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South Park: "Splatty Tomato" Review

South Park wrapped up its 21st season tonight by basically doing everything the show had been notable for avoiding this year. After downplaying topical storylines in general and Donald Trump parodies in particular, "Splatty Tomato" was all about lampooning the mess Trump’s presidency has become. This episode also took a very continuity-heavy approach, trying to tie up loose ends not just from this season, but Season 20 as well. It didn’t all come together as nicely as I would have liked, but it’s far from the worst season finale this show has delivered. "Splatty Tomato" was pretty clever in how it tackled President Garrison’s downfall this week. Trump himself may not have bombed Canada (at least not yet), but in both cases you have a man dealing with historic levels of disapproval and rapidly unwinding. So naturally, the only logical move for Garrison is to return home to South Park and start tormenting children like a villain from a Stephen King movie. Along the way, we got a lot of well-placed jabs at "The Whites," a group who would rather play endless games of whataboutism than acknowledge that maybe this Trump situation needs to be dealt with already. READ MORE...

South Park: "Super Hard Pcness" Review

As vague as the episode descriptions for new South Park episodes tend to be, it’s hard to know exactly what to expect going in each week. Who would have guessed that an episode about PC Principal finding love in the workplace would also evolve into a full-fledged sequel to South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut? This episode proved to be one of the more convoluted installments of Season 20, but it did offer a fun trip down memory lane. The worst that can be said for "Super Hard PCness" is that it’s another case where the various plot threads failed to come together as a cohesive whole. Try as the writers did, it never seemed like the Netflix/Terrance & Phillip backlash connected with the PC Principal/Vice Principal Strong Woman storyline in a satisfying, cohesive way. It often felt more as though Trey Parker and Matt Stone were bouncing a bunch of ideas off the wall and hoping they stuck. As a result, this episode never delivered the clever, insightful take on the many sexual harassment scandals dominating the news cycle that it could have. READ MORE...

South Park Recap: Principals and Principles

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South Park Fumbles an Incoherent Episode About the NFL

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South Park Goes Soft on Donald Trump in "Witch Hunt" Episode

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South Park Recap: Trappin at the Old Folks Home

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South Park Ridicules Statue Protesters and Columbus Critics

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South Park Premiere Recap: A Fresh Coat of (White) Paint Grade It!

Remember when South Park wasnt going to tackle current eventsas much this season? Yeah, about that The gleefully irreverent cartoon came out guns (and tiki torches) blazing in Wednesdays Season 21 (!) premiere, taking the not-so-funny Unite the Right protests in Charlottesville last month and spinning them into comedy by making them absolutely ridiculous. (You [] //

South Park Season Of Serialization Ends With Donald Trump Surrogate Still In White House

South Park s season of serialization came to an end; sadly Mr. Garrison / Donald Trump stand-ins presidency did not appear to join it. On the bright side, the good folk of South Park did learn how easy it is to prompt Garrison/Trump to action by mocking him, though they could have learned that much quicker had they spoken to Lorne Michaels or Alec Baldwin. In the season finale oh, yeah, spoiler alerts Cartman decided not to escape to Mars after discovering men do not ...Read More... //

Cartman Tries to Stop Mars Colonization as 'South Park' Concludes Season 20

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