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Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 26 - Endgame Part 2

Admiral Janeway takes her shuttlecraft and enters the transwarp hub, finally arriving at the Unicomplex—the center of all Borg activity, where the Borg Queen herself resides. She first appears to the Queen in her mind, claiming she wants Voyager towed back to the Alpha Quadrant (apparently in defiance of the younger Janeway's plans) in exchange for information on how to adapt to the armour and torpedo technologies. However, the Queen is quickly able to detect her shuttle and beams the Admiral to her chambers for assimilation into the Borg collective. A few minutes later, Admiral Janeway unleashes a neurolytic pathogen from within her bloodstream that devastates the Borg, physically making the queen fall apart. With the deactivation of the Queen, the Unicomplex suffers a cascade failure and explodes, killing the partially assimilated Admiral. Meanwhile Captain Janeway and her crew have entered a transwarp corridor and fire torpedoes at the unprotected manifolds while traveling back to the Alpha quadrant, but are pursued by a Borg sphere ship that has managed to withstand the pathogen’s effects and assimilate Admiral Janeway's ablative armor upgrade. It is now following the Borg Queen's final orders to destroy Voyager so that the Admiral (and her sabotage) will never exist. Unable to fight back against the ship’s exterior defenses, Janeway takes her ship inside the sphere, where, upon its arrival in Earth's solar system, she detonates a torpedo that destroys the sphere from the inside out. In the show’s final few minutes, the crew stand dumbfounded that they have finally returned home after seven years lost in the Delta Quadrant and are greeted by a fleet of Starfleet vessels that arrived to fight the sphere. Settling down in her chair, Captain Janeway issues her final words; the same words that she used at the start of her journey: "Set a course...for home." Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 25 - Endgame Part 1

n the year 2404, Earth is celebrating Voyager's 10th anniversary of its 23 year journey home. However, an elderly Admiral Kathryn Janeway acquires a chrono deflector from a Klingon named Korath and uses it on her shuttle to travel back to 2378 in the Delta Quadrant. She pulls rank on Voyager to emit an anti-tachyon pulse, collapsing the temporal distortion to prevent the Klingons from following her through. On board her old starship, the Admiral tells her younger self to return to a nebula filled with Borg that they passed by a few days ago. She provides advanced technologies that would give Voyager the opportunity to get past the massive Borg defenses and enter a transwarp corridor. The Borg, despite spying on the ship and preparing for its attack, are unable to penetrate Voyager's new ablative hull armour nor capture it with tractor beams while Voyager destroys two Borg Cubes with transphasic torpedoes. They then come upon a Borg transwarp hub at the center, which could save the ship sixteen more years of being stranded in the Delta Quadrant. However, the admiral’s efforts are hindered by the desire of her younger self to use the future technology to destroy the transwarp network instead of using it to return home. Trying to blast it from the inside is impossible, as the network adapts to any attack due to the control of the Borg Queen (Alice Krige, reprising the role for the first time since Star Trek: First Contact). It can only be destroyed from their end for the Alpha Quadrant contains only exit apertures. The two Janeways argue over the issue until the elder Janeway tells her younger self that Seven of Nine and Chakotay, along with 22 other crewmembers, will die if they do not take the road home, and that Tuvok will become senile from a neurological condition that could have been treated in the alpha quadrant if they'd made it back soon enough. Deeply troubled by the knowledge that she is effectively ordering her crew to their deaths, Captain Janeway discusses the issue with them, but they too decide that destroying the Borg’s transwarp hub is more important than returning to Earth, as without it, the Borg's ability to travel across the galaxy will be severely hampered and countless lives will be saved. On seeing the crew’s selfless reaction to the plan, the older Janeway rediscovers a piece of her old fighting spirit and with Captain Janeway, comes up with a plan to both destroy the hub and possibly get Voyager home. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 24 - Renaissance Ma

Captain Janeway and the Doctor run into a problem as they travel back from a medical symposium on the Delta Flyer. When Janeway returns to the U.S.S. Voyager, she tells Chakotay that they encountered a race called the R'Kaal who have outlawed conventional warp travel through their territory, and insist on punishing Voyager by dismantling the ship. Janeway says she agreed to surrender their warp core in exchange for letting the crew settle on an M-Class planet. Chakotay is concerned that the captain is giving in so easily, but Janeway insists she's tired of continually risking her people on a slim chance of making it home, and orders Chakotay to set a course for the planet. Janeway then asks Torres to modify the Flyer's tractor beam so that if the warp core is ejected, it can be safely towed at warp speed. Chakotay learns of this order, and tries to find out from Janeway what's really going on. Janeway acts strangely distant, and retires to her quarters with a "headache." Chakotay visits Sickbay and calls for the Doctor, who beams in from elsewhere on the ship. Chakotay asks him to re-examine Janeway to see what the aliens may have done to her. Later, Chakotay gets a message from Supreme Archon Loth of the R'Kaal Imperium, warning that if Voyager does not surrender its warp core in ten hours, his armada will destroy the ship. Chakotay asks Seven of Nine and Harry Kim to pinpoint the source of that transmission. After finding out from the Doctor that the captain is normal, Chakotay confronts Janeway in her quarters about her decision. He makes up a story about Janeway's past that she pretends to remember, thus exposing her as an imposter. The imposter then overpowers Chakotay and knocks him out with a hypospray injection. The imposter places the unconscious Chakotay in the ship's morgue and keeps his combadge, then returns to Sickbay and uses the mobile emitter to restore his identity - the imposter is the Doctor. The Doctor has been hearing the voices of two aliens belonging to the Hierarchy - the species that learned how to tap into the Doctor's perceptual subroutines over a year ago - and forced to do their bidding because they are holding the real Janeway hostage on their ship. On top of procuring the warp core, Zet, the leader, orders the Doctor to also acquire a series of gel packs. When Tuvok summons Chakotay, the Doctor downloads the commander's holographic template and takes on his identity. Tuvok informs him that the Flyer's com system is not damaged as the captain had reported. Meanwhile Janeway, being held behind a forcefield by the Hierarchy, tries to bluff her captors into thinking the Doctor is fooling them, but Zet refuses to abandon his plan because the warp core is worth too much money. On Voyager, the Doctor, using Janeway's voice, summons B'Elanna Torres to the captain's quarters so he can draw her out of Engineering in order to impersonate her there. While loading up gel packs in a case, the Doctor is approached by Tom Paris, Torres' husband, for a romantic interlude. After that awkward encounter, the Doctor goes to Astrometrics as Chakotay where Seven and Kim reveal that the R'Kaal transmission originated from inside Voyager, specifically Holodeck 2. The disguised Doctor goes there with Kim, who uses residual photonic displacement to find out who was last there. He realizes the R'Kaal was actually a hologram, and the underlying template was that of the Doctor's. Exposed, the Doctor injects Kim with a hypospray, and hides him also in the morgue. Back in Sickbay, the Doctor talks to the Hierarchy while listening to "The Blue Danube" waltz. Tuvok arrives and reveals that he's learned the Doctor downloaded the captain's holographic template while on the Flyer. When the Doctor tries to inject him with a hypospray, Tuvok is ready for the attack. The Doctor leaps through solid objects and grabs his mobile emitter to escape from Sickbay. Tuvok pursues him to a holodeck, where he's faced with a roomful of holographic copies of the Doctor. While Tuvok tries to disable the decoys, the Doctor takes a Jefferies Tube to Engineering and becomes Chakotay again, ordering an evacuation due to an imminent core breach. Paris informs Torres that he's detected the Doctor's emitter in her section, so the Doctor traps Torres behind a forcefield, activates his Emergency Command Hologram protocols and uses his command codes to eject the warp core. The Doctor then makes his way to the Delta Flyer and, using its modified tractor beam, tows the core away at warp speed. Meanwhile Janeway helps the second Hierarchy alien, Nar, repair a salvaged component, realizing she may be able to take advantage of his friendliness. Zet puts a stop to their interaction, just as the Doctor arrives in the Delta Flyer with the warp core. Zet says he will release the captain in exchange for the core, but instead he beams the Doctor over to their ship and imprisons him with Janeway. Janeway chews out the Doctor for not following her orders to refuse cooperation, but he insists he wouldn't let her be killed. Back on the stranded Voyager, the crew finds Chakotay and Kim in the morgue and revives them. As they try to figure out how to track down the Flyer, the ship's com system starts playing "The Blue Danube" and won't stop. But the music contains several incorrect notes, so the crew realizes it was altered intentionally. Seven analyzes the harmonics and finds a pattern that appears to be a warp signature. She scans for that signature and finds it 6.7 light-years away. Since Voyager doesn't have warp, Tuvok and Paris take a shuttle to that location. The Hierarchy alien, meanwhile, decide to use the Doctor to infiltrate their Central Command Surveillance Complex to steal valuable information, and start uploading new data and holographic templates into his matrix. When the Doctor takes on the form of a Hierarchy alien, he starts to destabilize and has a hard time staying in one form. At that point Tuvok and Paris arrive in the shuttle to take back the Delta Flyer, and they get into a phaser fight with the Hierarchy. Zet decides to jettison Voyager's warp core and detonate it, and Nar realizes that would kill the people in the other ships. Janeway and the Doctor escape from behind the forcefield and, while the Doctor struggles with Zet, Janeway works the controls to transport the warp core back out into space, allowing Paris to reclaim it with the Flyer. Zet asks Nar to help him overpower the hologram, but Nar chooses to knock out Zet instead, putting an end to the struggle. In danger of permanently decompiling because of the excess subroutines, the Doctor is rushed back to Voyager where Torres and Seven try to stabilize his matrix. Certain he won't survive, the Doctor starts making several "deathbed confessions" to the crew, including the revelation that he's in love with Seven. However, Torres succeeds in saving his program, ensuring a long life for the highly embarrassed Doctor. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 23 - Homestead

USS Voyager is holding a party to celebrate "First Contact Day", including an ancient jukebox playing the favorite music of Zefram Cochrane and his favorite food (cheese pierogi). During the party crew of Voyager is surprised to detect a Talaxian settlement hidden within an asteroid belt, light-years away from the nearest Talaxian territory. A curious Neelix travels toward the Talaxians' asteroid along with Paris and Tuvok aboard the Delta Flyer, but they are shot down and crash before they can make contact. A company of miners claims the asteroid belt, and they are hostile toward any intruders into their territory. The Talaxians rescue the Voyager crew and Dexa, a widowed mother, takes a liking to Neelix. The feeling becomes mutual as the two get to know each other. He learns that Dexa's people emigrated to the asteroid and constructed a small city there by dismantling the very spacecraft that brought them there. The miners pressure the Talaxians to leave the asteroid, which they would like to take for its minerals. The Talaxians would prefer to stay in their asteroid home, but have no way to defend themselves against the miners' cooperative. Neelix being the resourceful person he is begins to devise a plan for the colony to defend themselves. Using the miners existing shield technology they planned to erect a defensive shield around the asteroid. They must act quickly as not to arouse suspicion. Neelix coordinates the shield placements by using his old shuttle which Voyager has had docked away. Neelix deflecting bomb attacks from the miners loses weapon control and attempts to ram the last mine. The Delta flyer springs to aid Neelix and helps destroy the bomb. Together they fend off the miners' attacks. After the miners retreat, Neelix returns to Voyager. He is distressed that he must leave Dexa and her son, Brax and his fellow Talaxians on the asteroid. After a bit of soul-searching, he decides that Voyager will be all right without him, and he joins the Talaxians on the asteroid. Voyager continues toward home, and Captain Janeway bestows on Neelix the title of Official Starfleet Ambassador to the Delta Quadrant. Neelix departs with an honorable ceremony surprising him as the crew of Voyager lines up in the corridors from the turbo lift to the transporter. Tuvok surprises Neelix by doing a small dance commemorating the day of first contact between humans and Vulcans. It has been 315 years, thus making this day April 5, 2378. Neelix is touched by the final gesture. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 22 - Natural Law

While traveling in a shuttle to the planet Ledos for a conference on Warp Field Dynamics, Chakotay and Seven of Nine take a small detour to admire the natural landscape. There they scrape an ancient energy barrier that begins to break the shuttle apart. Chakotay manages to blast a temporary hole through the barrier. The shuttle falls through but still threatens to break apart. Moments before it explodes, the two beam to the surface. They find themselves in a lush jungle. In spite of Chakotay's leg injury, they decide to search for the shuttle's debris in hopes of constructing a distress beacon. While searching, they encounter a tribe of primitive humanoids called the Ventu living in the jungle. Because of the Prime Directive, Chakotay and Seven agree to limit their contact with the Ventu as much as possible. While in contact with the Ledos authorities, Paris performs an illegal flying maneuver within Ledos space. Despite his years of training as a pilot, the Ledos authorities insist he undergo a one-on-one piloting class as punishment. Janeway agrees to this, partly as a way to maintain good relations. Seven is forced to go it alone as Chakotay is too injured to continue. Seven herself becomes lost and loses her tricorder down a small but deep hole. As Chakotay rests from his injury, he is found by two Ventu and taken to their camp, where they begin healing his injuries. He begins to communicate with them and becomes impressed with their hospitality and culture. Out of necessity, Seven must affect their culture also, in order to watch out for Chakotay. The primitives come to emulate the two, even copying Chakotay's facial tattoos. One copies Seven's implants with debris taken from the shuttle. Chakotay and Seven eventually disable the ancient energy barrier, mainly using the front section of the shuttlecraft. Voyager learns the barrier was erected by an alien species to separate the peoples of Ledos, protecting the Ventu from invasion and colonization. These aliens were eventually assimilated by the Borg (which is how Seven was able to penetrate the field during the crash). The shield going down opens up the primitive inhabitants to outsiders. The Ledos authorities promise Voyager the Ventu would be free of corruption but they see this is not true. Paris, under the protests of his driving instructor, uses dramatic and skillful piloting to help reestablish the barrier, freeing the primitives from any more cultural contamination by the outside world. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 21 - Friendship One

An old Earth probe, Friendship One, approaches a Delta Quadrant planet, to the puzzlement of that planet's astronomers. USS Voyager is assigned its first mission by Starfleet since becoming stranded in the Delta quadrant in the year 2371. Captain Janeway informs the crew that they have been assigned to find an ancient Earth probe launched several years after Earth's first warp flight. The probe, named Friendship One carried information on technology, such as antimatter reactors and communication transceivers. After doing calculations to avoid such things as stellar drift, Harry Kim suggests skipping to the most likely place. They discover the probe is presently on a planet undergoing a nuclear winter. The Delta Flyer is sent down to investigate and retrieve the probe; however, after searching and finding a part of the probe, several humanoids ambush and kidnap Tom Paris, Neelix, and Lt. Joe Carey. Chakotay and Harry return to the Delta Flyer, where Chakotay discovers that someone has tampered with the systems. While removing his spacesuit in the cargo bay, Harry is attacked, but Chakotay enters and stuns the assailant with his phaser. As the Delta Flyer shakes, Harry and Chakotay return to the cockpit and discover they are being attacked with anti-matter weapons, and that shields have failed. Chakotay takes the Delta Flyer up, stating that they will return for Tom, Neelix, and Carey. Back on Voyager, Janeway and Chakotay talk and enter the sickbay where the Doctor awakens the humanoid they stunned on the planet. Janeway and the humanoid talk and exchange history, as the humanoid explains the technology brought by the probe sparked the nuclear winter on his planet. The planet hails the starship Voyager, and Janeway and a man named Verin communicate. Verin demands that Voyager remove his people from the planet. He prepares to send a hostage through in return for food and supplies; however, moments before he is beamed away, Verin apologizes and kills Carey. His is the final crew fatality of the series.[citation needed] As it turns out, Verin and all his people despise the humans because they blame them for their current dilemma, namely a planet wide disaster which arose from Verin's people applying the knowledge they garnered from the Human Friendship One probe. Using her nanoprobes, Seven of Nine reveals to Otrin, a male they captured from the planet, that the first phase of his treatment is complete. Voyager sends down the Delta Flyer with several officers. Tuvok is captured by the planet's natives and is brought to the caves, where the others are being held. Upon entering, his escort fires his weapon. Rendering the captors unconscious, Tuvok's escort removes his head cover, revealing himself to be the Doctor. As Tom Paris, Neelix, Tuvok and The Doctor prepare to beam out, Tom decides to bring along the child they helped save to Voyager, where he can receive medical care from their Doctor. Otrin along with Seven show their invention to Janeway, a solution to correcting the planet's atmosphere. They consider using photon torpedoes to cause a chain reaction, applying their idea on a planetary scale. As Voyager hails Otrin, notifying him that they are ready to begin, he wishes them good luck. When Voyager begins firing the modified photon torpedoes, the shockwaves of the explosions cause Verin to become paranoid, and proceeds to activate the planets defenses; however, the people of the planet stop him. A young child enters the caves telling everybody to hurry outside. Once outside, they discover that winter has disappeared. The sun has come out and the young girl says it’s beautiful. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 20 - Author, Author

A new method of communications allows Voyager to contact home for 11 minutes each day with live sound and pictures as opposed to the previous sound and data only. Each crew member is given three minutes to use this time on a rotation which is selected by drawing lots. In the holodeck the Doctor edits his holonovel Photons Be Free and, pleased with his work, he saves the file. He plans to use this new method of communication to publish his work in Federation space. Tom Paris asks the Doctor to let him preview Photons Be Free, set on the fictional USS Vortex a Starfleet ship lost in the Delta Quadrant. The protagonist of the story—a holographic doctor—wears a huge cumbersome backpack-like mobile emitter to get around and is constantly mistreated by his crewmates. Worse, each member of the crew is a thinly-veiled allusion to an actual crewman but portrayed as being cruel or obnoxious—for example The Tom Paris character is a self-serving adulterer, Harry Kim is a hypochondriac and Captain Kathryn Janeway is a tyrant and murderer. As a further homage to the mirror universe Tuvok's character wears a goatee. The senior crew plays through the novel one by one. When Janeway sees the fate of the fictional doctor she orders a meeting. The Doctor, while insisting that the story was not based on his crewmates, claims his novel was meant to highlight the plight of Mark I holograms back home. The Doctor, a Mark I hologram, does not like the fact that the other holograms are now reduced to menial tasks. Going back to the holodeck to work on his novel, the Doctor discovers it has been replaced by a parody where he is a boorish slacker who drugs a patient, reminiscent of Seven of Nine, to take advantage of her. He confronts Tom Paris who explains that he made it in order to show how hurt the other members of the crew were when they heard the Vortex portrayals of them. This, and a talk with Neelix, convinces him to edit his work so that it is more fictional. He does not wish the entire Federation to see his friends in a negative light. The issue seems to become moot when Admiral Paris from Earth lets Captain Janeway know that Photons Be Free is already being distributed without the Doctor's permission by Ardon Broht, his intended publisher, and people are wondering how fictional it really is. When Broht refuses to recall the holonovel an arbitration hearing is conducted by long distance. After several days the arbiter rules that the Doctor is not a person under current Federation law but is an artist and therefore has the right to control his work. Flash-forward to a few months later to an asteroid where several EMH Mark I's perform menial labor. One of them suggests to another that at the diagnostic station they play Photons Be Free. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 19 - Q2

Q shows up on USS Voyager to introduce Kathryn Janeway to her godson, Q Junior, who now has the appearance of a human teenager. Things start out bad with Junior around. He starts making all sorts of trouble for the Voyager crew, for example, turning Engineering into a nightclub, removing Neelix's voice, and starting a war between two peaceful races. He causes Seven of Nine's clothes to vanish, leaving her naked. When he sees that she isn't the least bit bothered and doesn't "scamper away" trying to cover up, he replaces them and goes on his way. He also puts Voyager against three Borg vessels, to see how "humans act under pressure," until his father appeared to clean up the mess (repairing the ship, removing the Borg vessels and drones, and restoring Neelix's voice). Q explains to Janeway in her ready room that the Continuum hoped his son would stabilize everything. However, it was quite the opposite; Junior started war, tampered with primordial gene pools and tore holes in the fabric of space-time. The Continuum blamed Q for this, so he dumped his son on Voyager in hopes he'll learn something. Janeway suggests he spend some "father-son" time with Junior. But ten minutes later (one minute is one year in Q time), Q reappears seeking more advice. Junior was no better and had shifted the tectonic plates of a nearby planet and refused to apologize. Janeway says Q Junior must learn that there are consequences for his actions. Disappointed by young Q's lack of progress, Q takes away his son's powers and he leaves once again. The Q Continuum has ruled that the boy will be turned into an amoeba unless he improves. After a rough start, young Q gains Icheb's trust and kidnaps him on the Delta Flyer on a tour of the galaxy. They run into a Chokuzan ship, which fires a neural weapon at the Delta Flyer leaving Icheb incapacitated. Young Q returns to Voyager and pleads with the Doctor to save Icheb. The Doctor is powerless without more knowledge of the Chokuzan weapon. When Q refuses to save Icheb, stating that if Q Junior's friend must die for him to learn his lesson, "so be it," Janeway and Q Junior return to the Chokuzan ship to plead for the information to save Icheb's life. Since Janeway was the adult responsible for the boys, she is the one to be punished. Q Junior argues against it, demanding he be the one punished, even if the penalty is death. At this point Q finally reveals that the whole situation was just another test for his son, and there wasn't really a Chokuzan vessel after all. Janeway, frustrated at being toyed with, asks of Icheb's condition, to which Q replies that the doctor will find he has miraculously recovered. He then returns the trio to Voyager to stand judgment in front of the Continuum, where it is decided that although Q Junior hasn't shown enough improvement, he will not be turned into an amoeba. Instead, Q Junior will suffer the "second worst fate" of remaining forever in human form without his powers. The continuum then vanishes, followed by an upset Q. Shortly after, while Janeway is talking with Q Junior, Q reappears with the news that if his son must leave the Continuum, then he will go as well. Knowing that Q is required to keep the Continuum relatively stable, they grant his appeal to restore his son's powers. Q Junior uses them to fill his "Aunt Kathy's" ready room with roses before disappearing. Janeway is clearly doubtful that the Continuum got on their knees and begged Q to stay as he said, so he admits there were a couple conditions such as eternal custody of his son. Finally, he gives Janeway information to take Voyager home sooner as a token of his appreciation. When she asks why he is only saving them a few years of travel instead of taking them all the way there, Q responds "What sort of an example would I be setting for my son if I did all the work for you?" and disappears. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 18 - Human Error

To the steady tick of a metronome, a woman plays Chopin's Nocturne in E minor on the piano. Although her technique is perfect, the playing is mechanical and lacking in emotion. As the camera pans up, we see that it is Seven of Nine, who does not appear to have any Borg implants. Her hair is loose and she is not wearing her Borg catsuit. The credits roll. Act One begins at a baby shower for Paris and Torres. Tom and B'Elanna are opening presents as Seven speaks privately with Captain Janeway. Seven requests to be admitted to the crew and given a uniform and her own quarters as she no longer needs to regenerate. Janeway readily grants the requests, but their conversation is interrupted by Chakotay, who prompts Seven to give a champagne toast to the new baby. Seven offers a touching toast and even tells a joke. Then the camera cuts to the bridge and we discover that this whole time, Seven has been on the holodeck running a simulation of what her life aboard Voyager might be like if she were completely human. When Janeway calls Seven to the Astrometrics lab, Seven ends the program. Her Borg implants reappear, and as she exits the holodeck, she begins to pin her hair up in the tight bun she usually wears. In the Astrometrics lab, Seven declines the Captain's invitation to attend the surprise baby shower. She and Tuvok bond over their mutual discomfort in social situations, but Tuvok assures her that they are good for morale. Seven says that she may attend the shower, however when we see her next she is in the holodeck now dressed in a green Starfleet uniform, pretending to pick out her new quarters. Chakotay enters the room and gives her a dreamcatcher, and they flirt. Seven asks him over for dinner. Pleased, Chakotay accepts immediately. Later on, in the real world, Seven is in Sickbay listening to the Doctor describe the baby shower, which she obviously did not attend. She is dismayed to learn that an implant in her shoulder is out of alignment and cannot be extracted. It's another unwelcome reminder that she isn't completely human and organic. On the bridge, Janeway sits in her chair. Voyager is experiencing turbulence that knocks it out of its warp field. Later, in Astrometrics, Seven informs the Captain and Tuvok that the turbulence was caused by a long range warhead that was aimed at an unmanned probe somewhere in the vicinity of the ship. Janeway gives Seven an assignment. Icheb comes to the lab later to tell Seven that the Doctor wants her to spend more time regenerating. Reluctantly, Seven leaves the lab and goes to the regeneration chamber. Just before she hooks herself up to it, however, she changes her mind and goes in the opposite direction. Seven heads to Engineering where B'Elanna is busy working on getting Voyager back into warp. Seven distracts her by presenting B'Elanna with a gift for the baby, which turns out to be little shoes lined with biothermal material. B'Elanna seems amused by Seven's description, but is clearly strapped for time and is under a great deal of pressure. She doesn't exhibit much gratitude. Still not taking the hint, Seven asks how B'Elanna styles her hair. Afterwards, Seven goes to the holodeck and cooks dinner with a holographic Chakotay. They are extremely flirtatious with one another and share a long kiss during which Seven feels her implant malfunctioning. She ignores it and kisses Chakotay again. That night, Seven sleeps uneasily. She is awakened by the real Chakotay, calling her on the comlink. She gets up from the couch, fixes her hair and hurries to Astrometrics where Icheb and the real Chakotay await her. The contrast between her romantic liaisons with the holographic Chakotay and their professional demeanor in real life affects her. She is short with Icheb. Later, instead of remaining at her post, Seven plays the piano for Chakotay, but this time he convinces her to proceed without the metronome. Meanwhile on the bridge, Voyager is hit by turbulence caused by the warheads that Seven was supposed to locate. An angry Janeway summons Seven to her ready room to chew her out, but realizes something is on Seven's mind. She asks Seven to inform Chakotay the next time she needs to leave her post. Back in Astrometrics, Icheb tries to help Seven with her work. She admits to him that she was negligent in her duties and expressed her regret. Seven leaves her post again and goes to the holodeck to break up with Chakotay. Holo-Chakotay is hurt and angry. He accuses Seven of being afraid of her emotions and her humanity. As the argument escalates, Seven's implants begin to seriously malfunction. She manages to call the Doctor before she collapses. The Doctor energizes himself to the holodeck where he discovers a puzzled Chakotay sitting over Seven. Chakotay doesn't know what the Doctor is talking about when he asks where Seven's implants have gone. Realizing that Chakotay is a hologram, the Doctor ends the program and transfers Seven to sickbay. When she awakes, Seven and the Doctor discuss her reasons for creating the program. Seven tells him that she wanted to feel the emotions she felt in Unimatrix Zero and that ever since its destruction, she has felt incomplete. Despite the Doctor's enthusiasm for her desire to explore her humanity, Seven informs him that she intends to delete the program. The Doctor tells her that her personal life is meant to be a distraction and that she only needs to find a balance between it and her work. She returns to Astrometrics. Voyager regains warp, but a warhead diverts its course and heads towards Voyager. Seven helps to disarm it. After the emergency, the Doctor informs Seven that the Borg designed her chip to malfunction in the event that she regained the full range of her emotions. The Doctor tells her that he could probably remove it, but it would take a number of surgeries. Seven declines his offer, stating that her chip will ensure that she remains focused on her work. As she returns to the lab, Seven encounters Chakotay who invites her to dinner. He says that even Tuvok is planning to come and it could be fun. Seven declines again and walks in the other direction. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 17 - Workforce Part 2

With Neelix's help, Torres begins to remember her life as a starship engineer. On the planet, Chakotay (who has managed to escape capture thus far) approaches Janeway, but is unable to overcome her skepticism. A young doctor begins to become suspicious that so many people of the same species have the apparently-rare 'dysphoria syndrome', and that almost all of them got jobs at the energy plant, all began working at the same time, and none of them have any previous file references. After gentle inquiries result in an official 'hands-off' warning from the local law enforcement, the doctor approaches Annika Hansen, who is initially sceptical, but begins taking Tuvok's rants seriously. What the Efficiency Monitor discovers breaks the spell: the workers at the plant were diagnosed with dysphoria syndrome (and treated with mind-altering drugs), specifically so that they could be placed in the plant to alleviate the labor shortage. Examining the files of the plant's newest 'employees', she discovers that they are all Voyager officers and crew, and begins to launch a deeper investigation. Meanwhile, Chakotay, Kim and the Doctor discover that the planet's own government is unaware of the kidnappings. Working with the planet's doctor, Annika unmasks the conspiracy and frees Voyager's crew, and the planetary government pledges to end the forced-labor practices begun by plant staff. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now