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Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 10 Review: The Truth

What an ending!! Obviously we knew that we were going to find out who Kate's killer was on Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 10 , but there was no way of predicting the final moments. The revelations didn't stop coming in the finale of Secrets and Lies. Not only did we find out who killed Kate, and why they did it. We also were given the reunion between Danny and Rachel, that admittedly no one was interested in. Patrick finally came around to remembering about his mother, and Amanda received some bittersweet news of her own. ...  Read More...

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 9 Review: The Brother

HOLY S%#&! Did anyone see the "secret family" revelation coming? It's as common a trope as anything, especially when you have a wealthy family involved, and yet I was as blindsided as poor Eric! Many of the pieces started clicking together like a jig-saw puzzle on Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 9 , especially when it came to John Warner. ...Read More...

Secrets and Lies Recap: Family Feud

I can understand firing Patrick but getting him thrown intojail? Thats just throwing salt in his wound. Then again, Eric had plenty of reasons to feel both salty and wounded on SundaysSecrets and Lies, as new details about his brothers (and sister-in-laws) wrongdoings came to light. Heres a rundown of all the new info. [] //

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 8 Review: The Racket

Whaaatt?!! There were a few surprises in Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 8 . There were also a few things that weren't much a surprise. That reveal at the end for instance. We've all been pretty much super suspicious of John Warner, so that ending was more like confirmation than anything else. The real question, is he really the blackmailer? If he is the blackmailer than why? The rest of the episode revolved around Eric, Patrick, Melanie, and flashbacks. ...Read More...   //

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Statement

In spite of a few bumps and bruises, Secrets and Lies has gotten so much better since the first season! My complaint that there are too many characters and too many plots crammed into every episode still stands. At this point, it should just go without saying. A lot of it still works, however. As usual, a lot of revelations were made on Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 7 . John returned, Cornell had personal family issues, and Patrick proved that he is in fact the problem child of the Warner family. ...Read More...   //

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The Parent

What the hell is going on? The short answer is EVERYTHING. There is so much happening on Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 6 , which is reflective of how the entire season has been so far. Dare I say, yet again, that there is almost too much going on. We don't need all of these side stories and plots! We really don't! It's a lot to process, a lot to remember, and a lot to keep up with. ...Read More...   //

Secrets and Lies Recap: Crappy Anniversary

Is it just me, or is Secrets and Lies Detective Andrea Cornell in serious danger of becoming interesting? Set exactly two years after the death of Cornells former partner, Sundays episode peeled back an unexpectedlayer of Juliette Lewis stoic character, thanks largely to a troubling visit from her ex-husband Ethan. Within 30 seconds of his [] //

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Daughter

There's something about Kate! Kate Warner has quite the checkered past that she worked really hard to keep under wraps from pretty much everyone around her. Even though she was secretive, dishonest, and a complete and utter mystery, everyone loved her. On Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 5 we uncovered more about Kate's background, including being introduced to her mother and also the father of the child she gave up for adoption. ...Read More...   //

Secrets and Lies Recap: Meet the Parent

Secrets and Lies finally threw its patient viewers a bone on Sunday, revealing the father of Kates baby andoffering a glimpse at the actor portraying thatlittle bundle of drama. Eric and Patrick followed Kates mysterious money trail back to her hometown of Boone, N.C., where they met her mother (whos apparently not dead!), as [] //

Secrets and Lies Recap: 'Everybody's Lying!'

The hunt for Zach Florrick Liam reacheda surprisingconclusion on Sundays Secrets and Lies, and by the end of the hour, two more names had been added to the ever-growing list of murder suspects. Butfirst, lets talk about Erics loose-cannon pal Danny: Not only did we learn his name this week (Yeah, that was worth 10 [] //