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Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 26 - The Best of Both Worlds Part 1

The Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from New Providence colony, only to discover a crater where the colony was, similar to several other colonies along the Romulan Neutral Zone and the planet in System J-25. Lt. Commander Shelby, a tactician and expert on the Borg, arrives to assist the Enterprise crew in determining the cause of the colony's disappearance. However, it quickly becomes clear that Shelby is looking to become second-in-command of the Enterprise, as Commander Riker is being pressured to take command of his own ship against his will by Starfleet. With Shelby's help, they confirm the colony was assimilated by the Borg; after receiving word of a Borg Cube sighted in Federation space, the Enterprise leaves to meet it. When they catch up with the Cube, the Borg demand the Enterprise turn over Captain Picard. The Borg lock the Enterprise in a tractor beam and attempt to cut open the ship upon Picard's refusal. Shelby suggest a means of altering the frequency of the ship's phasers to bypass the Borg defenses, allowing them to destroy the tractor beam and escaping to a nearby nebula to effect repairs and determine a strategy. Using Shelby's previous tactic, they work at modifying the Enterprise's deflector dish in the same manner as the phasers, which will be destructive to the Cube should they weaken its defenses. Before repairs are completed, the Borg flush the Enterprise from the nebula with magnetometric-guided charges, and then board the ship in its weakened state, abducting Picard. The Borg Cube moves off at high warp speed towards Earth, with the Enterprise giving chase. Riker, now in command of the ship, prepares to join an away team to transport to the Cube to rescue Picard, but Troi reminds him his place is now on the bridge, and Commander Shelby leads the away team. Aboard the Cube, the Borg are unresponsive to their presence, allowing them to locate Picard's discarded clothes. With the Enterprise nearly at the point where they will no longer be able to keep up with the Cube, the away team destroys power nodes inside the Cube, forcing it out of warp but also alerting the Borg drones to their presence. As they prepare to transport out of the ship, they spot Picard, now assimilated as a Borg drone. Once aboard the Enterprise, the Borg contact the ship, with Picard speaking for the Borg. He tells the Enterprise that he is now "Locutus of Borg", and to prepare for assimilation. Riker, after confirming the deflector dish is ready, gives the order to fire. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 25 - Transfigurations

The Enterprise discovers a crashed escape pod in an unexplored star system. Investigating, they find there is one critically injured passenger in the pod, and the crew brings him aboard the ship. Dr. Crusher determines the survivor will live, due to the stranger's own amazing recuperative powers. Crusher also notes that the survivor's cells are mutating in some way. A couple of days later, the stranger finally awakens, but has no memory of his life or identity. The crew decides to call him "John Doe". Some time passes and John has recovered physically, but still has amnesia. In addition, from time to time he suffers from severe pain which is somehow tied to his ongoing mutation. He also begins emitting strange, bright energy bursts. John soon learns that he is able to use this energy to heal injuries. In the meantime, Geordi La Forge has determined the pod the Enterprise discovered was a kind of storage device. Geordi is also able to interpret a star chart and find the location of John's home planet. However, John's memory has begun to return, and he senses that he must not go back to his home planet yet. A day or so later, a vessel intercepts the Enterprise, and John declares he has to leave. He tries to steal a shuttle, and accidentally knocks Lieutenant Worf from a walkway, resulting in a fatal fall to the floor below. Then, John uses his healing powers to revive Worf and heal his injuries. Prevented from escaping, John explains that he wanted to leave as he is becoming a danger to the crew. Captain Sunad, of the intercepting ship, communicates with the Enterprise and announces he is from the planet Zalkon, and wants John returned to him. John, he explains, is a criminal who has been given a death sentence. Captain Picard considers the situation, but refuses to release John to the Zalkonians without more information as to the charges. He contacts the other ship and mentions John's strange powers, which alarms Captain Sunad. Sunad immediately triggers a device which causes the entire Enterprise crew to become unable to breathe. John resists the device and heals everyone aboard the Enterprise with one bright flash of his energy. His memory now restored, John transports Sunad to the Enterprise using his powers. John explains that his race has reached a new stage in evolution, in which they are evolving into beings of energy. He soon becomes the first to transform into a being of energy and is now impervious to harm. John offers to help Sunad make this transformation as well, but Sunad refuses. John sends Sunad back to his own ship after warning Sunad that he can no longer be stopped, the Zalkonian ship then leaves the area. John bids the crew good-bye, transforms into energy and departs the ship. While it's not known where John went, the implication is that John left for his homeworld so that other Zalkonians would have the chance to join him. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 24 - Menage a Troi

At a reception aboard the Enterprise following a trade conference on Betazed, Counsellor Troi argues with her mother, Lwaxana Troi, about her insistence that Deanna get married and raise a family. At the same party, Lwaxana is approached by the Ferengi Daimon Tog of the ship Krayton, who is interested in Lwaxana in a sexual way, but also explains he would like Lwaxana to use her telepathy to help him make business. Lwaxana rejects him flatly. Afterwards, at the urging of Captain Picard, Riker and Deanna decide to take a quick shore leave on Betazed, while the Enterprise heads out on a routine mission studying a nebula. Lwaxana tracks down her daughter and Riker, with intent to encourage romance between the couple. She is just getting started when Daimon Tog arrives stating that he has come for Lwaxana. As the Ferengi transport out with Lwaxana and Troi in tow, Riker is caught in the beam. The three awaken in a cell aboard the Krayton. Tog then has Deanna and Lwaxana beamed into the lab of Farek, a Ferengi doctor who hopes to study Lwaxana's telepathy using mind probes. In the process of transporting them, he leaves the women's clothing behind. Lwaxana pretends to be interested in Tog, and gains Deanna's return to the cell with Riker by agreeing to discuss with Tog a proposal to use her telepathic abilities in trade negotiations. Riker entices a Ferengi guard into a chess game, and once outside the cell quickly overcomes him. Once freed, Deanna and Riker attempt to send a message to the Enterprise and learn that the ship's communication system is secured by access code. As Lwaxana seduces Tog by rubbing his ears, she receives a telepathic message from Deanna asking her to try to get Tog's access code. Lwaxana has nearly gotten Tog to tell her the code when Farek walks in and catches her in the act. Farek threatens to humiliate Tog by revealing his incompetence to the Ferengi, but offers to forget the incident if Lwaxana is turned over to him for experimentation, despite the fact that the proposed tests may be lethal. Meanwhile, the Enterprise leaves the nebula, which has been interfering with communications, and learn from Betazed officials that Riker and the Trois have been kidnapped. Returning to Betazed, the Enterprise crew discovers flowers indigenous to a Ferengi planet at the spot where Deanna and Riker were last seen. Picard orders a frequency scan to see if Riker has somehow sent a message, but are unable to pick up anything discernible. In fact, Riker has tapped into the system on the Krayton that suppresses Cochrane distortion from the ship's warp field, and modulated it to generate a signal using unsuppressed distortion... into a pattern he hopes the Enterprise crew will recognize. In the midst of the search, Wesley is in final preparation to depart to Earth for his second attempt to pass the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Just as he is about to leave, Wes realizes that the modulated interference itself may be the signal, and he rushes back to the Bridge, missing his transport back to Earth. Decoding the signal, Wesley finds Riker has provided the heading of the Krayton, and the Enterprise heads out in pursuit. In the meantime, Deanna is experiencing great pain as she senses the mind probes being used on Lwaxana. Riker, having finished setting up the modulation of the Cochrane distortion, arms himself, and bursts into Farek's lab to free Lwaxana, but a standoff ensues when Tog enters with a phaser. Just then the Enterprise arrives, and Lwaxana buys the release of Troi and Riker by agreeing to stay with Tog, and serve him both as a lover and a business partner. After Riker and Deanna are returned to the Enterprise, Picard is forced to play the role of a jealous lover, and frightens Daimon Tog into returning Lwaxana to avoid being killed. Wesley is told that he will be allowed to reapply for entrance to Starfleet Academy in one year, and Picard gives him a field promotion to full Ensign in light of his contributions to the ship and crew. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 23 - Sarek

Spock's father, the great Vulcan diplomat Sarek has arrived on board the Enterprise with his second human wife, Perrin. His mission is to lay the foundation for trade relations between the Federation and the Legarans, after which time he will retire due to his old age. Sarek surveys the conference room set up aboard the Enterprise, but expresses apprehension and annoyance when several key decor elements are not in place. Captain Picard assures Sarek that everything will be in order before the Legarans arrive. He also reveals that he has prepared a full welcoming ceremony for the ambassador, including a chamber music concert in that includes a performance by Commander Data. Sarek's two aids indicate that he would prefer to dispense with formalities and ceremony and be led straight to his quarters, as his old age makes him more prone to fatigue. Disappointed, Picard nevertheless understands the situation. Instead, he visits the ambassador's quarters and invites Perrin to the concert, inadvertently annoying Sarek who has trouble meditating in the next room. Later that evening, Picard is surprised to see that Sarek has decided to accompany his wife to the concert, despite previous suggestions otherwise. All is well until Commander Data's musical performance overwhelms Sarek with emotion, prompting him to start crying. Perrin notices this, and the two leave the concert after having inadvertently drawn the attention of Picard and Deanna Troi who are now quite concerned that a Vulcan could be prone to such intense emotions. Almost immediately, strange events start occurring. Wesley Crusher and Geordi La Forge become embroiled in a heated argument while setting up the conference room, forcing Commander Riker to intervene. Later, Beverly Crusher expresses severe anger at Wesley for being late to arrive, becoming so overwhelmed that she slaps him across the face. In Ten-Forward, tempers flare over seats at a table, triggering a massive brawl that involves everyone in the room. Deanna Troi and Dr. Crusher soon notice that these strange events coincide perfectly with Ambassador Sarek's arrival, prompting both to theorize that he may be suffering from a very rare form of degenerative disease called Bendii syndrome, which only affects Vulcans over the age of 200. Similar to Alzheimer's Disease in humans, Bendii Syndrome corrodes the Vulcan's disciplined control of their emotions until they spill out and overwhelm the victim. The syndrome has a particularly unfortunate side effect: the Vulcan mind emits "broadcast empathy" which can destabilize the emotions of other beings in the vicinity at random, causing violent outbursts. Concerned about the upcoming conference with the Legarans, Picard nevertheless hesitates confronting Sarek about the matter. Commander Riker expresses his annoyance, and the two engage in a screaming match on board the bridge before Commander Data is able to calm them both down. Realizing what is happening, Picard tries to relax, and finally agrees with Riker. Picard brings these concerns to one of Sarek's aids, who flatly denies the allegations whilst subtly threatening Picard's career if he pursues the matter. Picard asks Commander Data to speak with Sarek's second aid, Sakkath, a young Vulcan with whom the two share a mutual respect. Data is able to successfully extract the Vulcan's true concerns. The conference is in danger. Sakkath has been channeling his own strength onto Sarek in an attempt to bolster his emotional control, but admits that the stress of the upcoming conference has overwhelmed even his natural talents. Assured of the situation, Picard confronts Sarek personally regarding the issue. At first, Sarek greets Picard freely and encourages him to ask whatever questions he wishes, even going so far as to volunteer for the Bendii Syndrome test. When Picard states that the results will not be available until days after the upcoming conference, Sarek begins to feel backed into a corner. When Sarek continues to refute the allegations, Picard openly exposes Sakkath's assistance in strengthening Sarek's emotions. When Sakkath confirms the revelation, Sarek is infuriated. He and Picard are left alone in Sarek's quarters to talk. Sarek tries hard to convince Picard that he is in full control of his faculties, but Picard confronts the Ambassador about his weeping during the concert the previous night. Sarek becomes more and more agitated until he finally loses control, his body in spasms as he hollers in anger. Picard is ready to bring the conference to a close, despite the Legaran's refusal to mediate with anyone else. Perrin visits Picard's ready room to beg his reconsideration. Realizing the dangers of letting an unstable Vulcan mediate a trade negotiation, Picard is forced to again refuse. To compromise, Perrin suggests a mind-meld with Sarek to stabilize his emotions long enough for the conference to finish. Picard volunteers freely, despite Sarek's warning that such a connection could have disastrous consequences for the human mind. Realizing Picard's honorable willingness to make these negotiations work, Sarek agrees. After the meld, Sarek is once again in full control of his emotions and stability, even taking on some of Picard's personality quirks in the process. While he begins the negotiations with the Legarans, Picard retreats to his quarters where he suffers through a severe and terrible onslaught of Sarek's most negative emotions. Dr. Crusher stays on hand to monitor Picard's elevated blood pressure, heart rate and brain stimulus which are now in a state of extreme excitement. Picard is forced to endure the terrible whirlwind of Sarek's darkest sorrows, regrets and anger. Through Sarek's eyes, he calls out to his son, Spock, and his first and second wives Amanda and Perrin, apologizing for not being able to show them the love and the tenderness that he wanted to, all of which is shunned by Vulcan society. Dr. Crusher manages to momentarily snap Picard out of the dark emotions, after which he is able to describe just how overwhelming Sarek's regret and sadness truly is. He quickly loses control again as another wave of emotion comes crashing down, forcing him to sob uncontrollably in Crusher's arms. Afterward, Sarek prepares to take his leave. Picard awaits his arrival with Perrin in the transporter room where he is able to express Sarek's immense love for her in a way the Ambassador could never do. Perrin reassures Picard that she has been completely aware of that love since the very beginning. When Sarek arrives, he thanks Picard for his gesture of kindness, telling the Captain that they will both retain the best parts of each other. Picard suggests that he is definitely getting the better part of that bargain. Sarek departs, leaving Picard fully aware that the Bendii Syndrome will, unfortunately, only get worse. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 22 - The Most Toys

The Enterprise-D is called to assist a colony world that has suffered tricyanate contamination to its water supply. Because of this, they meet with the Jovis, a ship owned by the Zibalian trader Kivas Fajo. Fajo, a member of the Stasius Trade Guild, is one of the few vendors of hitridium, an extremely rare medicinal compound capable of neutralizing the contamination. Because hitridium is a volatile substance that cannot be beamed aboard, Data is assigned to shuttle Fajo's cargo from the Jovis to the Enterprise, which will take several trips. Just before the final trip, the crew of the Jovis kidnap Data and perform a scan of his body. They remove Data from the shuttlecraft, and set it to explode between their vessel and the Enterprise. When the shuttlecraft explodes, the Enterprise crew fear that Data is destroyed but have to delay the investigation because of the vital mission they are on. The Enterprise scans the wreckage of the shuttle and find materials which indicate Data had died in the explosion. In reality, the Jovis crew took the results of the scans they had made and placed the appropriate amount of materials on board the shuttle to simulate a casualty. Data is then taken to an art gallery on board Fajo's ship. Fajo collects rare and valuable objects, and thus has kidnapped Data because he is unique. Fajo is joined by his female slave named Varria. He then tries to persuade Data to change his attire and sit in a chair, however Data passively resists. Fajo spills some kind of liquid that destroys Data's uniform making him to change his attire. Later, Fajo gives a tour of his rare collection to Palor Troff, a connoisseur and rival collector (played by veteran actor Nehemiah Persoff), who is disappointed by only seeing Data in a motionless state. Only when Fajo threatens to kill Varria with the very rare Varon-T disruptor does Data finally agree to sit in the chair as Fajo asks. We learn that the blast from the Varon-T tears the body apart from the inside out, resulting in a relatively slow and excruciating death. As a result the Varon-T is illegal in the Federation. Upon arriving at the colony, the Enterprise uses the hitridium to neutralize the tricyanide contamination. They find that the tricyanide was neutralized very quickly — in fact too quickly for naturally occurring tricyanide, so it must have been replicated. But since tricyanide replication is difficult and expensive and the only known antidote is hitridium, which Fajo just happens to have had in sufficient supply, the crew begins to suspect that Fajo staged the whole event. Once the crew learns that Fajo is a "collector of rare and valuable items", they quickly conclude that Fajo must have kidnapped their own rare and valuable crewmember. Data is able to escape with the help of Varria, and the Enterprise crew is finally able to locate Fajo's ship with Data on board. However, before the Enterprise can beam up Data, Fajo tries out the Varon-T disruptor on Varria. He then drops the gun and walks away. Data picks up the weapon, confronts Fajo and discusses the consequences of allowing him to live, when he is beamed aboard the Enterprise. Chief O'Brien reports that the weapon was in a state of discharge during transport, and had deactivated the weapon before materialisation. Once on board the Enterprise, Data asks Commander Riker to arrest Fajo. When asked why the weapon was discharging, Data tells Riker that perhaps something happened to the weapon during transport. Data later visits Fajo in the Enterprise brig. He reveals to Fajo that the remainder of his stolen collection has been confiscated and is being returned to their rightful owners. When Fajo asks Data if that gives him pleasure, Data replies that it does not. Data tells Fajo that he does not feel pleasure, and that he is only an android (echoing a comment Fajo made earlier). Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 21 - Hollow Pursuits

As the episode opens, Lieutenant Reginald Barclay, a Diagnostic Engineer who recently transferred to the Enterprise, is sitting at the bar in Ten-Forward. Hostess Guinan tells him that she doesn't want any trouble, adding that where he goes, trouble follows. The ship's Chief Engineer Lt Commander Geordi La Forge enters, bossily reminding Barclay that he is on duty and needs to go back to work. Loudly telling La Forge to "take your holier-than-thou attitude and get out of my life", Barclay shoves him to the floor. Responding to Barclay's insubordination, the First officer of the Enterprise, Commander William Riker rises from his place further down the bar and challenges Barclay, but ends up also being beaten up and told by Barclay that he's nothing but "a pretty mannequin in a fancy uniform", adding that "If (Captain) Picard has a problem he needs to come to me himself." Enterprise Counselor Deanna Troi is sitting nearby and tells Barclay that his arrogant self-confidence "excites her". As the two are about to kiss, they are suddenly interrupted by a call over the ship's intercom, summoning Barclay to Cargo bay five "at once". In a much higher and squeaky voice an apologetic Barclay quickly acknowledges the call and leaves, revealing that everything which has just happened is merely a simulation running on the ship's Holodeck. The Enterprise in the process of picking up Mikulak biological tissue samples intended for use in combating an epidemic of Correllium fever on Nahmi IV. In the Cargo bay, La Forge and Riker are overseeing the handling of some of the tissue sample containers just beamed aboard while also discussing Barclay, who apparently has not been performing his duties very well. La Forge tells Riker that he's just about had it with Barclay, who is always late, never gives his best effort, makes his crewmates uneasy, and always just barely squeaks by. He wonders to Riker how someone with these qualities could have made it through Starfleet Academy. Riker observes that perhaps it's time to speak with the Captain about "Broccoli", which he tells Geordi is a nickname acting Ensign Wesley Crusher came up with for Barclay, adding that Geordi needs to keep this to himself. La Forge smilingly tells Riker that the name fits. The Engineer handling the biological samples interrupts to inform the two officers that one of the containers is leaking, and Geordi tells him to destroy it lest it contaminate the others. At this point Barclay enters the bay, and seeing his superiors guiltily tries to duck behind some cargo containers, but Geordi sees him and calls him out, asking him if reporting to duty on time is a problem. Barclay attempts to invent an excuse but La Forge testily tells him to take a look at the balky anti-gravity unit the biological containers are being loaded on. Riker seizes Barclay's arm as he passes and tells him he is tired of seeing his name on report, adding that while he may have had too much laitude on his last posting, on the Enterprise he will be held to a higher standard. Barclay works on the anti-grav unit for a few minutes, but in mid-travel it tips over, causing another canister to fall off and rupture. In his ready room, Captain Jean-Luc Picard discusses ‘the Barclay situation' with La Forge and Riker. Examining Barclay's service record, the Captain notes that he's not used to seeing a member of the Enterprise crew not performing up to par. Riker wonders if Barclay is "Enterprise material", and Picard observes that La Forge requested that Barclay be transferred. Picard questions why someone who has served Starfleet apparently competently for years is having such issues, adding that Captain Gleason of the Zukhov gave Barclay a glowing recommendation when he was transferring to the Enterprise. Riker conjectures that Gleason's recommendation served to offload a problem crewmember, adding that Barclay's psychological profile indicates a history of seclusive tendencies. La Forge tells his superiors that he thought he could work with anyone before Barclay came aboard, also pointing out that the awkward interactions Barclay has with his coworkers in Engineering make them nervous, and the nickname "broccoli" "stuck". Telling La Forge that the usage of the nickname needs to "get unstuck", Picard proposes that Geordi make Barclay his personal project, suggesting that La Forge try to make Barclay his best friend. Geordi objects but Picard insists, saying that it is too easy to simply pass the buck with a transfer. Attempting to follow Picard's directive, La Forge checks Barclay's progress on the anti-grav unit. He takes a friendlier approach, praising Barclay's work and capabilities, even inviting him to the senior staff meeting at 0800 the next morning. Barclay arrives last, but promptly enough not to cause interruption, and with La Forge's encouragement delivers his status report concerning the difficulties with the anti-grav unit. However Barclay is secretly offended when Wesley points out something he overlooked. Soon Barclay takes solace in the Holodeck again, discussing the meeting with a simulation of Troi, and states that he should have told Wesley off. Getting bored, Barclay changes the venue of the simulation to a heavenly jungle paradise, as well as altering Troi's clothing to a brief toga. In her new incarnation she identifies herself as "the goddess of empathy". Geordi's team gathers in Ten-Forward to relax and the subject of the nickname surfaces again. La Forge cuts off the discussion, as the Captain had instructed. Duffy, another member of Geordi's engineering staff, finds that his drinking glass leaks and is oddly deformed. Lt. Commander Data, the android Chief Operations Officer of the Enterprise, examines the glass and finds that its molecular structure is altered, which could indicate a problem with one of the ship's 4,000 power systems. La Forge assigns Barclay to look into the matter which Reg says he intended to do anyway as part of the anti-grav malfunction investigation. Continuing the investigation on the Enterprise bridge, Data points out that it was Barclay who first suggested a connection between the Cargo bay problems and the drinking glass. Following his own advice to Geordi, Picard tries to involve the clearly uncomfortable Reginald in the discussion, but ends up unwittingly calling him "Broccoli" to his face. The Captain quickly corrects himself but is mortified at his slip. In Ten-Forward La Forge discusses Barclay with Guinan; she describes Barclay as "imaginative", adding that Reginald reminds her of a black sheep relative whom she admired. She also points out that Barclay's actions aren't all that unusual considering that he knows everyone feels uncomfortable when he's around. Desiring to check up on Barclay's progress, La Forge is irked to discover him on the Holodeck again. He finds himself in one of Barclay's "imaginative" holodeck programs, this one involving simulations of all the members of the senior staff including La Forge himself. Barclay's latest flight of fancy involves characters and situations evocative of "The Three Musketeers" with swordplay and period French costumes. As Geordi watches, Barclay takes on the holo-La Forge, Data, and Picard, easily defeating all three of them. A decidedly un-amused La Forge makes his presence known, much to Barclay's embarrassment. After returning with Geordi to Ten-Forward, Barclay offers to be voluntarily reassigned, but Geordi, still mindful of his charge from the Captain, refuses to take him up on the offer. He tells Barclay that he has gotten a little mixed up a few times on the Holodeck himself, once even falling in love in there (Star Trek TNG:"Booby Trap"). Barclay admits that his habit began innocently when he "needed to blow off some steam" but got out of control. Geordi replies that personally he feels that what Barclay does on the Holodeck is his own business, but adds that it's unusual to simulate living people or one's crewmates. Worrying that Barclay's problem might be serious, La Forge orders him to talk to Counselor Troi about it. As he is infatuated with Troi, the prospect of meeting her in real life terrifies him. La Forge is called to Transporter room three by Chief O'Brien, where the Chief demonstrates that it has begun to malfunction, objects repeatedly beamed from one pad to another end up melted and smoking. Picard becomes concerned since they will need all the transporters working upon their arrival at Nahmi IV in a few hours, and orders a Level-one diagnostic to be performed. Riker starts to contact Barclay to involve him in this latest development, but Geordi asks Will to hold off until 1400 hours as he already has given Barclay an assignment. Barclay attends the counselling session but feels very uncomfortable. After trying a breathing technique, he professes to be healed and quickly leaves Troi's office. Troi contacts La Forge and informs him that her "very strange" counseling session with Barclay did not go well. Riker comes in, and noting that Barclay has once again failed to appear for an appointment as ordered, decides to go to the Holodeck and confront him. As La Forge, Riker and Troi enter the Holodeck, La Forge tries to warn them that Barclay has been running "some unique programs". This doesn't prepare a Riker who "has run out of patience with Barclay" for the shock of seeing the Musketeer program, including an asinine, stunted, and ungainly "Number One". Trying to disarm the situation, Troi observes that a healthy fantasy life can be a good thing, until she sees her own Holo-self in the form of the "goddess of empathy". The Bridge calls the trio on the intercom, informing them the Enterprise has unexpectedly accelerated on its own to warp 7.25, so they quickly leave with Barclay to Engineering. Once there Barclay recommends dropping the ship out of warp, but the matter/anti-matter injectors jam and refuse to respond. The ship continues to accelerate and exceeds warp 9, Data estimating that the structural integrity fields will fail in 16 minutes, resulting in the ship's destruction. With disaster imminent the engineering team brainstorm possible causes and solutions. After several theories are proposed and discarded, Barclay postulates that the events are connected by a human element, as he notices that the failures have all occurred when a member of the team was present. Geordi narrows 15,525 possible agents of contamination exist to two, Saltzgadum and Invidium. Wesley verifies that Invidium was once used by the Federation in medical containment, but is still in use on non-federation worlds such as Mikulak. La Forge and Barclay quickly head to the Cargo bay where they verify the presence of Invidium in the sample containers. Barclay observes that if the temperature of the Invidium can be lowered below -200 Celsius it will be rendered inert, so Geordi orders the stuck injectors flooded with gaseous Cryonetrium at cryogenic temperatures, which brings them back online. Geordi recommends heading for Starbase 121 so their heavily Invidium contaminated ship can be cleaned up. La Forge tells Barclay that he is glad Reg was out with them in the real world on this day, as he was a key contributing element in the saving of the ship. In the emergency's aftermath, Reginald Barclay enters the Bridge and somberly addresses the officers there, telling them that he has decided it will be best if he leaves the crew. Geordi speaks up tells Reg that he will always be welcome on the Enterprise, Picard adds it was a pleasure serving with him, Troi tells him that she wishes him good luck. Barclay tells them that it has been fun and then says "End program", making it apparent that this has been just another one of his fantasy scenarios. He walks away from his old life, in quest of a new one in the real world instead of his former Holodeck-fantasy-addicted reclusive attempt to escape from reality. He orders the computer to delete all of his saved programs, but at the last second saves "program nine". This done, he leaves the Holodeck for what will hopefully be a better and brighter future. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 20 - Tin Man

The USS Hood intercepts the Enterprise, bringing new orders and a passenger. Picard is ordered to bring Federation emissary Tam Elbrun to a distant star system outside of Federation territory. Tam is a Betazoid with a history of mental instability, who is a former patient of Deanna Troi, and specializes in first contact situations with new alien life. Tam has had telepathic abilities from birth, whereas the Betazed norm is to acquire them in adolescence. He is extremely sensitive to the thoughts of others and has difficulty filtering them out. The cumulative stress requires him to seek periodic treatment. He establishes a friendship with Data due to the fact that he cannot receive the android's thoughts, which provides Tam with some respite. Tam's mission is to establish communication with Tin Man, an alien lifeform that appears to be an organic spaceship. Tin Man is orbiting a star that is about to go supernova, and the Enterprise must convince the alien to leave before the star explodes, and before the Romulans who claim the system as their own, can perform research on it. Arriving at the star system, the Enterprise encounters a Romulan Warbird. The vessel immediately fires on Enterprise and then moves to destroy Tin Man. Tam sends a telepathic warning to Tin Man, and the organic ship produces an energy wave that destroys the Warbird and damages the Enterprise. With the star beginning to implode and more Romulans on the way, Picard requests that Tam convince Tin Man to move into Federation space. Having already been in contact from several light years away but not informing the crew, Tam tells Picard what he has learned about the entity to this point. Tin Man, who calls itself Gomtuu, is millennia old, and has come to the star system to die in the supernova. In the past the sentient ship had a crew, which were lost in a radiation accident; Gomtuu, grief-stricken over the loss and aimlessly wandering the galaxy ever since, no longer wishes to live. Tam learns that once there were millions of the ships, and that Gomtuu may have travelled from outside the Milky Way galaxy. Tam requests that he be beamed aboard Gomtuu so he can better establish contact, but Picard is not certain of this course of action. But, when a second Romulan vessel arrives, Picard decides to send Tam accompanied by Data on an away mission to Gomtuu. Once aboard, Tam is initially overloaded with information as the ship attempts to relay its life experiences in the space of several seconds. But this soon passes and Tam develops a strong sense of identification with the alien. Tam informs Data that he will stay with Gomtuu, as he only has to deal with the thoughts of one other being and feels that piloting the ship is where he truly belongs. Suddenly, the organic vessel breaks out of its orbit and sends the Enterprise and the Romulan warbird spinning through space just before the star explodes. Data is returned to the bridge, where he explains that Tam has decided to remain with Gomtuu. Later, Data discusses Tam's plight with Deanna Troi, and shows an understanding of the emotional attributes of loneliness, and the respective joy that was brought to both Gomtuu and Tam when in each other's company. He realises that the Enterprise is where he belongs. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 19 - Captain's Holiday

After being urged by Counselor Troi and the rest of the crew to take a break, Captain Picard reluctantly agrees to take a vacation at Risa, a pleasure planet which is dedicated to providing tourists with a resort experience. Just after arriving, Picard is kissed by a woman he has never met. After she leaves, saying "Welcome to Risa", he says to himself, "A simple handshake would have sufficed." Having arrived, Picard attempts to relax poolside, but is constantly interrupted by women coming to ask if he wants company. He tells the fifth one no, she replies that she is confused for he says he wants no company, yet he displays the Horga'hn. The Horga'hn is a souvenir requested by Commander Riker, but the Horga'hn is really a symbol of sexuality and by displaying it, Picard is letting everyone know that he is in search of sexual coupling. After he puts the souvenir away he is rudely interrupted by Sovak, who is a Ferengi, and a human woman named Vash, who was the same woman that kissed Picard. Sovak accuses Picard of conspiring with Vash, who has stolen a valuable optical disc. Picard has no interest in the quarrel, although he finds the woman intriguing, and leaves. But just as he heads to his room, Vash secretly puts the very optical disc Sovak is seeking in Picard's pocket. When the Captain gets back to his room he is confronted by two Vorgons, who have been following him. The Vorgons, named Boratus and Ajur, explain that they are time travellers from the 27th century and are searching for an object called the Tox Uthat. The Uthat is a powerful weapon, and according to the Vorgon's records, the scientist who invented the Uthat travelled back in time to hide the device. The records also show that Picard will locate this very object on Risa. The Vorgons leave, and Picard discovers he has the disc in his pocket. He confronts Vash about it, and she claims the disc was given to her for safekeeping by an archaeologist who had discovered the location of the Uthat. She hid the disc in Picard's pocket to prevent it from failing into Sovak's hands, since the Ferengi had plans to use the disc to find the Uthat and would then proceed to sell it. With Sovak in pursuit, Picard and Vash use the information on the disc to determine the Uthat's hiding place, and they set out on a search for the weapon. They reach some caves, inside which the Uthat is buried, and camp out for the night. After Vash confesses to Picard that she was actually paid by Sovak to find the Uthat, but that she had double crossed them, the two discover a deep attraction they have for each other. The scene closes with the couple giving in to passion. The next morning they set out again. Finally, they arrive at the location where the Uthat is buried. Suddenly, the Vorgons appear hopeful to intercept the unearthing of the weapon. Also arriving is Sovak, who has finally caught up. With Sovak holding a gun at them, Vash and Picard begin excavating the site, but after hours of digging they do not find the Uthat. The Vorgons vanish, and Vash, Picard and Sovak return to town apparently defeated in their search. Early the next day, Vash attempts to sneak away from the resort, but Picard intercepts her. He has realized that Vash already has the Uthat, and had located it long before she met Picard. Her plan all along was to create a ruse that would fool Sovak into thinking the Uthat was lost. Then, the Vorgons reappear demanding the Uthat, and Vash reveals to Picard that the Vorgons are in fact the people that had originally tried to steal the weapon from its inventor in the future. Picard grabs the Uthat and clicks his communicator. Unknown to anyone but Picard, the Enterprise is already in orbit, and he orders Riker to use the transporter to destroy it (a "Transporter code 14"). The disappointed Vorgons reveal that Picard has acted just as their records said by destroying the Uthat, and they admit defeat and leave. Vash kisses Picard goodbye and she heads off on another adventure. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 18 - Allegiance

Captain Picard, while sleeping in his quarters on the Enterprise after the successful completion of a mission, is abducted by an unknown device and finds himself in a cell with three other prisoners: Starfleet Cadet Haro from Bolius IX, the philosopher Kovar Tholl from Mizar Two, and the violent Esoqq from Chalnoth. While they have meager beds and facilities, their only source of nutrition is provided by a tasteless rubbery disk, which they find Esoqq is unable to eat and would likely consider Tholl a good meal. Picard attempts to learn why the four of them have been abducted but can find no connection. Picard organizes Haro and Esoqq to attempt to break the lock on the only door to the cell. Initially foiled by a stun beam when they tamper with the controls, they manage to override the beam and then defeat the door's security, only to find a blank wall behind it. Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, a doppelgänger of Picard has taken his place, ordering the ship to travel slowly at half-impulse speed to a pulsar. En route, Picard's double exhibits behavior that the senior crew begins to question, such as his newfound romance for Dr. Crusher or engaging the crew in singing Heart of Oak, the official march of the Royal Navy, in Ten Forward. When, upon arrival at the pulsar, Picard's double orders the ship closer which would expose the crew to lethal radiation, Riker and the rest of the bridge crew refuse to follow his orders and mutiny. The real Picard, after discovering the false door, deduces that Cadet Haro is not who she claims to be due to her knowledge of classified details. Haro reveals herself to be an alien species, and that he and his comrades were studying the concept of authority. The four different alien captives provided the perfect way to do this: Tholl (the collaborator who goes along with whoever's in charge), Esoqq (typical for his species, a violent anarchist who rejects any kind of authority), Haro (the Cadet, sworn to obey orders without question), and Picard (the leader, accustomed to giving orders). The aliens quickly return Picard and the other captives to their respective locations. On the Enterprise, Picard's double is also revealed to be of the same alien species. Before the aliens can leave the Enterprise, Picard orders a force field to hold them, and then, after seeing how they react to being ensnared, allows them to go free, warning them not to abduct others again. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 17 - Sins of the Father

Klingon Commander Kurn is temporarily assigned as first officer aboard the Enterprise as part of an exchange program. Kurn's command style alienates several crewmembers and ultimately leads Lieutenant Worf to confront Kurn regarding the latter's behavior. After Kurn provokes Worf almost to the point of violence, he reveals to Worf that he is Worf's brother. When Kurn and Worf were children, he was left with Lorgh, a friend of their father's, when the family went to the Khitomer colony. Believing their family wiped out in a Romulan attack, Kurn was raised as Lorgh's son. Kurn tells Worf the Klingon High Council has charged their father Mogh with treason. Honor demands that one of the sons of Mogh appear before the council to challenge the accusation. Kurn tells Worf that as the eldest brother the challenge is Worf's to make. Duras, the son of Mogh's rival, has accused Mogh of aiding and abetting the attack on Khitomer. Worf requests a leave of absence in order to travel to the Klingon homeworld and defend his family name. Arguing that Worf's actions will reflect on the Enterprise and the Federation, Picard orders the Enterprise to the Klingon homeworld. Kurn volunteers to be Worf's Cha'DIch, in human terms a second. Worf orders Kurn not to reveal his bloodline. In the High Council's Great Hall, Worf makes his challenge. Duras states that the capture of a Romulan ship led to the discovery of records indicating Worf's father sent Khitomer's defense codes to the Romulans. K'mpec, the Klingon Chancellor, advises Worf to drop his challenge, saying he should let the prosecution go forward and return to his life in the Federation. Worf's challenge will "be forgotten". When Worf questions him about this strange request he refuses to elaborate. Duras ambushes Kurn, telling him he is aware of Kurn's bloodline. When Kurn refuses to betray Worf he is attacked and seriously wounded. Worf tells Picard of K'mpec's offer, shocked that a Klingon would ask him to put aside his honor. Needing a new Cha'DIch, Worf asks Picard to stand with him. Data, La Forge and Riker analyze Federation and Klingon sensor logs from the Khitomer attack, and ultimately determine that "someone has been rewriting history". Reviewing medical files from the Intrepid, which rendered assistance after the attack, Dr. Crusher finds another survivor of the massacre: Worf's nurse, Kahlest. Picard locates Kahlest, but she refuses to aid Worf. She verifies that Mogh was loyal to the Klingon Empire; he went to Khitomer hoping to uncover who the actual traitor was. After getting ambushed by Duras' men, Picard convinces Kahlest to return with him. Returning to the Great Hall, Picard tells the Council he has new evidence. In K'mpec's private chambers, it is revealed that Duras' father was the traitor. K'mpec admits that the Council would rather not reveal this information, and dismisses Kahlest. He tells Picard and Worf that the Council chose to conceal the truth because, with Duras' political power, a civil war would ensue if the truth were known. The council did not know Worf would challenge the ruling. Picard's evidence will not be presented, and the judgment must stand: Worf and Kurn will be condemned. When Picard refuses to allow the execution of a member of his crew or turn Kurn over to them. K'mpec replies that Picard's defiance could end the Klingon-Federation alliance. In exchange for Kurn being spared, Worf accepts discommendation in open council, tantamount to admitting his father's guilt. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now