Wong herself. READ MORE...

Scorpion Cast Talks 'Outer Space' Trip, Happy's Familiar Hubby in Season 3

Scorpion is ready for takeoff quite literally in Season 3. The shows cast teased a trip to outer space in Episode 3, an installment that ranks as series star Katharine McPhees favorite script in the series history, shetold Michael Ausiello at TVLines Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE. Back on Earth,McPhees Paige andJadyn Wongs Happy [] //

WATCH: 'Scorpion' star Katharine McPhee promises season 3 'smooches'

Plus: Eddie Kaye Thomas on Toby's uphill climb to reclaim his love ... Read More... //