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Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 6 - Inside Man

While accessing its monthly datastream from the Pathfinder Project—the Starfleet commission that is tasked with bringing Voyager home - the crew finds a hologram of Reginald Barclay. The hologram informs the crew that Federation scientists are able to create a geodesic fold between two red giants, one in the Alpha quadrant and one in the Delta quadrant. However, crew inoculations and new shield modifications must be implemented in order to protect the crew from the radiation in the fold. The Doctor loans Holo-Barclay his mobile emitter so he can supervise the modifications. When he then invites Holo-Barclay to play a round of golf, he evades the question. On Earth, the real Reg Barclay twice attempts to send his hologram to Voyager in the monthly datastream and fails both times. Barclay suspects the Borg or the Romulans were responsible but, as he has no proof of any foul play, his supervisor orders him to take a vacation. Back on Voyager, the Doctor raises questions to Holo-Barclay about the effectiveness of the proposed inoculations; he disregards the Doctor's opinion by claiming that the inoculations rely on the shield modifications to sufficiently protect the crew. Later, Holo-Barclay includes a "progress report" to the data block when Kim and Torres transmit updates back to the Alpha quadrant. The datastream reaches the Alpha quadrant but before Starfleet can receive it, it is redirected to a Ferengi ship. Three Ferengi review Holo-Barclay's information about Seven of Nine's nanoprobes; they intend to harvest and sell the nanoprobes for a profit. While on vacation at the beach, Reg Barclay discusses his problems with sunbathing Counselor Deanna Troi. He mentions to her that his girlfriend, Leosa, left him the same day he initially sent his hologram. Since then, he realized Leosa was more interested in the Pathfinder Project than him; Barclay admits to Troi that he believes Leosa may have been involved in the hologram heist. At Starfleet headquarters, Troi and Barclay question Leosa, who is in fact a dabo girl (Barclay thought she was a teacher). Leosa eventually tells Troi the truth: she was working for a Ferengi in order to steal and sell Seven of Nine's nanoprobes. After learning the location of the Ferengi vessel, Admiral Paris sends a Federation starship, the U.S.S. Carolina, to intercept it. The Doctor becomes even more suspicious of the Barclay hologram because when the Doctor invites him for golf, Holo-Barclay becomes very hostile. He confronts Captain Janeway about his misgivings. Despite a check of his matrix, there seems to be nothing wrong with the hologram. While waiting for the Carolina to reach the Ferengi, Reg Barclay uncovers the whole plan. The Ferengi stole his initial hologram and reprogrammed it to steal Seven's nanoprobes. When the Ferengi start to open the geodesic fold, Barclay finally understands how they planned on physically receiving the nanoprobes: Voyager would be transported to the Alpha quadrant through the fold and, in the process, the crew would die from the radiation. However, it appears too late as the Federation ship will not reach the Ferengi in time. Thus, Reg Barclay, disguised as Holo-Barclay, sends a message to the Ferengi . He claims that Janeway discovered the plot, found real shield modifications effective against the radiation, and plans on entering the fold and killing all parties involved. The Ferengi then begin to shut the fold. Much to Janeway's dismay, Holo-Barclay kidnaps Seven and attempts to enter the closing fold via escape pod. However, Voyager is able to retrieve them before they go through the fold. As Reg Barclay works on his new hologram, with added security features, Troi invites him on a double-date with Commander William Riker and a friend of his, a real teacher. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 5 - Critical Care

A trader named Gar brings the Doctor's mobile emitter to a crowded hospital where he barters a price for the 'trinket' with Administrator Chellick. The Doctor's emitter is activated and protests his kidnapping. Injured patients arrive and the Doctor puts his emotions aside in order to treat them. Back on Voyager Harry and Tom discover that the Doctor was kidnapped after a trip to sickbay. This makes Neelix uneasy, making him think he caused Gar to become sick from his cooking. Captain Janeway sets him at ease by telling him "it's not like your cooking turned him into a thief." Back on the medical ship the Doctor converses with a miner named Tebbis. As the Doctor checks him he discovers that Tebbis has a chronic condition that has long been untreated when he asks Voje, a fellow doctor, it is explained that he doesn't have a high enough Treatment Coefficient, or TC. Chellick returns and tells the Doctor that the allocator, the main computer, has decided he would be better utilized on Level Blue, the floor where the most important patients are kept. On the Blue level there is a doctor per patient as the Doctor is explained to that they have a higher TC, which determines what kind of treatment a person receives. A person's TC is based on a complicated formula that determines a person's value to society. Voyager tries to track down Gar which leads them through several angry aliens that claim they have all been swindled by the same trader. The Doctor becomes angry on Level Blue when he finds a nurse giving a shot of cytoglobin to a healthy patient. He is told it is a preventative measure to stop arterial aging. The Doctor is upset because the same injection would help save Tebbis from dying. Dysek explains to the Doctor that if Tebbis' TC was higher he would receive more adequate treatment. Later, the Doctor tells a nurse that a patient requires an addition cytoglobin shot. The Doctor takes this to Level Red and gives it to Tebbis, and with his help, distributes it to other level red patients. Tebbis also asks to not be declared well so he can stay and get medical training instead of being sent back to the mines. The Doctor tells him that he does not plan to stay in the hospital ship long enough to train him but tells him he will try to arrange something. Voyager finds Gar's ship and drops out of warp to capture him. Gar claims he knows nothing about the Doctor and tries to escape their tractor beam by using a feedback pulse. Janeway decides to have him beamed to the brig. Mean while, Chellick tells the Doctor that Tebbis has been transferred to Level White, the morgue. Chellick discovers The Doctor's scheme to help Level Red patients and he is restricted to Level Blue and his time is strictly controlled by the allocator on a minute to minute basis. On Voyager, Tuvok is getting nowhere with Gar and threatens him with a mind meld. Neelix feeds Gar a meal made with Talaxian wormroot, he adds as an afterthought that he hopes Gar doesn't react to it badly with abdominal spasms that could prove to be quite painful. Neelix says that there is an antidote but unfortunately the Doctor is not there to administer it. As he treats patients on Level Blue, the Doctor asks Voje to take his mobile emitter to Level Red. When Chellick finds the Doctor working on level Red he decides to have him deactivated. The Doctor instead injects Chellick with the cromovirus and blood from Tebbis, stating that he was going to make Chellick a patient in his own hospital. The Doctor says he wants cytoglobin to be distributed among the patients on Level Red. Voyager finds the Doctor's program but B'lanna is unable to retrieve him because he is locked in with the main computer. When the hospital ship is hailed the allocator gives an automated response saying that only Administrator Chellick can speak with him and that he is unavailable. Chellick demands that he be given cytoglobin but Dysek tells him that he can't because Level Red patients aren't authorized to be given cytoglobin. The Doctor tells Chellick that if he was transferred to Level Blue along with other patients from Level Red that he could be treated with an authorized dose of cytoglobin. Chellick approves this decision as B'lanna and Chakotay beam onto the ship. The Doctor tells Seven of Nine that she is perfectly healthy after he scans her. Then he asks Seven to perform a scan on his program. She reports that everything is functioning fine. The Doctor then requests her to look into his ethical subroutines, asking if he had acted erratically back on the hospital ship by knowingly infecting Chellick. Seven tells him a piece of Borg philosophy that the loss of one for the greater good is worth the sacrifice; she then declares that his ethical subroutines are in perfect order. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 4 - Repression

A mysterious Bajoran man, Teero Anaydis, sits in a musty room with Bajoran tapestries and drawings of Maquis vessels, reciting a mysterious chant while staring at a monitor displaying Maquis crewmembers from USS Voyager. On board Voyager, Tom Paris surprises his wife B'Elanna Torres by taking her to his new holoprogram — a classic 20th century-style movie theater. In the theater, they discover that Crewman Tabor is sitting at the front completely unconscious. When the Doctor examines Tabor, he concludes that his injuries are the result of an attack, as evidenced by the microfractures on his cranium and contusions along his shoulder. Captain Janeway then appoints Tuvok to investigate the case. Tuvok's initial belief is that a member of the crew is responsible. Later, crewmen Yosa and Jor are working in engineering when Yosa reports that there is a problem in the system and he goes to investigate. As he crawls through the hatch into a Jefferies tube, the lights suddenly go out. Then, a bright light shines in Yosa's face as someone approaches. Yosa, feeling threatened, crawls through another hatch but is unable to get the computer to seal the hatch shut. Again, the bright light shines on Yosa and he's knocked unconscious. Jor soon discovers him and takes him to Sickbay. The Doctor examines Yosa and concludes that Yosa was attacked, having the same microfractures and contusions as Tabor. Janeway and Chakotay come to realize that all the victims are former Maquis. Meanwhile, Paris and Kim are conducting an investigation in the holodeck movie theater, trying to capture a negative image that the intruder left behind. Their efforts show two humanoid figures — one is Tabor but the other is unrecognizable. Tuvok requests that they work on increasing the resolution of the images. Later, he tells Kim that for security reasons he reads all crew mail in the last data stream from Starfleet, which includes a letter from Kim's cousin. Tuvok implies that Kim is a suspect, by pointing out that the letter mentions the Maquis killed Kim's friend years ago. As Kim defends his innocence, Tuvok becomes strangely perturbed. Later, Chakotay finds Torres unconscious in a cargo bay, and sees Tuvok heading towards him. To Chakotay's surprise, Tuvok grabs him by the throat and mind melds with him until he loses consciousness. While Chakotay and Torres are treated in Sickbay, the other victims awaken with no memory of what happened to them. Tuvok continues the investigation sleeplessly, with no memory of attacking Chakotay. At Janeway's urging, he returns to his quarters to meditate. Suddenly, he has flashbacks of victims in Sickbay, Yosa in the Jefferies Tube and Chakotay in the cargo bay. Then Tuvok enters the bathroom and sees Teero's reflection in the mirror. Frightened, Tuvok rushes to the holodeck where Janeway and Kim are investigating, and learns from the computer that he was in the movie theater during Tabor's attack and that the height and weight of the negative-image figure matches his own description. Tuvok then hears Teero's voice telling him to ignore his doubts — and pulls a phaser. Tuvok resists his own urges, gives up the weapon, and admits to being the attacker, telling Janeway that he should be detained. When Janeway visits Tuvok in the brig, he explains there is a voice trying to control his mind with Bajoran incantations. Tuvok also says that it was he who attacked Maquis crewmembers and performed mind melds on them, but without knowing why. Tuvok recounts that the attacks started after he received a letter from his son. Janeway, Chakotay, Seven and Paris then view the letter from Tuvok's son and discover that it contains a subliminal message, one of Teero chanting. Chakotay recognizes Teero as a vedek who worked with the Maquis performing mind control experiments, until the Maquis found him too extreme and fired him, earning his enmity. Janeway meets with Tuvok again in his cell to discuss Teero. Tuvok recalls meeting Teero seven years ago at a Bajoran temple. Teero had uncovered Tuvok's true identity but instead of revealing his background to the Maquis, had subjected Tuvok to torturous mind-control experiments in his laboratory. Janeway urges Tuvok to tell her more, but Teero appears to Tuvok and tells him to complete his mission. Tuvok struggles to stay in control of his mind, but cannot. Instead, Tuvok sends Chakotay a command in the Bajoran language, and his behavior changes. Chakotay goes to Sickbay, fires his phaser at Paris and gives Torres the same Bajoran command. Together they gather the other former Maquis members who were also victims of Tuvok's attacks. They obey Chakotay's commands and fire at the Voyager crewmembers. Janeway takes the ship to red alert and tries to contact the Bridge, but there is no response. Chakotay finds her and announces that he is in charge. Chakotay tells Janeway that Teero helped them remember that they are Maquis members and that the rebellion on Voyager is not yet over. He releases Tuvok and detains Janeway in the brig. While the Maquis make plans to abandon the Starfleet crew on an M-class planet, Chakotay tests Tuvok's loyalty by commanding him to fire a phaser at Janeway. Tuvok fires the phaser, but nothing happens because the weapon is defective (deliberately so). Then, when Chakotay's back is turned to Tuvok, the Vulcan grabs Chakotay by the neck and performs a mind meld that brings Chakotay back to normal. After that, Chakotay hands control of the ship back to Janeway. Tuvok explained to Janeway that he had a "hunch" that Chakotay would never have given him an operational weapon if he had doubts about his loyalty. Eventually, the rest of the Voyager crewmembers become normal again, and Tuvok joins Janeway and the others at the movies. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 3 - Drive

Tom Paris and Harry Kim are out taking the new Delta Flyer, rebuilt after the destruction of the first, for a spin through an asteroid field when they are challenged to a drag race by a pilot named Irina in another craft. As they race they detect a gas leak on board her shuttle. They beam her to safety and bring her craft back to Voyager for repairs. Irina tells them that she's training with her craft for an important race. Interested, Paris and Kim persuade Captain Janeway to let them enter the Delta Flyer into the race. Janeway agrees because the race is a milestone of peace between four warring cultures who have finally come together to end their strife. B'Elanna Torres is disappointed that Paris will be racing; she had put serious effort into planning some time off for the two to spend together, and in his excitement over the race, Tom forgets about their plans. He apologizes to her and she claims it's no problem, but inwardly she is quite depressed. She even begins to have doubts about their relationship. She confides in Neelix, who convinces her to be patient with Tom, since she really does love him. Seven of Nine suggests that B'Elanna take up some of Tom's hobbies and interests so that they might spend more time together. That thought gives B'Elanna an idea. On the day of the race Tom is surprised to find that B'Elanna has taken Harry's place as his co-pilot. She promises to do her best to help the Flyer to victory. As the race nears its end something goes wrong in one of the other shuttles. It's Irina's ship. Her co-pilot has been electrocuted in an act of sabotage. The rest of the race is cancelled for the day and as Harry helps Irina with her shuttle, she invites him to be her new co-pilot. Seeing romance sparking between Harry and Irina, B'Elanna has more feelings of doubt about Tom's dedication to their relationship. As the race starts up again, she tries to put her pensive feelings aside and concentrate on winning, but she is not able to hide her distress. She and Tom begin to argue and he insists she tell him what's wrong. Frustrated, he stops the Flyer right in the middle of the race and declares they won't move until they resolve their problem. At the same time, Harry discovers more damage on board Irina's ship, and that she caused it herself. She pulls a weapon on him but he gets it away from her and holds her safely at bay. Irina is bent on sabotaging the peace agreement between the four cultures involved in the race, and she has turned her own ship into a terrorist bomb. To make things worse, she has planted a bomb on board the Delta Flyer as well. Still holding her at phaserpoint, Harry sends Tom a message to inform him of the danger. Tom and B'Elanna receive the message just as he makes his devotion to her a bit clearer by proposing marriage. They speed the Flyer into a nearby nebula and eject the sabotaged warp core where it explodes a safe distance from the racers and spectators. Irina is taken into custody. The next mission of the Delta Flyer is to take the new bride and her groom on their honeymoon. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 2 - Imperfection

The episode begins with Janeway noting that they have come across a starship manned by Wysanti, Rebi and Azan's species. The children prepare to return home, and their people allow Mezoti to live with them as well, as attempts to contact her homeworld were unsuccessful. After the children say goodbye to Seven of Nine, she and Icheb discuss their feelings about bidding goodbye to them; noting that her ocular implant is malfunctioning, Seven briefly cries. In Sickbay, Seven and the Doctor debate whether her crying was a malfunction, or an emotional response. After analysing her implant, the Doctor agrees it was the result of a malfunction - and also discovers that she has been suffering from headaches. In Astrometrics, Icheb has completed an analysis of a nebula, and informs Seven that he wishes more challenging assignments - on the bridge, for which he would need to take the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. After agreeing to ask Captain Janeway for a letter of reference, Seven hides a malfunction of her hand, and excuses herself to the cargo bay, where she attempts to regenerate. The computer refuses to engage the sequence, noting that Seven's cortical node is malfunctioning. Seven goes to the mess hall, where she collapses in convulsions, with additional implants appearing on her face. Back in Sickbay, the Doctor and Janeway discuss the problem with Seven - due to the malfunction in her cortical node, her body is rejecting her other implants that control her vital functions. In an effort to procure a replacement node, Janeway decides to take the Delta Flyer to a Borg debris field, and Tom Paris and Tuvok insist on accompanying her. Icheb attempts to do the same, but Janeway refuses. He then attempts to visit Seven in Sickbay, who orders him to leave. In the debris field, Janeway and Tuvok transport to the location of several intact drones. After removing the cortical implant of one of them, they are surprised by a raiding party, who claim ownership of everything there. After a dogfight, the raiders break off, allowing the Flyer to return to Voyager with the new node. However, twelve implant simulations all results in failure. It has been inactive in a dead drone for too long and will not work in Seven. Informed of this, Seven begins to face the possibility that she may die. Refused permission to leave Sickbay, she disengages the Doctor, and leaves anyway. She goes to B'Elanna in Engineering, and asks her about what happens after death. She notes that although as long as the Borg Collective exists, her existence as a drone will too, but if she dies as an individual, all she has accomplished since her link was severed will be lost. B'Elanna reassures her that she has made an impact on everyone on board Voyager, and that that would be her legacy. Refusing to give up on her, Icheb comes up with a plan; to remove his cortical node, and replace it in Seven, as he is younger, and was never fully assimilated, leaving him less dependent on his node and more able to adapt. With a claimed 86.9% chance of success, the Doctor agrees to review his work. However Seven later rejects it, claiming the risk to Icheb is too high. Determined to prove he can survive without his node, he programmes his alcove to disengage his own node, before summoning Janeway and the Doctor. Transported to Sickbay, Icheb threatens to refuse treatment unless the node is used to cure Seven. With each of them refusing to use it, Icheb argues with Seven and Janeway, eventually persuading them to follow his course of action. After regenerating for six days, Seven's implants have adapted to the new cortical node, and although Icheb is still in sickbay, he is expected to recover. Seven stands over him, and agrees to help to coach him for the Academy entrance exam, before beginning to cry once more - this time, with her ocular implant working "perfectly". Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7, Episode 1 - Unimatrix Zero Part 2

As Voyager plans to help the Unimatrix-drones, the Borg Queen contacts the ship. She knows of Voyager's recent communications with the Federation and offers Janeway transwarp technology, if Voyager is accommodating and ceases helping the Unimatrix-drones. Janeway refuses. After being blackmailed by Chakotay (he promises to have the Doctor remove her from command), Captain Janeway, Tuvok and B'Elanna penetrate the Borg cube to reach the central plexus and administer the nanovirus. Voyager distracts the Cube while they infiltrate the cube but are caught. Voyager leaves them to be assimilated. The cliffhanger episode of Season 6 ends there. In the continuation in Season 7, it is revealed that they allowed themselves to be assimilated because the Doctor had inoculated them with a neural inhibitor, which protects their individuality. However, Tuvok's inhibitor wears off and the Collective eventually overcomes his mind. The Borg Queen confronts Janeway, demanding that the drones of Unimatrix Zero submit themselves for reassimilation. The Queen destroys several of her own ships, each housing thousands of lives, because only a handful within are "offline" and therefore suspected of being the newly sentient drones from the dream realm. Janeway calls her bluff, pointing out that such a tactic would essentially require her to destroy the entire Collective. Having discovered a means of sending Borg as drones into Unimatrix Zero, she then threatens to release a Borg-modified form of the nanovirus from within Unimatrix Zero which would kill every affected inhabitant's corporeal drone, unless Janeway agrees to speak with them. The captain thus informs her crew that Unimatrix Zero can no longer exist. Chakotay realizes that the statement is meant literally - destroying the matrix so the Queen can't reach the affected drones as easily, as well as cutting the Queen's only way to spread the nanovirus. The drones within are informed beforehand. Seven is forced to say goodbye to her lover, who is on a Borg ship far away in the Beta quadrant. Meanwhile, Voyager, aided by a Borg sphere crewed by liberated drones, manages to rescue the away team. The episode ends as the independent Borg, who now, like the Queen, have the advantage of being self-aware, take command of any vessels they can, rebel, and start a civil war with the Collective. source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 26 - Unimatrix Zero Part 1

Seven of Nine dreams, her first according to the Doctor, of a beautiful forest. However, it turns out that this is a real subconscious realm inhabited by the minds of certain Borg drones during regeneration periods. Few drones possess the recessive gene required to experience the realm called Unimatrix Zero. In the surreal, utopian Unimatrix Zero, Borg of various species and ages (including children) from throughout the massive geography of the Collective exist as their individual, unassimilated selves and interact with one another as such. While out of regeneration, they revert to normal drones and have no memory of their time spent together there. The Borg Queen knows about Unimatrix Zero, considering it a disease, and destroys drones discovered capable of visiting it. However, the process of detecting affected drones is very time consuming, and she is eager to find a faster method of finding and deactivating them. Those who are detected are deactivated, dismembered, and studied in an effort to speed up the search. Seven of Nine journeys with Captain Janeway to the subconscious realm and reverts to acting more like an individual. It turns out that she used to visit Unimatrix Zero when she was still part of the collective. Her forgotten lover, Axum, has made contact with her so that she may help them; the inhabitants of Unimatrix Zero have developed a masking nanovirus which would inoculate them against being detected by the queen, but it can only be administered from the corporeal world. Seven soon becomes overwhelmed and discouraged by her newfound emotions and denies them at first, although she eventually comes to terms with them. If Unimatrix Zero cannot be stopped in the real world, the Queen plans to destroy it from within. Assimilated drones attack the subconscious "unassimilated" drones constantly. source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 25 - The Haunting of Deck Twelve

A planned power outage causes the Borg children to wake from their regeneration cycles, much to their surprise. Neelix is there to comfort them. The children wonder if this incident has anything to do with a highly restricted area on Deck 12. After all, Naomi Wildman has told them she thinks a ghost is present there. Voyager is shown drifting into a nebula. Neelix proceeds to distract them with a story they only partially believe, concerning an entity that was accidentally taken in by Voyager. This story allegedly takes place a short period before the Borg children had come aboard Voyager, so they do not know if it is true. After Voyager leaves the nebula, they experience many system's malfunctions, first annoyances then more serious. Navigation and communications become completely off-line, and life support - although not gone - is erratic. Through various circumstances, apparently thrown in by Neelix to add tension to the story, several suspenseful situations arise: Ensign Kim and a female crewman become the only two on several abandoned decks, Tom Paris is brutally injured, the Doctor goes offline, and Tuvok and Neelix must get to safety by themselves. In a temporary command center in Engineering, Janeway plays a hunch and talks to what was previously assumed to be a communication malfunction, but is in fact the entity trying to speak. Eventually, Janeway is able to talk to the entity, and realizes that the malfunctioning systems have been its attempt to return to the nebula where it lived. Relieved, Captain Janeway takes the ship back to the coordinates of the nebula - only to find it has disappeared. Apparently, in Voyager's dealings with the nebula, it had become destabilized. The entity, still aboard Voyager, becomes very angry, and begins depleting oxygen from all decks. Repeating frequently "Abandon ship," it intends to make Voyager its new home. All but the Captain have abandoned ship, and Janeway herself is about to leave, when the door in front of her closes. The entity wants to keep Janeway on the ship, and punish her by depleting her air. She is rescued only after she tells the entity that without her, it too will die, for the ships systems need to be maintained. Janeway agrees to find a new nebula for the entity to live in. Neelix's story has concluded, and he tells the children it is time to regenerate. Some of them are scared something might happen, perhaps the entity on deck twelve wants revenge. Neelix then says, (supposedly confirming the viewers' beliefs) "What if I told you I made it all up?" The children then respond that they knew this all along, and the story was of course impossible, despite their clear fear of the entity earlier. The episode ends with Neelix, his story done, observing a nebula from the bridge. The Captain informs him that they are taking some final readings before resuming course, and shows him an image of the Nebula on the viewscreen. Neelix says "Well, I hope it lives happily ever after." source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 24 - Life Line

While travelling the Delta Quadrant, Voyager is contacted by Starfleet Command via an improved subspace radio amplifier. From Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco, Earth, Admiral Hayes relays a video message to Captain Janeway informing her that Starfleet has launched a new programme to bring the ship back to the Alpha Quadrant, and that Starfleet has dispatched two vessels to meet with Voyager, scheduled for five or six years' time. Janeway and her officers construct a response, informing Starfleet of their crew status, casualties, accounts of first contacts, and records of Borg activities in the area. While constructing the response, Voyager receives a standard Starfleet communiqué, advising on the medical condition of Lewis Zimmerman, the Federation's leading holography expert and inventor of the EMH. According to the message, Zimmerman is dying, and the Federation's leading doctors cannot save him. The Doctor advises that due to his immense experience with all manner of medical situations during Voyager's unusual journey, he may have experience and skill greater than that of Earth-based doctors. The Doctor approaches Janeway, who grants him leave to visit Zimmerman. Using the enhanced subspace radio relay established by Starfleet, Voyager transmits the Doctor's programme back to the Alpha Quadrant, a journey of 30,000 light years. However, the radio frequency cannot handle all of the Doctor's files, and Seven of Nine is obliged to shut down most of the Doctor's non-essential personality traits for the duration of the trip. The Doctor manifests in the Solar system, aboard an immense Federation space station orbiting Jupiter, where Zimmerman has spent the last four years developing new holographic technology. Accompanying Zimmerman are Reginald Barclay, recently assigned as a research assistant, and a holographic female servant. The Doctor attempts to communicate with Zimmerman, but the scientist, a cantankerous and obnoxious old man, refuses to even speak to the Doctor, who he considers an obsolete and primitive example of technology. Zimmerman explains that the Doctor's model, the Mark I, was considered unsuitable by Starfleet for medical purposes, and that all Mark I's have been reassigned to menial labour on board waste barges, scrubbing plasma pipes. As a consequence, and because Zimmerman's Mark IVs and the best actual doctors on Earth have been unable to cure Zimmerman, the scientist refuses to deal with the Doctor. The Doctor is unable to reason with Zimmerman, and as their similar personalities clash, the two engage in a heated argument and refuse to speak to each other any more. Concerned for Zimmerman's health, Barclay suggests that a counsellor is needed to smooth relations between Zimmerman and the Doctor, and contacts the USS Enterprise, only seven light-years distant, on a survey mission. He asks Deanna Troi to come to the station, and she advises that she will have to ask special permission from Captain Picard. Picard agrees, and Troi arrives at the station. However, she too is unable to reason with either the Doctor or Zimmerman, and storms out of the room after insulting both of them. While speaking to Zimmerman's holographic servant, Troi realises that the hologram is less advanced than the Doctor, and that Zimmerman nevertheless respects her opinions. Troi prompts the hologram to talk with Zimmerman, and as she does so, Troi and Barclay secretly fiddle with the Doctor's files, convincing him that his programming is failing and that only Zimmerman, his creator, can save him. Realising that they both need each other, Zimmerman and the Doctor patch up their differences, and the Doctor learns that Zimmerman's hostility is mainly due to his injured pride, resulting from Starfleet's decision to assign his hundreds of Mark I Medical Holograms to menial labour. Zimmerman stabilises the Doctor's programming and begins making enhancements to his data files; additions which the Doctor strenuously opposes, explaining that he is happy the way he is. Zimmerman agrees to stop making additions and allows the Doctor to treat him, using an experimental cellular regeneration therapy he concocted on board Voyager. Zimmerman begins to make a full recovery, and thanks the Doctor for saving him, adding that he is immensely proud of the Doctor's accomplishments; the only Mark I still doing the task for which he was built, excelling at it, and having developed a true personality, in spite of Starfleet's petty criticisms. Troi returns to the Enterprise, satisfied with her diplomatic accomplishments; the Doctor is transmitted back to Voyager, and Zimmerman, recovering, returns to his holographic research. source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 23 - Fury

Voyager receives a distress call from a small ship. When they make a lifescan of the vessel, they are surprised that the occupant is an Ocampa. They make contact with it, and the bridge crew is shocked to see Kes on the viewscreen, almost three years after she left the ship and was not heard from again. Now here she is, looking elderly, tired, and desperate. She begs permission to come aboard, which Captain Janeway eagerly grants. Instead of docking her ship, Kes accelerates, ramming Voyager hard enough to breach the hull. Before the impact she had beamed herself aboard, and has begun stalking the decks of the ship, blowing out entire walls with neurogenic energy and the force of uncharacteristic anger. Blowing past security Kes enters Engineering. She connects herself physically to the warp core and begins to absorb power from it. When B'Elanna tries to intervene, Kes blasts her with energy, killing her instantly. Kes then disappears in a flash. She materializes in an earlier time (2371). It's Voyager's first year in the Delta Quadrant and Kes assumes a younger appearance to blend in. She goes to the aeroponics bay, where she stuns and hides her younger self. Barely disguising her anger and hostility, she interacts with the crew when she must, taps into the communications system and plots a course for her home world, Ocampa. Tuvok, who has psionic abilities similar to those of Kes, senses something amiss with her. He begins having strange hallucinations. He remembers the Delta Flyer three years before it was even built, and he has a vision of five-year-old Naomi Wildman, who has not yet been born. He follows the little girl into a cargo bay where he discovers Seven of Nine in a Borg regeneration alcove. He snaps back into his own time, puzzled. Meanwhile, Kes makes a covert transmission to the Vidiians, who are currently in conflict with Voyager's crew. They seek the crew, hoping to capture them and harvest their organs and tissues. Kes promises to hand them over in exchange for passage back to Ocampa. She has no affection for her former crewmates, who she believes abandoned her. Tuvok has more intense hallucinations and collapses. At the same moment The Doctor and Janeway detect a burst of tachyon particles in his vicinity, indicating temporal disturbances. His visions may actually be glimpses of the future. Thanks to Kes' information, the Vidiians locate Voyager and attack. Janeway tracks down Kes' transmissions and goes after her. She finds Kes and her angry future counterpart, who lashes out at her. She cries that her life has been miserable since Janeway and crew encouraged her to develop her mental abilities. She feels she wasn't ready to leave the ship and wander the galaxy alone. For this she blames the Voyager crew and is determined to hurt them and rescue her younger, innocent self. She attacks Janeway, who is forced to kill her in self-defense. Voyager fights off the Vidiians, albeit with significant damage to the ship. The younger Kes, who has no idea what is going on, revives and assists Janeway and Tuvok. Kes creates a holographic message to give to her future self. Three years later, Janeway and Tuvok remember the earlier encounter with Kes. When Kes appears and aims her ship at Voyager they prevent the collision, and then rush to Engineering, which has been safely evacuated. The furious elderly Kes has just been stopped in her tracks by the holographic recording of herself. The younger Kes gives her angry older self a message, imploring her to leave Voyager alone. When Janeway and Tuvok arrive, they talk her safely back to her undamaged ship, easing her anger, and wishing her well on her journey home. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now