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Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 12 - Blink of an Eye

Deep in the Delta Quadrant, the starship Voyager approaches an alien world which exhibits unique properties. The planet's oddly squashed, toroidal shape is inconsistent with recognized theories on planet structure. It is discovered that the planet is enveloped in a tachyon field, suggesting that the planet's rapid rotation may be due to temporal effects. The crew of Voyager becomes fascinated by the strange world, and in an effort to learn more about it, Captain Kathryn Janeway orders the ship to move closer. However, the ship quickly becomes enmeshed in severe gravity distortions and is pulled towards the planet. Helmsman Tom Paris attempts to maneuver the ship out of orbit, but is unsuccessful, and the crew watch in horror as the ship plummets on a collision course directly towards the planet's surface. Suddenly, Voyager abruptly stops, and hovers in orbit above the planet, trapped in a magnetic field from which the ship cannot escape. The crew quickly discovers that the ship's warp drive is off-line, and that attempts to break out of orbit could worsen the gravity situation. With no other option open to them, the crew are forced to simply wait, until an escape plan can be formulated. While conducting surveys of the strange planet, Seven of Nine determines that Voyager has become a third pole, and that the gravity waves which have trapped the ship in orbit are also causing occasional earthquakes on the planet. Voyager continues to scan the world, and makes an astonishing discovery: time passes at a much more rapid rate on the planet. For every second that passes on the ship, nearly a day goes by on the world below. Meanwhile, on the planet, a tribe of primitive humanoids, in a paleolithic stage, gathers for a religious ceremony. The occasion, however, is interrupted by Voyager's sudden appearance in the sky as a bright star and by a resulting earthquake. Assuming that the new star is a god, the villagers prepare a new religious altar for it. In orbit, Voyager crew members continue to observe sensor readings from the planet, watching the seasons come and go right before their eyes, and note the existence of a sentient humanoid species. Chakotay notes that despite the ship's predicament, they have been offered the opportunity to observe the rise (and possible fall) of the humanoid societies emerging on the planet below. Sensor probes are launched, and make their way towards the planet, gathering information on the rapid progress of the humanoids. As hours on Voyager pass, centuries pass on the planet below. The humanoid inhabitants enter an Industrial Revolution equivalent to the early Victorian era of Earth's history. Chakotay notes that the humanoid cities, their complex road networks, and buildings, contain much more iron than would be expected of a species at their current level of technology; B'Elanna speculates that the mass usage of iron is an attempt to strengthen buildings and roads against the ongoing planet-wide earthquakes being caused by Voyager. Chakotay and B'Elanna note a rise in ammonia and carbon monoxide levels, and realize that the species has begun mass usage of the internal combustion engine. As the crew discusses the unusually rapid technological progress of the species, a radio message (akin to a form of alien SETI) is broadcast at Voyager. It is revealed that the species has known for some time that Voyager is in fact a spacecraft built by a more advanced species, and that culture across the planet is dominated by the sky-ship. Captain Janeway calls a meeting of the senior officers to debate what to do. Tom Paris wants to reply, arguing that the astronomer deserves an answer, but Tuvok points out that the man who sent the message is long dead. Paris persists in pressing his opinion, arguing that the species below has made first contact with the ship; however, Janeway counters that the species has still not developed warp technology, and that as a result, a reply from Voyager would be a violation of the Prime Directive. Instead, Janeway suggests a covert one-man mission to the planet, to observe the species and its development. As humans would be unable to transport safely to the planet's rapidly revolving surface, the Doctor, being a hologram, volunteers for the mission, as his structure will be unaffected by the sudden change in the passage of time. The Doctor intends to remain there for only a few days, planet time, but after Voyager briefly loses contact with him, the Doctor is left on the surface for over three of its years. Upon returning to the ship (an absence of only a few minutes on board the ship), he enthusiastically reports on what he has seen. Voyager, simply by its presence, has encouraged art, music, architecture, literature, religion, and, crucially, unusually rapid technological development through the ages, as the humanoids develop increasingly sophisticated technology in an effort to contact the sky-ship. In addition, the Doctor explains that the planet is divided into twenty-six sovereign nations, all engaged in a space race to see who can first make contact with the sky-ship. While some of the strongest states strive to establish peaceful contact with Voyager, other states are pursuing more belligerent policies, and are developing increasingly powerful weaponry in an attempt to shoot down Voyager. While the Doctor relates his tale, the species below develops technology sophisticated enough to send astronauts on a manned mission to make contact with the sky-ship. The species, now apparently possessing technology similar to that seen on Earth in the 1960s and early 1970s launches a rocket, reminiscent of Earth's Gemini or Apollo space programs, and the capsule succeeds in docking with Voyager. Tureena and Gotana-Retz, the capsule's humanoid astronauts, board the ship. As the two astronauts explore the ship, they pass crew members apparently frozen in time, and speculate that the crew are in a form of stasis. However, when they reach the ship's bridge, scenes of crew members performing everyday activities convince the astronauts that they are on different time-lines. As they survey the bridge, the two fall unconscious from the stress of adjusting to the time-lines, and their fallen bodies are seen by Voyager's crew just as Tuvok reports a rocket-launch from the planet and Kim warns that a capsule has just docked in the ship's cargo bay. With the astronauts' mission having taken place in a fraction of a second in the ship's time-line, the pair are taken to the ship's medical quarters to recover. Tureena dies in sickbay, but Gotana-Retz is successfully treated with a serum to synchronize his neural network to function on Voyager's timeline. Given an explanation of the situation by Janeway, Gotana-Retz tours the ship, gazing with awe at the ship which has been his peoples' goal for thousands of years. As Gotana-Retz explores the ship, Tuvok and Seven of Nine detect a series of increasingly controlled antimatter tests on the planet below, and within seconds, the ship is hit by a bombardment of antimatter artillery blasts. Gotana-Retz confirms the Doctor's earlier story, and explains that the attack is being launched by a rival nation. He apologizes for the attack, but Janeway counters that his people have every right to defend themselves against the earthquakes which still shake their planet. As the antimatter blasts weaken Voyager's shields, Janeway urges Gotana-Retz to return to the planet and convince his government to cease the attack. Gotana-Retz returns to the planet, and, as Voyager's shields approach collapse, convinces his superiors to stop the bombardment. As the crew sigh in relief, two immense starships appear alongside Voyager, and using tractor beams, tow the vessel to safety. Gotana-Retz briefly transports to Voyager, and Janeway thanks him and his people. Gotana-Retz speculates on the effect that Voyager's absence will have, as the driving force of his entire species has been establishing contact with the sky-ship, and fears that Voyager's departure will result in his species losing the will to continue their development and progress. Janeway replies that if Voyager has had such an immense influence on the civilization, they will continue to develop technology in order to follow Voyager into space. On the surface, the same seconds pass as decades; an elderly Gotana-Retz, long returned from his experience in space, gazes wistfully into the sky as his people's beloved Sky Ship vanishes from the heavens. The episode ends on the same altar the humanoids built at the beginning, only that it is now a glittering high-tech metropolis, testimony to the lasting effects of Voyager on the planet below. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 11 - Fair Haven

Paris and Kim write a popular new holodeck program about an Irish village called Fair Haven. Captain Janeway enters the program, and while she is taking a tour the crew is alerted to an approaching storm front. Lt. Torres informs the captain that the disruption caused by the storm prevents Voyager from going to warp, and impulse power won't be enough to outrun the storm. Janeway decides to batten down the hatches, drop anchor, and ride out the storm. After a discussion about crew morale with Neelix, Janeway agrees to allow the program to continue to run. During this downtime many of the crew stop in to visit the characters in Fairhaven. Some even take roles in the village, the Doctor becomes the town priest and admonishes Paris and Kim to attend the next services. Captain Janeway stops again to visit the program, but eventually becomes involved in an all-night "fun-n-chat" session with one of the holodeck characters named Michael Sullivan. After spending the entire night lost in a relaxed enjoyable "date" with Sullivan, morning brings his holo-wife into the program. At this point Janeway is flustered, and leaves the program, returning to the bridge as the first wave of the storm hits. It is realized that the storm will last another 3 days, and the captain gives Paris and Kim permission to expand the program to holodeck 2. At this point Captain Janeway even gets involved in doing a little creative programing herself, by editing the character of Sullivan, the holo-man she found so enjoyable. She gives him more intelligence, a few traits that make him more compatible with her personality, and finally deletes his holo-wife. While fraternizing with her "new-and-improved" version of Sullivan, Chakotay happens through the program, but does not interfere. At this point Janeway has mixed emotions about her motives, and eventually discusses moral and ethical implications of having a "relationship" with a holodeck character with Chakotay. Being so far removed from any practical relationship with a "real" person, and realizing that her first officer believes it could produce healthy results, Janeway continues to enjoy the holodeck program (as "Katie O'Clare"). Eventually she loses herself in the program to the point where she removes the other characters, and kisses Sullivan. While the captain is out tending to ships business in the real-world, Sullivan, who is depressed because he thinks Katie has left him, starts a fight in the holodeck which quickly grows into an all out brawl with both holodeck characters and crew members suffering the effects. The captain eventually walks in, and after learning what happened, shares her thoughts and concerns with "the Doctor". The Doctor, of course, sees all holograms as equals to the flesh and blood counterparts, and provides his perspective to the captain. Eventually the full brunt of the storm hits with its most destructive forces taking out many of the ships systems. While some of the holodeck program Fairhaven survives, many of its finer points are lost. When approached by Tom and Harry about what can and should be saved, the captain returns to the holodeck. She does decide to save the character of Sullivan, and after more thought - tells the computer to deny her (Janeway herself) access to modifying any more of the programs sub-routines. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 10 - Pathfinder

On Earth, Reginald Barclay is involved in the Pathfinder project, an effort to communicate with the USS Voyager stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Barclay soon becomes obsessed. He loses himself in the reality of the holographic Voyager created for the project, enjoying the false friendships within. He seeks help from old friend and shipmate Counselor Deanna Troi who advises him to forge real relationships and stop straying into the holo-program he has created of the Voyager ship and crew. When Admiral Paris visits the project to inspect progress, Barclay ignores orders from Commander Harkins, the project leader, not to bother the Admiral with his unfeasible suggestions. Barclay puts forward his theory that using an advanced sensor array, and computing Voyagers progress from their last contact, they would be able to create a micro wormhole in the Delta Quadrant near Voyager and use it to create a two way communication link. Admiral Paris is intrigued by this and promises to give it further study which Barclay is highly excited by, but at a later meeting with Admiral Paris, Barclay oversteps the line and is removed from the project for insubordination. Later that night, he breaks back in to the pathfinder project to prove his theory is correct. He hacks into the system and sends commands to the array which, as he predicted, creates the wormhole in the Delta Quadrant. As he attempts to contact Voyager using the array, Starfleet detects and sends security personnel to stop him. Barclay locks out the system and takes refuge in the holodeck simulation of Voyager where he continues to direct the wormhole to locate Voyager. The security officers led by Commander Harkins follow Barclay into the simulation where the faux Voyager crew rebels, even firing on the security officers. Of course, this does nothing as the security protocols are on. The holo-Torres is destroyed by a pursuing Commander Harkins, who shuts down the primary cooling systems on the holographic Voyager which will cause the warp core to overheat and breach, effectively destroying the entire program unless Barclay complies and releases command back to him. As a dejected Barclay is led out, Admiral Paris enters the lab and announces them that Barclay's idea has real promise and should be explored further. As he is informed that the attempt has already been made and was unsuccessful, Admiral Paris expresses regret at Barclays choice to disregard protocol. Meanwhile, the real Voyager far in the Delta Quadrant detects the micro-wormhole and a communication signal which Seven of Nine disbelievingly identifies as Federation in origin on a Starfleet Emergency Channel . The crew attempts to clear up the signal while back on Earth, the jubilant officers and Barclay assist. For a few seconds the team on Earth clear up the return signal, two-way communication is established for 86 seconds before the micro-wormhole collapses. A few words are exchanged and data from Voyager's logs, crew reports, and navigational records are transmitted to Earth. Barclay sends "data on some new hyper-subspace technology" in hopes Voyager's crew will eventually use it to stay in regular contact as well as recommended modifications to the com system. In the final seconds, the crew hear some moving words from Admiral Paris ending with, "I want you all to know we're doing everything we can to bring you home." To celebrate the knowledge that home is looking for them and regular communication will be possible in due time, the crew of Voyager hold a party in honor of Barclay. They discuss what little they know of him through his personnel record and declare he is an honorary Voyager crewmember. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 9 - The Voyager Conspiracy

Seven of Nine decides to increase the amount of information she receives from the ship's database by directly assimilating as much of Voyager's data as possible. The data overload causes her to become paranoid. She suspects conspiracy and pits the Maquis half of the crew against the Starfleet half in a game of suspicions. She uses evidence concerning possible spatial-warp technology developments to convince Chakotay that Janeway might be spearheading a Federation presence in the Delta Quadrant. She then uses the same evidence to convince Janeway that Chakotay might be spearheading a power grab with the same technology. The two end up comparing stories and they realize Seven is acting irrationally. The Doctor determines that Seven has downloaded way more information than even her enhanced systems can handle. Seven then starts suspecting about a third conspiracy, that the aim of the last five years was actually to grab a Borg drone, herself. Seven steals the Delta Flyer in order to escape from Voyager. Janeway manages to beam aboard. She convinces Seven that she is ill and she returns to Voyager for treatment. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 8 - One Small Step

Voyager encounters a Graviton Ellipse, a massive body of subspace energy rolling through the galaxy. The crew suspects it may be the same phenomenon that caught and carried away an early Earth spacecraft in 2032, along with its lone human pilot, John Kelly. They take the Delta Flyer into the energy body to investigate and hopefully find the long-lost spacecraft. Another spatial danger – determined to be dark matter – threatens the Flyer. Chakotay is ordered out but wants to bring the spacecraft with him. His disobeying of orders ends with the ship damaged, with no seeming way out before the Flyer is lost to Voyager. Seven of Nine ends up beaming to the ancient spacecraft itself for spare parts. There she finds the body of John Kelly and footage of what he saw before he died. He had continued living for several days after the accident, until he shut down his life support because his engines had run out of fuel. In the end, the crew is rescued and so is Kelly's body. A memorial service is held and Kelly's body is respectfully launched back out into space. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 7 - Dragon's Teeth

Voyager inadvertently trespasses into subspace corridors under the control of the Turei. The Turei demand access to Voyager's computers in order to wipe out all information concerning the corridors, which Captain Janeway declines. The Turei vessel respond by firing on Voyager, crippling the ship and forcing it to land on a nearby planet. The planet is the home world of the Vaadwaur, the ancient enemy of the Turei. The crew of the Voyager discover several hundred Vaadwaur in stasis tubes; they awaken the Vaadwaur and are told how the Vaadwaur were the victims of the aggressive Turei and their allies. Voyager plans a joint venture to escape the planet and the Turei fleet now orbiting it. After Neelix discovers that the name 'Vaadwaur' appears in his people's ancient language as a word for 'foolish', the crew learn of the Vaadwaur's violent past; it was in fact the Vaadwaur who were the aggressive species, and they are plotting to become the dominant species in the region once again. Captain Janeway realizes what the Vaadwaur are planning, so she decides to limit the number of armed ships they would use in the operation. The Vaadwaur reply by attacking Voyager with several squadrons of attack craft. Battle Voyager is forced to make a rapid ascent through the planet's atmosphere, while under heavy fire from the Vaadwaur fighters. Despite poor sensor performance and eventual battle damage to the targeting sensors - which forces a switch to manual targeting - Voyager performs amazing feats of targeting during the battle, scoring direct hits even when firing three arrays simultaneously. Voyager, although formidable, is nearly overwhelmed by the sheer number of Vaadwaur vessels. Voyager contacts the Turei forces orbiting the planet and assists them in targeting the Vaadwaur ships, giving them time to get out of the planets thermosphere and engage warp drive. The Turei and Vaadwaur fleets are left to battle each other. Aftermath Seven of Nine noted before the conclusion of the episode that 53 Vaadwaur ships were able to avoid the Turei and escape through the subspace corridors. Captain Janeway said that given their aggressive nature, Voyager may not have seen the last of the Vaadwaur. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 6 - Riddles

Tuvok and Neelix have returned from a diplomatic mission concerning two races in conflict. Tuvok scans the shuttle used on the trip, discovering a cloaking frequency, and suffers neurological damage after an attack by an invisible alien. He experiences cognitive impairment, memory loss, personality changes, and loss of emotional control. With help from the race they had just met with, Voyager receives a deputy investigator with theories on the terminally cloaked alien race, allowing Voyager to expose them. Neelix resolves to help Tuvok recover. In the process, they develop a deep friendship, one that Neelix has desired but Tuvok has till late denied. As Tuvok's recovery ensues, he slowly is able to recall details of the encounter, as well as discover new abilities in himself such as preparing desserts and enjoying jazz. The information locked in Tuvok's damaged mind is essential to resolving the conflict between the two alien races. Neelix must also work with the conflict of what Tuvok needs, what Neelix himself desires in his new friendship, and what the crew of Voyager itself needs out of their formerly expert tactical officer Tuvok. Following Captain Janeway's encouragement, Tuvok eventually draws the cloaking frequency in icing on a cake he prepared, and the crew is able to produce this frequency through the deflector. They expose a cloaked space station, and eventually negotiate for details on the weapon used on Tuvok. Tuvok eventually makes a full recovery, but appears to still retain a bit of the illogical self he briefly knew. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 5 - Alice

Voyager finds an alien junkyard and trades for supplies with the junk-dealer, Abaddon. Tom Paris discovers a rusty old shuttle in the yard and convinces his superiors to let him bring it aboard and restore it, just as he has been doing with old cars on the holodeck as a hobby. He discovers that the shuttle is equipped with a neural interface. It reads and communicates directly with its pilot's mind, giving it instantaneous maneuverability. He tries out the interface, and the ship makes a record of his brain patterns. As time goes on Tom becomes more and more obsessive about restoring and caring for his new shuttle, which he has named Alice. He can even hear "her" speaking to him in his mind. His behavior becomes more and more strange. He wants to spend time with Alice and no one else, even his girlfriend, B'Elanna Torres, who is distressed about Tom's obsession. He begins to neglect his appearance and duties looking more tired and frantic as time goes on, and he wears a spacesuit designed for use with Alice instead of his Voyager uniform. When power cells from Voyager's back-up systems go missing, B'Elanna finds them in the cargo bay where Tom fixes Alice. She then sneaks aboard Alice to see what's drawing Tom there so strongly, but the ship springs to life, traps her inside, and shuts off life support. Tom gets B'Elanna out of the shuttle before she is seriously injured, but soon after that he loses control of his own behavior. He boards Alice and speeds away from Voyager with her. They head for a space anomaly called a particle fountain. Alice inexplicably calls the fountain 'home'. Captain Janeway realizes they cannot fire on Alice because Tom is neurally linked to her and damage to the ship would kill him. B'Elanna taps into the neural interface from Voyager and speaks to Tom, her voice appearing in his thoughts alongside that of Alice. She pleads with him to hang on to her instead of the shuttle. Tuvok is able to sever the neural link between Tom and Alice, and the crew beams him away just as the shuttle is destroyed in the particle fountain. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 4 - Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy

Captain Janeway dismisses the importance of a nebula that the U.S.S. Voyager is currently passing through. Her next order of business is from the ship's holographic doctor, who wishes his program to be altered so he can take command if needed. Janeway rejects this plan. To boost his morale, the Doctor implements a plan allowing himself to daydream. However, in the nebula, a Hierarchy starship is hidden. One of the crew members sights Voyager and gets permission from the Hierarchy to use the Doctor as a method to spy on Voyager. However, the Doctor's daydreams become the "vision" that the crew member sees. The crew member reports this to the Hierarchy. However, the captain sees something else - Voyager's store of antimatter. Meanwhile, the Doctor is having trouble telling reality from his fantasies. The enemy ship decides to use a "Stealth 3" plan to destroy Voyager and get the antimatter. However, the crew member warns the Doctor through his daydreams about the situation. The Doctor is then told that he should act as the captain because one of the daydreams the Hierarchy saw was the Doctor daydreaming about turning into the captain. The Doctor tells Janeway of this. Initially she believes the Doctor simply has lost touch with reality again. She is soon convinced and the Doctor's original command program is implemented for real. Janeway, however, works from a hiding spot to give the Doctor advice and orders. Unfortunately, the Hierarchy vessel has obtained permission to proceed to a "Stealth 4" assault instead. Instead of a warning shot being fired before boarding the ship, a full phaser blast is used. The ship is rocked. The Doctor decides to use one of his fantasies, which the enemy believes is reality. He declares he will implement the photonic cannon, an entirely imaginary weapon. This bluff succeeds and the enemy retreats. The episode ends with Janeway giving the Doctor the Starfleet Medal of Commendation and telling him that she will assign a team to research adding command functions to a hologram. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 6, Episode 3 - Barge of the Dead

B'Elanna Torres, Chief Engineer of USS Voyager leaves the ship to track down a long range probe. On the way, her shuttlecraft encounters an ion storm. Torres performs a high speed landing into the shuttle bay, assisted by a tractor pulse to slow her crash landing. Sustaining only minor injuries, B'Elanna is shown recovering in sickbay after Tom Paris, the ship's helmsman, trained medic and B'Elanna's boyfriend, examines her while she was still in the shuttle. The crew discovers a strange piece of Klingon metal which was found when the shuttle crashed, presumably carried into Voyager after B'Elanna encountered it in the ion storm. When Chakotay brings the metal to her and they discover it came from the Klingon Empire, they exchange remarks about how the Empire may have been to the Delta Quadrant hundreds of years earlier. Harry Kim comes to B'Elanna's room later to discuss the metal as well, and after he leaves, the metal suddenly starts to pour blood all over the table. When Torres examines it further, the blood disappears. The scene changes to B'Elanna and Ensign Kim scanning the device in the engineering section of the ship, where Kim remarks that their scans seem to agree that it is simply a piece of metal and that it is very late at night for them both to be up. Neelix, the crew's head chef and official morale officer, greets B'Elanna, and reveals that he plans to throw a Klingon themed party celebrating the find of the metal out in the Delta Quadrant. Before the party begins, B'Elanna is with Lt. Commander Tuvok, the ship's tactical officer and one of only a few Vulcans aboard. He is helping B'Elanna discuss her possible hallucination concerning the blood pouring from the metal. Suddenly, Tuvok's attitude starts an odd change, as he begins to sound very pro-Klingon in his remarks. Tuvok begins demonstrating to B'Elanna the technique for wielding a Bat'leth after B'Elanna states that it is a "crude weapon". He cuts her on the cheek with it. B'Elanna is then dismissed in apparent shock, and the scene changes to Neelix's party. At the party, various members of the crew, including the Doctor and Seven of Nine, are shown to apparently be getting into the spirit of the party. As Kathryn Janeway, Voyager's captain, prepares to make a speech, B'Elanna witnesses reality distort; as things move in slow motion, the background lighting changes to red, and she views Klingons moving through the crowd. Suddenly, they attack and massacre the entire crowd, and when one attacks B'Elanna, she suddenly finds herself on the Barge of the Dead. On the Barge, several Klingons are seen attempting to brand B'Elanna with a mark intended to indicate Klingons who were, due to their dishonor, destined for Gre'Thor. B'Elanna learns from Kortar, the Barge's pilot and the first Klingon who ever lived (now doomed to steer dishonored souls to Gre'Thor on the barge for killing the Klingon gods. Although it is unknown who sentenced him to this punishment.), that it is not her time. B'Elanna witnesses her mother, Miral, suddenly appear on the barge. B'Elanna awakens from an apparent coma. It is soon revealed that she never actually came out of the crash from the shuttlecraft conscious, but was in a coma for quite some time until she could finally be revived. Thinking about all that happened, B'Elanna seems to become determined to find and rescue her mother, and goes over some ancient scrolls from the Klingon mythology which are in Voyager's database. Learning of a ritual that the warrior Kahless once undertook to save his own brother from Gre'Thor, B'Elanna convinces Janeway to allow herself to be induced into a coma, in order to return to the Barge, and exchange her soul for her mother's. Then she would suddenly be revived in order for them both to escape Gre'Thor. When B'Elanna comes back to the Barge, Kortar reveals that he is aware of her attempt to save both herself and her mother by "cheating" as B'Elanna's mother puts it. He asks her whether or not she would truthfully sacrifice herself to Gre'Thor so that her mother could enter Sto-Vo-Kor. She agrees, and enters Gre'Thor, where she appears on a dimly lit version of Voyager, and it is revealed to her that her eternal punishment will be to live on a facsimile of the ship. When B'Elanna is once again told that it was "not her time", she appears in several different scenes confronting the crew and her mother, where she finally learns that it was her uncontrolled anger that gave her such dishonor to warrant Gre'Thor. She speaks with her mother's spirit, both saying they will meet one day in Sto-Vo-Kor. B'Elanna renounces the anger that has dishonored her and comes to on the real Voyager. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now