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'Son of Zorn': EW review

In the new Fox sitcom Son of Zorn , premiering Sept. 11, a vain and vapid gloryhound leaves behind a land of heightened reality for more mundane environs and tries to reconnect with his family. Youve seenthis reboot fantasybefore, in different forms with different gimmicks. Most recently...   Read More.... //feeds.ew.com/~r/entertainmentweekly/tv/coverage/~3/sHbdguOv3l0/son-zorn-ew-review

Son of Zorn Review: An Animated Hero, Lost Among the Millennials

Animated series are a hard enough sell. Semi-animated series in which the title character is drawn but hes living in an otherwise normal sitcom existence well, thats something else entirely. Yet thats the situation that the new Fox entry Son of Zorn has set up for its Sunday night animation domination audiences this fall. Have you ever wondered what He-Man would look like if he left Eternia and settled into suburban life? Thats kind of the vibe Zorn (voiced by Jason Sudeikis ) gives off in the pilot. When we meet the character, hes departing his comic book world of slaying evil-doers and doing other manly things in order to be with his human son Alan (Johnny Pemberton) on his birthday. But when Zorn realizes that his ex, Edie ( Cheryl Hines ), is engaged to another man ( Tim Meadows ) and his son all but hates him, he decides to stick around for a while and make a go of things. ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/son-of-zorn-review-an-animated-hero-lost-among-the-millennials/

Son Of Zorn & The Good Place Review: Fox Comedy Worth Going To, NBCs Not So Much

The new season of the NFL kicked off last night on NBC, which means a plethora of new dramas and comedies are about to launch on the Big 4. Early out of the gate will be Son Of Zorn , which previews September 11 after the NFL doubleheader on Fox, and The Good Place , which previews with two episodes September 19 on NBC with a primolaunch pad right after the Season 11 premiere of The Voice . Unfortunately, as I say in my video review above, the Mike Shur-created The Good Plac ...Read More... //deadline.com/2016/09/son-of-zorn-review-the-good-place-ted-danson-kristen-bell-jason-sudeikis-video-1201815564/

Son Of Zorn: "Pilot" Review

Son of Zorn has one of the more compelling premises of the new comedy pilots. It's a new series that combines animation and live action comedy, is airing on a network that has a proven track record with animated comedies (The Simpson, Family Guy) and is executive produced by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the two guys who turned the LEGO franchise into one of the best animated films -- and films in general -- of 2014. The funniest thing about Son of Zorn is its premise. Zorn, a He-Man-type animated barbarian who is voiced by Jason Sudeikis in all his wry glory, does not blend well in Orange County, where he goes to visit his 17-year-old son Alangulon (Johnny Pemberton) and ex-wife Edie (Cheryl Hines). He's an aggressive meat-eater in a region where specialty diets abound, he carries around a sword and only wears a loin cloth, and he refuses to accept that his superior in the workplace can be a woman (she is). READ MORE...