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Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 26 - Time's Arrow Part 1

The Enterprise is recalled to Earth on a priority mission pertaining to evidence of aliens on the planet 500 years ago. They are shown a cavern near Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco containing relics of the 19th century, and Data's severed head. The Enterprise crew finds evidence pointing to a race of shapeshifters and cellular fossils native to the planet of Devidia II. Taking Data's head, the Enterprise travels to the planet, and discover a temporal disturbance on the planet. While there are no beings visible, Troi senses the presence of suffering humans, and the crew realizes that the aliens are slightly out of phase with time. Data notes that his android body has a phase discriminator that would allow him to see the aliens, and Captain Picard reluctantly allows him to do so. Data, once in phase with the aliens, describes them to the crew as absorbing strands of light from a device in the center of the cavern but otherwise appear benign. However, as he observes, two aliens enter a time portal that he is drawn into; Data finds himself on Earth in San Francisco in the 19th century. Data quickly recognizes he needs money to operate, and is able to win a sizable amount beating card sharks at their own game in poker. Taking residence in a local hotel, Data claims to be an inventor, befriending the bell hop (who is in fact Jack London) to help in acquiring parts that will help him build a detector to find the aliens. Data recognizes Guinan, a long-lived El-Aurian, in a newspaper photo, and attends a reception that she will be at. As she is speaking with Samuel Clemens (better known by his pen name, Mark Twain), Data tries to ask her questions about the future believing her to have followed him back in time, but realizes that she has yet to meet the Enterprise crew; Data's language intrigues Clemens and he begins to follow Data and Guinan around. Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew has determined how to build a similar phase discriminator to allow them to also see the aliens and go back in time to rescue Data. Guinan urges Picard to go along with the away team as, otherwise, they will have never met in the past and could change history. Picard and the rest of the away team activate the phase discriminator and see the same aliens as Data described, but discover that the strands of light they are consuming are human life forces, taken at the moment of death. The away team uses the time portal to travel back to the past to put a stop to the aliens. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 25 - The Inner Light

The Enterprise encounters a Bracewell probe, which scans the ship and sends an energy beam to Captain Picard, rendering him unconscious. Picard wakes up on the surface of a non-Federation planet; a woman who identifies herself as his wife, Eline, insists that he is a man known as Kamin, waking from a feverish sickness that might have caused amnesia. Although Picard talks of his past memories on the Enterprise, Eline and Batai, a close friend, convince him that they were only dreams, and acclimatize Picard, as Kamin, into their society. He begins living out life as Kamin in the village of Ressik, working as an iron weaver, starting a family with Eline, and learning to play the flute.[notes 1] As the years pass in Kamin's life, he begins to notice that the planet is suffering a worldwide drought due to increased radiation from the planet's sun. He sends reports to the planet's leaders. Years pass and Kamin grows old, outliving his wife, while the sun continues to raise the planet's temperature beyond what life can tolerate. One day, while playing with his grandson, Kamin is summoned by his adult children to watch the launch of a missile. As he walks outside into the glaring sunlight, Kamin sees Eline and Batai, as young as when he first saw them. They explain that he's already seen the missile; he saw it just before he came there. Knowing their planet was doomed, they placed the memories of their planet and society into a probe contained in a missile, representing the furthest technological advancement of their culture, in the hope that it would find someone who could be a teacher, who could tell others about them. Picard suddenly recalls his earlier life aboard the Enterprise as he watches the missile launch. Picard wakes up on the bridge of the Enterprise. Only 25 minutes have passed since the probe arrived. In the meanwhile, the crew of the Enterprise had tracked the probe's course back to a scorched and desolate planet which was destroyed long ago by a nova, in hopes of understanding the probe's purpose. The probe, now inactive, is brought aboard the Enterprise for examination. The crew finds a small box within the probe, which a somber Riker gives to Picard. Inside the box is Kamin's flute. Picard, now adept at playing the flute, plays a melody he learned during his life as Kamin. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 24 - The Next Phase

As the Enterprise responds to a distress call from a Romulan ship which has suffered an on board explosion, Ensign Ro and Lieutenant Commander La Forge are seemingly lost in a beam-in from the Romulan ship to the Enterprise. Ro and La Forge find themselves on the Enterprise, unable to interact with the ship or the crew, but able to interact with each other. While La Forge believes they are still alive, Ro believes they are dead, and tries to make peace with her former crewmates as they prepare a funeral service. Data traces the cause of the transportation accident to the Romulan ship. Ro and La Forge goes along with Data and Worf as they fly a shuttlecraft to the Romulan ship. Aboard, La Forge discovers a phase inverter device, and theorizes that he and Ro are out of phase, and thus undetectable. He also overhears the Romulan crew discussing a plan to transmit a signal to the Enterprise that will cause the warp core to explode the next time the ship enters warp. The two return with Data and Worf to the Enterprise to try to warn the crew, unaware that a Romulan, also out-of-phase, is following them. On board the Enterprise, La Forge watches Data as he analyzes the data from the Romulan ship, and discovers high levels of chronoton emissions, part of the failing of the transporter system. La Forge recognizes that by passing through objects on the ship, he can create those emissions, and tries to encourage Data to study them more, but fails. Ro encounters the Romulan, armed with a disruptor, and demands she help return him to normal. Ro leads him on a chase through the walls of the crew quarters, releasing more chronoton radiation that catches Data's interest, with La Forge still following him. When Data enters the room where the Romulan has cornered Ro, La Forge rushes him, causing him to fly through the external hull of the ship into space. Though Captain Picard orders the ship into warp after their investigation is complete, Data cautions him to not do so until he completes a sweep of the ship with "anyon" particles to remove the chronoton radiation. Knowing that time is short before the ship will enter warp, Ro and La Forge head to their funeral—which has become a more festive wake and celebration - and attempt to phase through objects and fire the Romulan's disruptor to attract one of the attendees. When this does not get their attention, Ro sets the disruptor to overload, causing a large burst of chronoton radiation. Data instructs the computer to sweep Ten Forward with anyon particles, causing Ro and La Forge to temporarily become visible. Data deduces the fate of the crew members, and with a flood of anyon particles, The Enterprise is able to bring Ro and La Forge back into phase. La Forge is able to warn Engineering about the warp core in time. The two enjoy and celebrate with the rest of the crew for the rest of the funeral. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 23 - I, Borg

Overview: A member of the dangerous cybernetic race known as the Borg is captured by the Enterprise crew and examined. During the course of the interactions which follow, they begin to rethink their attitude towards the Borg. The Enterprise discovers a wrecked Borg scout ship with a single survivor amongst the wreckage: a young Borg drone. Dr. Crusher insists on treating the surviving Borg, and Captain Picard reluctantly agrees to transport him aboard the Enterprise. Given that the Federation is technically at war with the Borg (despite an absence of official declaration on their part), the crew are initially wary of the rescued Borg, which eventually is given the name Hugh. The idea of using the drone as a weapon of mass destruction is one of the central themes of the episode, with Picard and the crew considering sending back Hugh to destroy and/or cripple the Borg. This idea is refined throughout the show, eventually culminating in the planned use of a paradoxical mathematical construct which would be inserted into the Borg drone's memory banks and would be passed to the central collective due to the drone's inability to process it, causing chaos at the heart of the Borg collective. The morality of such an action is called into question by Dr. Crusher who maintains that genocide should not be a consideration. Picard counters by saying that with any other race the idea would be out of the question, but the nature of the Borg calls for extreme measures. The Borg drone (played by Jonathan del Arco), calling himself "Third of Five" (per his position aboard the five-crew scout ship), was dubbed "Hugh" by Geordi La Forge following a conversation of self and Human "designations." Hugh explains that the Borg only wish to learn about other cultures and cannot understand why Geordi does not want to be assimilated. The engineer begins to explain individuality, and leads onto friendship. In the course of working with Hugh, Geordi begins to question the action of genocide as Dr. Crusher does. These questions are compounded when Hugh begins to display traits of individuality. This demonstrated independence raises another question of morality for the crew: Is it right to sacrifice one individual to protect the majority? Geordi voices his concerns to Picard who dismisses them with little thought, suggesting that the engineer "un-attach" himself from the drone. Geordi then speaks to Guinan whose homeworld was destroyed by the Borg. Despite initial skepticism and displayed repugnance at the idea of giving a drone a name, Guinan goes to meet Hugh. Her skepticism is called into question when she does not find the expected mindless drone, but a confused young individual who concedes that "resistance is not futile," at clear odds with the mentality of his people. Now with her own doubts, Guinan speaks to Picard and urges him to meet with the Borg. He does so under duress, pretending at first to be Locutus of Borg in front of Hugh, and ordering him to assimilate the crew of the Enterprise, including Geordi. Hugh resists the idea, claiming that Geordi is his friend. When Picard pushes him further, he states "I will not assist you," shocking Picard with his use of the first person singular, and prompting the captain to reconsider his plans. Picard concludes that it would be immoral to use Hugh as a weapon to destroy his people, and offers the drone asylum within the Federation. Hugh is tempted but realises that the Borg, having lost a drone, would continue to look for him, placing the Enterprise and her crew in jeopardy. He decides to go back to the crash site and be re-assimilated by the Collective - a plan which Picard theorises may cause disruption of its own, with Hugh's individualism spreading throughout the Collective. As the Enterprise masks itself from the recovery ship's sensors, Geordi accompanies Hugh to the crash site and witnesses him being "rescued" and reassimilated. Just before Hugh is transported aboard the Borg vessel, however, he gives a small parting glance to Geordi. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 22 - Imaginary Friend

This episode centers around a girl named Clara, who just moved to the Enterprise with her father. She is lonely, and creates an imaginary friend named Isabella to keep her company. One day, to her surprise, her imaginary friend appears, and seems real. Clara and Isabella spend all their time together. Increasingly, Isabella gets Clara into trouble by leading her into off-limits places. (Isabella always makes herself invisible before adults see her.) Eventually Isabella gets Clara into enough trouble that Clara leaves her friend alone to go play with others. When she returns, Isabella is angry and says, "When the others get here, you can die like the rest." Clara works up the courage to talk to her father, who then talks to Captain Picard. The crew learns that Isabella is actually an energy-based life form whose home is the nebula outside the ship. (The ship has been exploring a rare nebula that formed around a neutron star.) Picard finds Isabella in the arboretum and talks to her about human parenting. Isabella argues that the adults were cruel to Clara, and Picard explains that rules are for her protection. Isabella is convinced, and allows the ship to pass safely through the nebula. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 21 - The Perfect Mate

Attempting to bring to an end centuries of war, planets Krios and Valt Minor have agreed to a Ceremony of Reconciliation to be held aboard the Enterprise at a point midway between their two systems. As the Federation starship heads off to the rendezvous point, Kriosian Ambassador Briam meets with ship’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the captain's ready room. Picard apologizes for their late arrival, telling Briam that the ship was delayed when they had to pick up some stranded miners. Briam minimizes the inconvenience, saying that his people are appreciative of any Federation attention to their current situation. Picard then inquires if Chief Engineer Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge was able to provide the special cargo handling provisions that had been requested. Briam replies that he was, adding that the cargo he brought aboard with him is intended for use in the ceremony. Picard is a little concerned about the nature of this somewhat mysterious cargo, but Briam reassures him that it is safe and requests that the storage hold be placed off limits to all non-essential ship’s personnel due to the cargo’s “irreplaceable” nature. Their conversation is interrupted as the Ship's First Officer Commander William Riker reports that a distress call has been received from a disabled Ferengi shuttle. The two crewmembers are beamed onto the Enterprise just as their ship explodes, and are escorted to temporary quarters where they will remain until they are able to arrange alternative transport. As soon as they are alone, the Ferengi smile and act in a celebratory manner, saying that “everything went too easily”, demonstrating that they have come aboard under false pretenses. La Forge and Picard escort Briam to the Holodeck so that he can examine Geordi's recreation of the ancient Temple of Akadar, where the actual ceremony will take place. When he sees it, Briam is astounded at how accurate the reproduction is. He explains that the original hostilities between the two worlds began with two brothers, Krios and Valt, who ruled a vast empire from the site of the original Temple. The brothers were torn apart by their mutual love for a beautiful woman, who at length was kidnapped and spirited away by Krios to the planet which he founded in his own name. Briam adds that he hopes the wars will come to an end inside this copy. As they leave the Holodeck, Briam is confronted by the Ferengi over future Krios Valt trade. Picard has the ship's Chief of Security Lt. Worf chase them away. Worf discovers the other Ferengi and a woman held in stasis in Briam's shipment. Arriving just as the woman emerges, Picard is taken aback and demands an explanation. The woman introduces herself as Kamala, and explains that she is intended as a gift for the Valt representative, Chancellor Alrick. Riker bristles at this and asks Briam if he is using their ship for the purpose of transporting a sentient being as property. Briam hastens to explain that Kamala is a gift, not property, adding that he was afraid the Starfleet officers might not understand. At first Kamala does not comprehend why the two men are upset but when Picard explains that a provision of the Federation Constitution protects individual fundamental rights, she is impressed and gratified with their concern, saying that she appreciates their coming to her rescue, but that she does not require it as she is acting of her own free will. Briam explains that Kamala is the key to peace between the two worlds, being an empathic metamorph - an extremely rare and valuable genetic mutation with the ability to perceive the desires of the men around her and adapt her persona to be their perfect mate. Concerned that these abilities might prove disruptive to the Enterprise crew, Briam chose to ship her in the cargo container, but Picard insists on giving her better treatment, and orders Riker to escort her to guest quarters. As Riker guides Kamala to her quarters, she tells Riker that in her current state of metamorphic development, called the Finisral, she is at the cusp of adapting herself to a permanent mate, therefore her presence can be difficult for those around her as her body is produced highly elevated levels of pheromones which have a provocative effect on all the males near her. Riker finds she is correct as she reacts to his unspoken interest and curiosity by passionately kissing him and he almost has to pry himself away. When Picard shares breakfast with his Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher the next morning, Beverly tells him that Briam has ordered Kamala to remain in her stateroom and thus is being held a virtual prisoner there. Picard says he had no idea that this was the case, and Crusher gently chides him, telling him that since it is his ship, maybe there are a few things he ought to find out about. Jean-Luc promises to look into it. Picard goes to see Kamala and fighting his obvious attraction, offers her some freedom of movement. She asks Picard why her situation makes him so uncomfortable, and he replies that he and others have difficulty with the concept that a sentient being would have the sole purpose in life of existing to please another. Observing that Picard has some curious viewpoints, Kamala says that pleasing another provides her with her fulfillment in life. Kamala then starts to respond as a metamorph to Picard, who asks her to stop “doing… the thing she does with men”, she replies that she cannot help who she is. Beating a hasty retreat, Picard tells her that he will speak to Briam about easing her restrictions. Picard confronts Braim who tries to forbid Picard from allowing Kamala freedom from her quarters but Picard tells him he won’t allow the metamorph to be confined on his ship. Briam protests that she is in the height of her Finisral, and that every man on the ship will be fighting over her. With a knowing smile, Picard enigmatically replies “not every man”. Jean-Luc assigns his emotionless Operations Officer Lt. Commander Data to escort Kamala on a tour of the ship, knowing that the android will be impervious to her wiles. However, when Data escorts Kamala into 10-Forward, the miners cause problems when interacting with her. Worf removes them, but then begins reacting to Kamala as well. Data takes her back to her cabin. Kamala comes to Picard’s Ready room to discuss the failure of his plan, she agrees to stay in her quarters if he will come and visit her, but he responds that this would be “inappropriate”. Disappointed, she tells him that she wishes he would quit trying to put up a wall between them and that her powers sense a man of deep passion and conviction… but very controlled. She adds that she is curious to see what lies beneath. Picard replies that there is nothing beneath and that he is really quite dull. Not accepting this, Kamala answers that he should not take it lightly when a metamorph finds him interesting, to which Picard rejoinders that he is just trying to “be as dull as possible”. Kamala asks again if he will come see her, this irritates Picard, who asks why she is acting the way she is. Kamala replies that she is only responding to his hidden desires, she acts as she does because some part of him wishes her to. The Ferengi try to bribe Briam into releasing Kamala to them, telling him they have a ship waiting nearby which is ready to pick them all up. He thanks them for sharing this information, and informs them he will tell the captain. And as he starts to leave, the Ferengi attempts to restrain him. In the struggle which follows, Briam is thrown to the floor and severely injured when he falls on a small table. With Briam unconscious and unable to participate in the ceremony, Picard considers delaying the meeting, but Kamala tells him that she is in the final stages of her metamorphic cycle and must bond with Alrik within two days. She suggests that Picard take over Briam’s role. Picard resists at first, saying he couldn’t represent her people, but Kamala points out that she is fully versed on all the intricacies of the ceremony. Picard reluctantly agrees to fill in for Briam under Kamala’s tutelage. In the Holodeck version of the Temple, Kamala and Picard work together to prepare him for the intricacies of the reconciliation ceremony. Picard tells her that playing some of the Valtese instruments remind him of his childhood piano lessons, which he despised. Kamala thanks him for letting down his guard and revealing his true self, if only for a moment. She teasingly asks him what he fears about her and if he finds her unattractive, he replies that he finds her “unavailable”. She tells him that they actually have something in common, she also studied musical instruments during her childhood training, but her lessons were for the entire orchestra! Kamala finally observes that in a day she will bond with a man she has never met, and turn herself into whatever he wants for the rest of her life, but wistfully adds that it’s ironic on the eve of her bonding ceremony that she should meet a man like Picard. Riker contacts Jean-Luc via intercom to announce that the Valtese ship has arrived and Chancellor Alrik is ready to beam aboard. Picard meets with Alrik in the Conference room. Picard discovers that Alrik is actually far less interested in Kamala than he is in the final provisions of the trade agreement he’s there to negotiate with Picard. He also has little use for the copy of the Temple or the rituals and Ceremony of Reconciliation, calling the Kriosians “sentimental people”. Picard tells Kamala that Alrik is looking forward to meeting with her the next morning and says that he must prepare for the ceremony. Replying that she doesn’t want to be alone, she asks him to stay, adding that she enjoys listening to the sound of his voice. Once he knows this, Picard suddenly feels self-conscious and finds it difficult to make conversation. Kamala reaches out and caresses his head, causing Picard to ask her if he has “not done everything possible to discourage this”. Kamala replies that Picard’s actions to dissuade her may actually have been the perfect way to attract a metamorph. Picard tells her that he doesn’t want to use her like other men, and she answers that he could never do that, and this is why she’s with him this night. The next morning, Picard and Crusher meet for breakfast again. Saying that he needs someone to talk to as a friend, Picard tells her that the entire situation with the metamorph, which he got involved with because of Beverly, has been very difficult for him. He reveals that it bothers him how Kamala changes her personality as each new man comes into a room, and then he finds himself wishing that that next man wouldn’t come in. He also says he’s uncomfortable knowing she’s bonding with a man who cares less about her than about trade agreements and he wonders how she will be with him. Beverly replies that she wishes she knew what to say, but Picard tells her that perhaps “he just needed a shoulder”. Picard arrives at Kamala’s quarters in dress uniform to escort her to the Holodeck and to be presented to Alrik. She looks very beautiful in an exquisite dress. To his shock she tells him that she has bonded with him, and that she will never love Alrik, although since she is still empathic she will be able to please the Chancellor. When Picard asks if she will still be able to go through with the ceremony, she replies that having bonded with Picard, she now knows the meaning of duty and must fulfill hers to stop the fighting – but she adds that she hopes Alrik likes Shakespeare. Picard escorts Kamala to the Holodeck and steps aside after placing her hand on Alrik’s, but its plain from his pained expression and the look in his eyes that he has developed very deep feelings for Kamala just as she has for him. The Ceremony of Reconciliation takes place without incident. Some time later, Jean-Luc escorts Briam to the Transporter room as the Ambassador heads back to Krios. Before he leaves though, Briam has a question for Picard. Briam observes that he was sent on the mission with Kamala primarily because he is nearly 200 years old, adding that the charms of a metamorph don’t easily reach him. He confides though that he would be lying if he said that they didn’t reach him at all. He says that he knows Picard worked with Kamala for days and wonders how Picard was able to resist her. The Captain doesn’t really answer him, simply telling the Ambassador that he hopes he will have a safe trip home, Briam is then beamed off the Enterprise. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 20 - Cost of Living

Lwaxana Troi arrives to the Enterprise, declaring that she is to hold her arranged wedding there. She is to marry a man with whom she shared many interests, according to a matchmaking computer system which declared them perfect mates. Picard refuses, but when he is told she wants him to give away the bride he changes his mind, saying, "Nothing would make me happier than giving away Mrs. Troi." Deanna is shocked when she is told that Lwaxana will not follow the Betazoid tradition of a naked bride at weddings. Lwaxana replies that it is offensive to her future husband's people. But Deanna still doesn't think someone with such a position as her mother should just throw away a fine Betazoid tradition just like that. Worf and his son Alexander have problems with fulfilling obligations, Alexander not doing the chores he has been told to do. Deanna Troi suggests that they make a contract including matters such as Alexander only playing after he has performed his chores. But Lwaxana ruins this by saying "A contract is something you make with someone you distrust." She several times takes Alexander to a holodeck simulation called the Parallax colony;[2] "a place for free spirits". It's a fantasy land involving such fantastical characters as a smiling, multi-colored humanoid head inside a "floating" sphere; a juggler who eats one of the balls he's juggling; a rotund humanoid noted for making such comments such as "every moment requires a purpose. Every purpose requires a plan" and "the higher, the fewer"; and two twins, each with large hairdos and a habit of constantly arguing.[3] Mrs. Troi teaches Alexander to do what he feels like and "be a free spirit". Deanna complains that her mother is giving the little Klingon conflicting messages. Lwaxana's husband-to-be arrives, proving himself to be less suitable than the test indicated. After talking to Alexander, who asks why she seems so sad, Mrs. Troi arrives to the wedding naked according to Betazoid tradition, ignoring any potential offense. Her husband-to-have-been leaves, upset. Lwaxana thanks Alexander for teaching her to be a free spirit. The episode ends with Deanna, Lwaxana, Alexander and Worf mudbathing in the free thinkers' colony, Worf asking "You're just supposed to sit here?" The material nitrium, used in the construction of Federation starships,[4] is referenced in this episode. Parasites are found feeding on Enterprise components made of this substance, jeopardising the ship's integrity, and so introducing a sense of urgency to the story. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 19 - The First Duty

The Enterprise returns to Earth, where Captain Picard is scheduled to deliver the commencement address at Starfleet Academy's graduation ceremony. However, the crew comes to learn of an accident during flight training that has involved Wesley Crusher, injured him, and caused the death of another squad member. Picard, concerned, orders his crew to investigate the accident, and discovers evidence that Wesley's squad were attempting to perform a banned maneuver called the "Kolvoord Starburst". Picard accosts Wesley and demands to know the truth, but Wesley refuses to answer him. Picard reminds him of his Starfleet duty. Wesley is torn between telling the truth and the demands of his squad leader, Locarno, who insists he state that the accident was caused by their dead squad member. Locarno attempts to coerce Wesley into keeping with the lie, making Wesley question his friendship. At the tribunal, Wesley is driven by the emotions of the dead crewman's father and by Picard's trust in him, and he reveals the truth at the last moment. Locarno, realizing he cannot hide it any longer, admits that he instigated the lie and made the rest of the squad cover up his actions. Locarno is expelled from the Academy while Wesley and the rest of his squad lose the past year's academic credits. Wesley is disheartened but both Picard and Beverly Crusher encourage Wesley that he will regain the trust of his classmates. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 18 - Cause and Effect

The Enterprise-D is shown to be stuck in a time loop, with events culminating in the destruction of the ship as a result of a collision with another Starfleet vessel that emerges from a space-time distortion. As each loop proceeds, the crew members, though unaware they are in the loop, have the feeling of déjà vu; Dr. Beverly Crusher begins to hear numerous conversations before going to bed, and during one cycle, manages to record the voices on a tricorder. Analysis reveals that the voices are Enterprise crewmembers seconds before the destruction of the ship. The crew discovers they are in a time loop caused by tachyon distortions near the space-time anomaly, and program Data to send a short message to his counterpart in the next iteration to take action on. Data sends the signal moments before the ship is destroyed again. On the next iteration, the crew still experiences déjà vu, but actions performed by Data often reveal the number three, going against their previous conceptions. They make the same conclusions from the previous iteration, and Data realizes the number three must have some as-yet-unknown significance to break the loop. The Enterprise again arrives at the anomaly, and as the other ship emerges, both Data and Riker suggest alternate plans to avoid being hit. Though Captain Jean-Luc Picard opts for Data's plan, Data comes to recognize that the "three" message was in reference to the insignia pips worn by Riker, and initiates his plan instead. The Enterprise is able to avoid being hit, and the time loop is broken. The crew discovers they have been stuck in the loop for 17 days, while the ship they narrowly avoided, the USS Bozeman, has been missing for more than 80 years. The Enterprise welcomes the Bozeman to the 24th century at the end of the episode. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 17 - The Outcast

Commander William Riker (played by Jonathan Frakes) falls in love with Soren, a member of an advanced, humanoid alien race called the J'naii. The J'naii are an androgynous species that view the expression of any sort of male or female gender, and especially sexual liaisons, as a sexual perversion. According to their official doctrine, the J'naii had evolved beyond gender and thus view the idea of male/female sexuality as primitive. Those among the J'naii who view themselves as possessing gender are ridiculed, outcast, and forced to undergo "psychotectic therapy"[2] - a psychological treatment to remediate gender-specificity and allow acceptance back into J'naii society. When the affair between Riker and Soren is discovered, J'naii diplomats force Soren to undergo this therapy. When Riker beams down to the planet to rescue Soren, he realises that she had already undergone the therapy. Soren refuses to go with him, claiming that she/he is happy now, and was sick during her/his affair with Riker. Soren apologizes to him for her/his feelings of love toward him. Riker remains unconvinced of the righteousness of the procedure. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now