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Episode 1 Series 8

Wow, my friend recently got me on to sidereel and its amazing. Secondly, the new smallville looks wicked, though I have to agree with a previous reveiwer, what are they going to do for Clark's 'Superman' outfit? Can't believe how they've got Clark to be the mild mannered reporter, especially when earlier on in the series', both Clark and Lois hated the idea of being reporters. However, I do feel sorry for Chloe, who is my favourite character, I mean, she is not in the films or in the 'New Adventures of Superman' so this also begs the question of how they are going to keep her in the series, especially as she no longer has her ideal job but both her best friend, cousin and fiancee have it instead!!! Loving the Series cant wait till my next night in to watch the episodes.