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You're the Worst Adds Son of Zorn and Nobodies Actors for Season 4

Youre the Worst, meet the actual son of Zorn. Johnny Pemberton, who played the titular role in the now-cancelled Fox comedy, is one of two recent additions to YTWsSeason 4 cast roster, TVLine has learned exclusively. The other is Brendan Jennings, most recently seen on TVLandsNobodies. Pemberton will play Max, one of Edgars colleagues on [] //

Fox Cancels Son of Zorn, Making History, APB

Fox has canceled three freshman series: drama APB and comedies Making History and Son of Zorn. The decision comes ahead of the networks upfront presentation in New York next week, where they will announce their 2017-18 lineup. The cancellation comes days after Fox gave the axe to supernatural drama Sleepy Hollow after four seasons and the Morris Chestnut drama Rosewood after two seasons. The network has also canceled freshman baseball drama Pitch, starring Kylie Bunbury and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. ...Read More... //

Nahnatchka Khan Teams With 'Son of Zorn' Boss for Fox Comedy (Exclusive)

The workplace comedy has landed at the network with a significant penalty attached. ...Read More... //

Son of Zorn': Theres No Place Like Gnome (Exclusive Video)

The latest episode of Foxs Son of Zorn airing Sunday proves that sometimes you can go gnome again. In an exclusive preview clip of the comedy that plops an animated, Thor-type hero inside a live-action American suburb, Edie ( Cheryl Hines ) is at wits end due to a neighbors talking garden gnome that keeps her up all night with the same recorded phrase: Theres no place like gnome! Zorn, the lunk-headed hero of the title, finds the gnome hilarious, although he does advise Edie, his ex-wife, that she could rid herself of the troublesome garden fixture by smashing it or divorcing it, since that seems to be your go-to method. ...Read More... //

Son of Zorn: Defending the Office Fridge Against Invaders from Across the Hall

  Son of Zorn draws a lot of its comedy from cartoon barbarian Zorn's (voiced by Jason Sudeikis ) struggles to adapt to the real world. It's not easy for a seven-foot-tall furry-briefed warrior to integrate into a society that doesn't value his ability to slaughter his enemies without remorse, you ...Read More...   //

Son of Zorn: How Jason Sudeikis Becomes Zorn

  On Fox's new live-action/animated hybrid sitcom Son of Zorn , Saturday Night Live alum Jason Sudeikis provides his baritone voice to Zorn, a He-Man-like warrior from the island of Zephyria who moves to Orange County, Calif. to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife Edie ( Cheryl Hines ) and their ...Read More... //

Meet the Actor Behind 'Son of Zorn's' Animated Hero

Stand-in actor Dan Lippert, showrunner Sally Bradford McKenna and co-star Tim Meadows share how Jason Sudeikis' animated character comes to life on the Fox live-action/animated comedy. ...Read More... //

Cheryl Hines on Son of Zorn and Returning to Curb Your Enthusiasm

'There was a big cloud of 'I dont know what Im doing!' around me," she says.   Read More... //

Son of Zorn': Watch Cartoon He-Man Introduce Alangulon to Stone of Sight (Exclusive Video)

Son of Zorn is not your typical family comedy, in oh-so-many ways. So, why would one expect typical father-son sitcom girl advice out of its He-Man-esque lead? On Sunday, the Fox animated/live-action hybrid will bring Alangulon/Alan to papa Zorns new local dwelling, which the two agree looks like a place where crackheads go to have sex. Not a lot of natural lighting in that abode. The half-animated young man is seeking guidance about the fairer sex from his previously estranged cartoon dad. He gets something.   Read More... //

White Guys, Grappling With a New Reality on TV

Male protagonists are adjusting to new roles in society or reduced circumstances. In new broadcast sitcoms, not just in politics. ...Read More... //