Review of Secrets & Lies

60 minutes

Secrets & Lies stars Ryan Phillippe as a family man who finds the body of a young boy and quickly becomes the prime murder suspect. In season 2, Kate Warner falls to her death from a 12-story building and all evidence points to this being a homicide. Detective Andrea Cornell is brought in to root out the real killer. Her prime suspect is Kate's husband, Eric Warner.
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Jul 22, 2017 3:20PM EDT

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20 minutes into episode one and all I can think is, "this show wants to be 'Gone Girl' sooo badly!" It's laughable. Having characters speak in code and half sentences does not make for mystery, just annoyance. The brilliance of "Gone Girl" was that we KNEW he was guilty when he wasn't, so here, we KNOW he's innocent and then he won't be? That's dumb. I might force myself through the last 20 minutes, but idk... You want surprises, twists, reveals and deep characters? Try "The Missing."


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