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Comic-Con 2018: Riverdale, Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural Among the Series Making Up WBTV's Slate

On Monday, Warner Bros. TV announced its Comic-Con 2018 slate and some especially big news for Riverdale: When the cast and producers return for their third consecutive Con, their panel will be held in massive Hall H. (File under: You know youve made it when ) Among the other series heading back to the []

Supernatural's Season 14 Episode Order Is CW Series' Shortest in a Decade

Supernatural fans, take a deep breath and repeat after us: Its the quality not the quantity that truly matters. With that said, TVLine can confirm that the long-running drama will air just 20 episodes next season down from its traditional 23-episode total. In fact, Season 14s episode count is the second shortest []

CW Fall Premiere Dates: Here's When Supernatural, The Flash and More Return

  We have some good news and bad news, CW fans. We can tell you when your fall favorites are returning, but once again The CW is making you wait until October for new episodes of your shows. The Flash will kick things off on Oct. 9 and will lead into Black Lightning for the first half of the TV season.   ...Read More...

The Reasons Why Wayward Sisters Never Had a Chance to Make It

Wayward Sisters is the second Supernatural spin-off to fail to secure a series order. For those who are curious, the spin-off would have been centered on Sheriff Jody Mills as well as her surrogate daughters fighting a wide range of monsters in Sioux Falls in the state of South Dakota, meaning that it would have been an interesting contrast in that it would have been centered in a single place instead of location-hopping on a constant basis. Going in, there were a fair number of people who were optimistic about the chances of Wayward Sisters because there was a positive response to the backdoor pilot when it was broadcast as part of Season 13 of Supernatural. However, it seems that said optimism was premature because Wayward Sisters failed to secure the series order. Moreover, it has now been revealed why it failed to secure the series order. READ MORE...

The Wayward Sisters Might Rejoin Supernatural in Season 14

  Wayward Sisters was supposed to be a sure bet after its backdoor pilot on Supernatural garnered generally positive reviews. However, The CW threw fans a major curveball earlier this week when the network announced that it had passed on the potential spinoff -- which sparked a fan petition to save the   ...Read More...

Supernatural's Misha Collins Teases Finale's 'Oh $#*!' Moment, Shares His Big Wish for Episode 300

Earmuffs, kids! because the always irrepressible (and always dapper) Misha Collins is here to preview Supernaturals Season 13 finale, airing tonight at 8/7c. Speaking with TVLine at The CWs Upfronts red (or, gray) carpet on Thursday morning, Collins teased the season-ending battle ahead for Sam, Dean and Castiel and what it might unleash, win []

Why The CW Isn't Moving Forward with Wayward Sisters

  One of this season's most stunning pilot passes was The CW saying "no thanks" to Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters , which had seemed like a slam dunk. The rejection caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Supernatural fans, who even started a petition to get network executives to change   ...Read More...

Supernatural Spinoff Wayward Sisters Not Going to Series at The CW

The Wayward Sisters hunt is over: The CW has passed on the female-led Supernatural spinoff, TVLine has confirmed. Introduced as a backdoor pilot, the Wayward Sisters episode of Supernatural found Sheriff Jody Mills (played by Kim Rhodes) banding together with her surrogate daughters Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) and Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen), pal Sheriff Donna []

After All This Time, Lucifer Is the Still the Best Thing About Supernatural

  As Supernatural nears the end of its thirteenth season, one thing has become crystal clear: after all this time, Lucifer ( Mark Pellegrino ) is still the best thing to ever happen to the CW series. It's universally agreed upon that Supernatural 's original five-season arc -- which led to the Apocalypse   ...Read More...

Does Death Even Matter on Supernatural Anymore?

  This isn't the first time we've had to ask this question, and it probably won't be the last, but does death even mean anything on Supernatural anymore? After 13 seasons in the family business, both Sam ( Jared Padalecki ) and Dean ( Jensen Ackles ) have died numerous times, especially Dean thanks to the   ...Read More...