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Why Silicon Valley Stars Are Emmy Outsiders No Longer

This story about Silicon Valley previously appeared in the Comedy/Drama/Actors issue of TheWrap Emmy magazine . Most viewers of Silicon Valley cant get through an episode without cracking up but as it turns out, the cast is in the same boat: Sometimes, they cant finish a scene because they are laughing too much. [It happens] all the time, co-star Martin Starr told TheWrap. Im sure the crew hates us for it. Were having the best time and theyre like, Its been 14 hours. We have children!' Kumail Nanjiani added. It gets stressful, and then you just laugh more.  ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/silicon-valley-stars-emmy-outsiders-no-longer/

Silicon Valley Fact Check: Is Jack Barker Based on Steve Ballmer? (Video)

To quote the zen teaching of my friend (and LA radio legend) Vic The Brick Jacobs : enlightenment can happen in a moment.And in the penultimateepisode ofthis Silicon Valley season, this adage range true for yours truly. For weeks now actually, seasons at this point Ive been trying to pin down who exactly Hooli CEO Action Jack Barker reminds me of in the tech world, and it finally hit me like a thunderbolt on Sunday night: hes clearly Steve Ballmer 2.0. If youve been following along, you know Barker has been sweating bullets leading up to his maiden voyage at the helm of Hooli-Con, Hoolis annual tech conference. Hes been looking to one-up the recently ousted Gavin Belson a Steve Jobs-esque parody in his own right.   ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/silicon-valley-fact-check-jack-barker-is-steve-balmer-2-0/