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T.J. Miller has a Yelp habit and its funny-sad

Its good to have a hobby. Comedian T.J. Miller is turning to his: Yelp restaurant reviews. The actor has apparently had some time on his hands since was relieved from his day job on HBOs Silicon Valley. Sure, hes done voice work for the widely panned animated flick The Emoji Movie, and he has upcoming...   ...Read More... //

Mike Judge Talks 'Silicon Valley' Raunch and Why Some Stars Wear Wigs

The co-creator, whose comedy series is Emmy-nominated this year, reveals the most surprising thing he's gotten away with and the biggest misconception about his show.  ....Read More... //

Silicon Valley Star Kumail Nanjiani as High-Strung Orc Is Something to Behold (Video)

In case its not yet clear, this is not a spoof video. Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani really does portray a hilariously neurotic Orc in the upcoming role-playing video game Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Yes, Nanjiani voices the warrior The Agonizer and the juxtaposition of his voice and trademark lisp with an otherwise menacing-looking creature is something to behold. This guy doesnt look like me but he sounds like me, Nanjiani admits in the behind-the-scenes video above.  ...Read More... //

TJ Miller Likens Himself to Lindsay Lohan in New Round of Silicon Valley Smack Talk

A lot has been said about T.J. Millers Silicon Valley exit. Miller himself said he didnt like co-showrunner Alex Berg and also added that it just felt like the right time to leave. Berg previously told TheWrap that the finale was written in the way it was because producers kind of had a sense that this might be the end of the road for him. Since Miller has waged a war of words against the HBO show and its leadership, many have speculated that it could be the end for the actor-comedians career (an idea he flat out denies ). In a recent interview with Vulture , Miller said that the treatment he has received in the press has been villain-esque, but for a good reason, in his words.  ...Read More...

T.J. Miller Knows You Think He's Crazy for Leaving Silicon Valley

A candid conversation with the actor and former HBO star.   ...Read More... //

TJ Miller Says Silicon Valley Is Only Going to Become Better With Me Not on It (Video)

Former Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller is once again explaining why he exited the hit HBO show, telling Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday that its only going to become better with me not on it. It has to change, it has to grow, he said during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! There is something dynamic that has to happen We moved to New York City, and I wanted to spend that time with my wife. Ive worked so hard for so long on every single medium.   ...Read More... //

TJ Miller Blasts Former Silicon Valley Castmates for Not Donating to Hillary Clinton

T.J. Miller is done with Silicon Valley but hes apparently not done with talking about his experience on the show. Miller, who departed the HBO comedy series earlier this year, vented about his former castmates in a Huffington Post interview this week, tearing into them for not donating to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Prior to the election, which saw Donald Trump emerge victorious over Clinton, Miller says he confronted the shows cast about whether they had donated to Clinton.  ...Read More... //

Silicon Valley Star TJ Miller on Why Hes Thankful for His Curtain Call

T.J. Miller has moved on from Silicon Valley, but he likes how the Season 4 finale turned out. The Emoji Movie star told TheWrap that hes grateful for how the HBO comedys producers, including co-showrunner Alec Berg, opted to write his character Erlich Bachman out of the show in the season finale that aired last month. I dont know who exactly was behind the writing of it, but I think Alec Berg, who is one of the producers, probably had a strong hand in providing this opportunity for me to leave, and for that I thank him because he found a funny way for a very popular character to exit a show at its height, Miller said. For that, I thank him for that exit, for that curtain call, I thank him.  ....Read More... //

'Silicon Valley' Actor Jimmy O. Yang Is Writing a Book (Exclusive)

Da Capo Press will publish 'How to American: A Narcissistic Memoir Disguised as an Immigrant Story' next spring.  ...Read More... //

Silicon Valley Star Thomas Middleditch Says TJ Millers Exit Wont Switch the Show

T.J. Millers final Silicon Valley episode aired on Sunday, but co-star Thomas Middleditch told TheWrap in an interview conducted beforethe finale aired that he doesntexpect this to change the show in a major way. The HBO comedy wrapped up its fourth season with Richard Hendricks (Middleditch) learning that entrepreneur Erlich Bachman (Miller) wasstrandedin Tibet. Miller, who announced in May that he is not returning to show, previously told TheWrap that reading the Season 4 finale was an a-ha moment that made him realize the timing was right to walk away. ...Read More... //