Storage Wars: Canada Episode Guide

Thursdays, 9:00 PM ET on City

30 minutes

Storage Wars: Canada is a Canadian reality television series. It is a spin-off of the highly-popular American A&E television series, Storage Wars. The series follows a group of buyers looking to strike it big by buying storage units at auctions when rent is not paid.

Episode Guide

60 episodes

  • 29 episodes
    29 episodes
    • s2e30All's Well That Ends Wildly Ridiculous
    • s2e29Ursula Goes Banana
    • s2e28The Birds and the Bees and the Bulls
    • s2e27Two Men and a Fake Baby
    • s2e26Between a Brawk and a Hard Place
    • s2e25Hug Life
    • s2e24Honeymoon Capital of the Storage World
    • s2e23Freaks and Greeks
    • s2e22All Aboard the Party Train!
    • s2e21Pranking the Monkeys
    • s2e20Exceedingly Loud and Uncomfortably Close
    • s2e19Goji, Bogie and the Yogi
    • s2e18Instigator in Training
    • s2e17Three Kennys Are Worse Than None
    • s2e16Utopia?
    • s2e15Confessions of a Dangerous Mime
    • s2e14Cougar Pants!
    • s2e13Schlock Therapy
    • s2e12Roy Dirnbeck: The Roy Dirnbeck Story
    • s2e11Kennys vs Kennys
    • s2e10Roy Marks His Territory
    • s2e9Chini-chilla Bang Bang
    • s2e8Worst Laid Plans
    • s2e7Knockout Punch
    • s2e5Shirt Happens
    • s2e4Cause That's What Janitors Do!
    • s2e3Who Wants to Be a Bazillionaire?
    • s2e2That's Mr. Pecker To You
    • s2e1Bigger Stronger Meaner Dumber
  • 31 episodes
    31 episodes