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Shinobi Complete Collection DVD Review

The world of the shinobi is wrapped in darkness where loyalty to one’s clan is the ultimate rule and any violating it will be severely punished by all shinobi clans. In this world the lower ranking shinobi are born and raised knowing that they do not have control over their own fate and that their death is inevitable. Their skills can only delay that fact, not prevent it. In such a world the freedom to love who they choose is as forbidden as betrayal and the class system can lock one in so they cannot fulfill all their potential. During an era of war one such Genin (lowest ranked shinobi) is Kagerou from Shiroyama village. Kagerou is recognized by the leaders in the village for the skills he possesses and is trusted to carry out any mission given him. When Kagerou is given a dangerous assignment he chooses to take his childhood friend Aoi with him as she is the only person he trusts. After finishing their mission the two discuss their station in life. Both are orphans whose parents were killed in service to the village and neither one wants the inevitable death their station will bequeath on them. Kagerou also has trouble getting along with the other regular members of the village as they are envious of his abilities. When Aoi’s cousin is attacked and killed before Aoi by the Genin leader who both envies Kagerou and lusts after Aoi she flees the village. This act brands her a deserter and a group of shinobi set out to kill her as their law requires. Kagerou is sent out by the village elder to bring her back but discovers that the boss may have ulterior motives of his own with what he has assigned to Kagerou. Eventually Kagerou and Aoi make a decision that they will continue their life as deserters despite the consequences this may bring on them after they meet up. Read More

English Dubbed version [The one on adult swim]

This show is absolutely hilarious! At first i was turned off by the look, but after 5 minutes i never noticed it. The English dub has so many sexual innuendos and adult humor that it is no wonder it is on late at night. Since the show is rewritten for an American audience, they have quite a few American pop culture references. The show reminds me of family guy meets south park meets a kids show. Make a note that it still should not be compared to the aforementioned shows... Ever! Although in Japan it's main demographic is children the American demographic is people 16-25. All in all, the characters are lovable and the writing is terrific! I hope this show becomes popular so that other people may enjoy this animated classic brought back to the US by intelligent and talented writers. One last thing... ASS DANCE! ASS DANCE!!


This has to be if not the best anime out in the world.