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'Stitchers' Canceled at Freeform After 3 Seasons

The sci-fi procedural wrapped its third season in August.   ...Read More... //

'Stitchers' Interview: Kyle Harris on That Season Finale Camsten Twist and Hopes for Season 4

A lot happened in the Stitchers season 3 finale, and not only did it end on a major cliffhanger, but the future of the show is still up in the air, as Freeform has yet to renew it. But for now, you can find out what Kyle Harris had to say about that big twist at the end and what he hopes happens going forward in a potential season 4.   ...Read More... //

Stitchers Star Explains Season Finale's 'One-Two Punch' Ending: 'We're Closing the Door on Chapter One'

Cameron may have made it out of Mondays Stitchers season finale relatively unscathed, but if the Freeform drama returns for a fourth season, hes in for a world of pain. TVLine spoke with star Kyle Harris about the episodes biggest twists, but first, a quick recap: Ivy apologized for betraying Linus, to which he responded [] //

Kyle Harris Previews the 'Stitchers' Season Finale: 'This Is the Most on Edge We'll Have Ever Seen Cameron'

Stitchers season 3 is coming to an end with a crazy finale, and BuddyTV spoke to series star Kyle Harris to find out what to expect in "Maternis." He also discussed Cameron's promotion and getting to meet his parents this season.   ...Read More... //

'Stitchers' Season 3 Finale Teasers: Cast Previews a Cliffhanger You Won't See Coming

If Freeform hasn't already decided to renew Stitchers , the season 3 finale will make it a necessity.   ...Read More... //

Stitchers Finale Video: 'Camsten' Takes a Moment to De-Stress (and Undress)

Enjoy this sweet video of Kirsten and Cameron waking up together because it could very well be the last time they get to do it. TVLine has an exclusive clip from Mondays Stitchers finale (Freeform, 9/8c), an episode which puts both halves of Camsten through the wringer like never before. Fortunately, this video [] //

Shadowhunters vs Stitchers: Who's Got a Longer Memory?

  Kirsten ( Emma Ishta ) might going walking through people's memories every week on Stitchers , but does she have a better memory than Shadowhunters ' Clary Fray ( Katherine McNamara )? First they brought us Mortal Flip Cup, and now the casts of Stitchers and Shadowhunters are back for Round 2 with a pretty   ...Read More... //

'Stitchers' Interview: Salli Richardson-Whitfield on Maggie's Struggles Going into the Season Finale

"Kill It Forward" was a big Stitchers episode for Maggie, as the case ended up bringing her face-to-face with someone from her CIA past. It might not have happened at the best time for Maggie, as Salli Richardson-Whitfield shared when discussing the events of the hour, but it was a good time for the show to explore it going into the Stitchers season 3 finale.   ...Read More... //

'Stitchers' Interview: Salli Richardson-Whitfield on Directing, Learning More About Maggie's Past and More

Stitchers star Salli Richardson-Whitfield steps behind the camera for the penultimate episode of season 3, which also features something that fans should be excited about, as the actress previewed when discussing what's coming up and her character. Read on for part 1 of BuddyTV's interview with Richardson-Whitfield as she discusses directing "Kill It Forward" and Maggie's new job in season 3.   ...Read More... //

Stitchers Video: Kirsten's Bedtime Behavior Raises Red Flags for Cameron

Kirstens night terrors are starting to worry Cameron and for good reason. In TVLines exclusive sneak peek of Mondays Stitchers (Freeform, 9/8c), Cameron wakes his sleeping beauty from what appears to be a disturbing dream, one Kirsten says she cant seem to remember. Did something, as Cameron fears, get tweaked in Kirstens brain when [] //