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Scorpion Sneak Peek: Is Walter Really Willing to Sacrifice a Team Member?

Just when you thought Walters EQ was improving, Scorpion fans, he goes and puts one of his team members in a potentially fatal situation. Even worse, he doesnt seem to care. In TVLines exclusive sneak peek from tonights super-sized, post-Supergirl episode starting at a special time, 9:30/8:30c, on CBS Walter, Happy and Toby [] //

Scorpion Secrets Spilled: Real-Life Walter OBrien Gives Peek Inside the Firm in CBS Hit Drama

Walter OBrien is more than the lead character on the CBS show Scorpion. The real-life OBrien is the head of Scorpion Computer Services, and his exploits as an international cyber security expert are the inspiration for thehit TV series. The show has proven so successful it has had an enormous impact on OBriens business. We used to get 70 hits a day on the website. We now get up to 104,000, OBrien told TheWrap.We used to get a customer every three weeks. We now get three customers every hours. We used to find a genius about once every quarter. We now get about 20 resumes a day from kids with IQs over 150.   Read More... //

SCORPION: Super Fun Guys Photos

Team Scorpion is going undercover in tonights episode of SCORPIONand their costumes are amazing. Check out some photos from Super Fun Guys SCORPION airs Mondays at 9 PM. Related: SCORPION: Robots Photos SCORPION: Cuba Libre Photos SCORPION: What You Missed on Your Summer Vacation Alana De La Garza on Her SCORPION Arc, CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND [] //

Team 'Scorpion' gets their superhero on (literally!) in an exclusive clip

They dont leap tall buildings in a single bound although Sylvester could calculate the statistics in a nanosecond and Happy could turn a tin can into a rocket ship but Team Scorpion loves to save the day. Weve just never seen them do it in tights. In the next episode (Super Fun Guys) the...  Read More... //

SCORPION: Robots Photos

In tonights episode of SCORPION, Walter, Cabe, and Happy end up in a life-and-death situation when the submarine they are in gets sent to the bottom of the oceanand it has a self-destruct function that could kick in. Check out some photos of Robots SCORPION airs Mondays at 9 PM. Related: SCORPION: Cuba Libre Photos [] //

Scorpion Exclusive: Sylvester Is Going to Jail... for Murder!

  Just call him Sly the Slayer. On Monday's all-new Scorpion , Sylvester ( Ari Stidham ) finds himself heading to prison with a serious neck tattoo that would intimidate, well, nobody. But woe to them because he's a psychopathic serial killer with a crazy rap sheet. That's his cover story anyway. Sylvester ...   Read More...   //

SCORPION: Cuba Libre Photos

When a woman from Cabes past asks for his help to catch a Serbian war criminal, he and the rest of Team Scorpion head to Cuba to see what they can do. Check out some photos from tonights new episode, Cuba Libre SCORPION airs Mondays at 9 PM. Related: SCORPION: What You Missed on Your [] //

SCORPION: What You Missed on Your Summer Vacation

SCORPION season 2 kicks off tonight! Take a look at everything you missed this summer, including photos from tonights season premiere, an episode tease, and all the links youll need to catch up on what went down CBS description of the premiere: The new Director of Homeland Security reunites the team when a nuclear powered [] //

Scorpion EP Reveals Why Scooter Brauns Client List Is One of the Shows Secret Weapon

Ahead of the season two premiere of CBS Scorpion, executive producer Scott Manson has no fears about running out of stories inspired by the real-life Walter OBrien. The guy has stories for days, Manson told TheWrap. AndI know hes been spending time with the writers and the showrunners providing inspiration and fact checking along the way. Manson, who is also the COO of Scooter Braun s SB Projects, was the one who brought OBriens story to Hollywood, after Mansons father introduced the two.OBrien was born in Ireland and developed an early interest in computers. He reportedly has an IQ of 197 and hacked NASA at age 13.   Read More... //

Alana De La Garza on Her SCORPION Arc, CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS Gig, and Saying Goodbye to FOREVER

Alana De La Garza is having a busy, busy year. De La Garza spent the first part of the year working on the charming ABC procedural, FOREVER, playing Jo Martinez, a New York cop who worked with Henry Morgan, a secretly immortal medical examiner. When ABC opted to not order a second season of FOREVER, [] //