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Shark Tank Review: Season 7 Episode 15 (Shefit, Coalition, Icey Breeze, 2400 Expert)

This week’s episode of Shark Tank was filled with plenty of great ideas and cool creations. As usual, entrepreneurs from all over the country stood in front of the sharks in hopes of finding an investor to help finance their ideas. Unfortunately, everybody who finds themselves in the tank isn’t able to swim with the sharks, and while some people saw their dreams come true, others found themselves feeling crushed. On the bright side; however, the exposure that comes with appearing on an episode often means a boost in sales, but without a deal, the future may not be looking bright. Unfortunately, tonight didn’t go as well as some of the entrepreneurs planned, and while it’s straight to the bank for some, it’s back to the drawing board for others. Take a look at the products that appeared on tonight’s episode, and find out just what they’re all about. READ MORE...

Has Potential

It's a good company if the word gets out on it, but it requires a little knowledge from the viewers. This show isn't for the everyday idiot and there are a lot of them. This show could go either way.

shark tank = dragons den

shark tank is the same as bbc dragons den going to get cancelled