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Scorpion: Valentine’s Plans Go Awry. Quintis Gets Shocking Test Results.

The day of love is upon us once again, but romance will have to wait. In this week’s episode of Scorpion, the team rescues a doctor and a helicopter pilot. The latter crashed into a building due to the Santa Ana winds that are bombarding Southern California. To make matters worse, there’s a patient in the hospital in critical condition, and only Dr. Miller can save. Yep, not good. This week’s mission, albeit risky, proved to be successful. There were a few nail-biting moments of course given that Walter had to jump from the floor he’s on down to the one below before the chopper explodes. Thankfully Sylvester used the Santa Ana winds to aid Walter in a safe landing on the floor below. The latter only suffered from a broken arm, but at least he is alive. READ MORE...

Scorpion Recap 2/5/18: Season 4 Episode 16 “Nerd, Wind and Fire”

Walt and Sly come back to the warehouse after finishing a job. Paige is sitting at her desk. She slides a bunch of medication into the top draw. She muffles a cough. Happy and Toby arrive. They are at each other throats. They are waiting to hear back from the doctors as to why Happy isn’t getting pregnant. She thinks something is wrong with her. Toby comforts her. Flo brings roses into Walt. His roses for Paige were delivered to her in error. Walt brings them to her desk. He asks her if she also likes the chocolates he gave her earlier. She takes a bite of one and then throws up in her wastebasket. She has the flu and they all know now. Patty shows up. They warn her that Paige is sick but she has had her flu shot. Walt puts Paige upstairs in bed to rest. He plans to take care of her all day. Ralph waits for Patty to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Day dance but instead, she asks Ralph to tutor another boy she wants to ask. The team gets called to the scene of an emergency. The Santa Ana winds are wreaking havoc and have sent a chopper to the top of a building. A doctor is in the chopper who is needed desperately to save a patient. Walt starts instructing the team, asking them to grab supplies. READ MORE...

Scorpion Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Nerd, Wind and Fire

Did anyone else have the Santa Ana winds song from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in their head all during this episode? On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 16 , Valentine's Day was rough for everyone, but at least for everyone except Ralph, you wanted things to work out for the beary best. (sorry, I couldn't help myself.) Seriously, what was with Ralph's attitude problem? It wasn't fun to watch. It made you want to punch him. Okay, maybe not punch him since he's a tiny child, but you get my point.   ...Read More...   https://www.tvfanatic.com/2018/02/scorpion-season-4-episode-16-review-nerd-wind-and-fire/